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Karunanidhi, why he was the way he was – a karmic analysis!

I know someday I will write this article, and the day had come now. The way a legend got ended on 7th August 2018 was the last hint I wanted to wait for, to understand one of the finest ways Karma works on human life. The legend I refer to here is Kalaignar Karunanidhi. His end gives a perfect justification for the way he lived his life and for whatever he was known for, both positive and negative which I am not elaborating here. I would rather delve on why he came to hold on to those positives and negatives from the karmic hints found in his horoscope.  

His horoscope is absolutely fantastic, something we don’t come across in one’s life time. Not even Gandhi who got us Independence and is honoured as the Father of our nation could come anywhere near Karunanidhi as far as his horoscope is concerned. Of all the known horoscopes, some features of none other than Bhagwan Sri Rama are comparable with Karunanidhi’s horoscope! This would sound horrific (hope not blasphemous) given the fact that Karunanidhi stood against Rama and was an embodiment of everything that was not of Rama, but he did have some planetary positions as in Rama’s horoscope.

Both Rama and Karunanidhi were born in Kataka lagna. Both had Mars as the Yoga karaka that was exalted in the 7th house (Capricorn). Both had the 7th lord Saturn (also the 8th lord) posited in the 4th house (Kendra) and in exaltation. Rama had 7 planets in exaltation or in own house whereas Karunanidhi had only three planets in exaltation. But a minimum of three planets in exaltation is sufficient to confer Rajayoga! Karunanidhi lived like a powerful monarch. Beyond this everything of Karunanidhi is totally different from Rama.

The same combinations related to the 7th house (spouse) made Rama an Eka Patni person. In contrast Karunanidhi had three wives. For Rama the lord of the house where the 7th lord (Saturn) was posited was Venus that got exalted in the 9th house. This gives rise to Kaakala yoga that ensures fidelity and complete loyalty to the spouse. For Karunanidhi the same planet Venus has gone into the 12th house (malefic) which also happens to be a common sign indicating more than one wife and also scandalous relationship.

It is in the sub-sub period of Venus in the main period of the same planet Venus, Karunanidhi left this world. It is from this planet we are able to go back in time to even his previous birth to know why Karunanidhi was – after all a Karunanidhi!

In the horoscope of Karunanidhi displayed above Mars, Saturn and Moon are exalted. Lagna lord Moon is exalted and is in the star of Mars, the Yoga karaka. The 2nd lord Sun posited in the star of exalted Moon joins it. This combination just falls short of an important yoga called Sreekanta Yoga, related to Shiva!

If the lagna lord, the Sun and the Moon are exalted or in their own houses in trines or angles with each other, the person will be a staunch devotee of Shiva, always seen with Rudraksha mala doing japa. He would renounce material life and become an ascetic. At the end of this birth he would reach Shiva loka and won’t be reborn. 

Such a person (according to Brahmarishi Vaakya) would have had a past karma of having served Shiva bhaktas well and worshipped ONLY Shiva with all devotion.

Similar combination was read by this writer in a Naadi verse that when the Moon and the Sun happen to be yoga karakas (4th and 5th lords for Aries Lagna or 9th and 10th lords for Scorpio lagna) and join at a tine in a friendly house from Mars conjoined with Ketu, the person will be by nature a Gnani and a Shiva Bhakta. He would enjoy all round prosperity and honours from the ruler. He would be engaged in Dharmic actions.

Karunanidhi had the above combinations almost close to the rule. The Sun and the moon are strong and beneficially placed in a trine to exalted Mars. The location in the 11th house is little less than perfect. The 11th is 2nd to the 10th house of Karma and as such it must signify the outcome of past karma. But his life as Karunanidhi didn’t show any semblance of to the above yogas. Why?

Looking for causes, this combination of Sun and Moon is aspected by Jupiter (retrograde), the lord of 6th and 9th house. The 9th house signifies the religious nature of a person. If the lord of this house happens to be Jupiter and afflicted, it denotes an offence to the Guru (teacher) in the past birth. The sun-Moon combination showing him as a great devotee of Shiva in the last birth had been afflicted by the wrath of a Guru.

Tracing the nature of wrath, one can see a perfect connection between Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in his horoscope. Jupiter is in the star of Mercury, the 12th lord which is located in the 10th house (jeevanasthan). The main significance of Mercury is books and the expertise to write. Mercury is in the star of Venus which is located in the house of Mercury (12th house). Venus is the Baadhaka for his horoscope and is posited in the star of Jupiter!

The Baadhaka nature of Venus is outwardly manifested in his life as polygamy. It also resulted in injury to his left eye (12th house signifies left eye) that happened in 1953 due to an accident. That was in Jupiter dasa- Mercury Bhukti. It was from then onwards he started wearing dark glasses. The timing and the injury shows harm done to the eye of a cow or a calf in the previous birth.

Looking at hints on past karma, the stronger of the two, the sun and the moon is to be taken. The Sun is stronger in his horoscope in Shadbala and also with reference to its dispositor, the exalted Moon. It is located in the house of Mercury in the Drekkana chart, once again showing some connection to Mercury significance.

On further probing we find Mercury joining the 8th lord Saturn in the 10th Navamsa in opposition to Baadhaka Venus and conjoined with the Nodes! This coupling happening in Navamsa completes the picture with Jupiter also going into debility in the 12th Navamsa. Some offence done to the Teacher with reference a sacred and highly valued book by a high level devotee of Shiva, almost at the verge of attaining Liberation in his next birth had invited a retributive karma of losing sight of the value of teacher, of Dharma and sacred books and devotion to God in his next birth.

In all probability, he would have defiled or wantonly misused or destroyed a precious book of Knowledge of Dharma of his teacher. He must have been a Brahmin then, for, only if a Brahmin engaged in the highest task of preserving the book and knowledge of Dharma had transgressed from that task, the punishment would have been the highest –in consonance with Manu dharma! In that situation, he would have been expelled from whatever high position he was holding and even ostracized from his own Brahmin community as a punishment.

{One must recall the DNA studies that show Brahmins and others having the same genetic origins. A Brahmin fallen from the discipline expected of him was a degraded one and had to engage in activities other than Vedic work. There is a Sangam verse saying that the Brahmins who had given up Vedic homas would engage themselves in shell cutting work (Agananuru 24). As a corollary we can associate the Indus site at Gola Dhoro engaged in shell cutting and gem works with the descendants of Aswatthama known for sporting a precious and rare gem on his head. When driven to forest at the end of the Mahabharata war, the Brahmin community of Aswatthama could have taken up shell and gem cutting as the next option to Vedic life.}

Coming to the past life analysis of Karunanidhi, the fall from the grace of his teacher and the banishment from his own Brahmin community could manifest into the next birth as hatred against Gurus, Mutts, sacred texts and importantly the Brahmin community itself. And Manu had become the most hated word for him.

Kāla Purusha had made use of this Prarabdha karma of him to perpetuate Kali in the current times. Just by one man, Kala Purusha had altered the minds and lives of scores of people for nearly half a century. Karunanidhi had become the tool in the hands of Kāla Purusha!

The level of retribution was such that the great Shiva Bhakta had to lose whatever spiritual gains he made in that birth, but the Punya arising out of it had conferred only material benefits to him. The Mercury connect of reading and writing ability was there throughout  with him working as a tool in his hand to do whatever he was destined to do. One may recall in this context the Thirukkural on how the education one has had in a birth comes to stick to him for 7 births (Kuraḷ: 398)

Starting from the beginning of his life, we can see a correlation at every stage to the kind of Pararabdha karma we explained above. He was born in a famous Kshetra of Shiva (Thirukkuvalai) and his electoral debut was from another famous Shivite location (Kulithalai) but they could not have any impact on him due to the wrath of the Teacher.

A Shiva Bhakt would move away from lures woman and associated attractions, but Karunanidhi was attracted to them and earned a living from his writing skills in those areas.

Parasakthi was the first film that earned him a name and fame as a lyricist, but what did he write in that film? It was abject denigration of Hindu culture, criticism of Hindu beliefs and idol worship. He even went to the extent of portraying a temple priest (Brahmin) attempting to rape a woman within the temple – something outrageous and difficult to even imagine at that time (1952). But he did get away with all that in the name of freedom of speech accorded by none other than famous Brahmin of those times, Rajaji!!

Even to conceive such ideas and convert them into lyrics, one must have had Prarabdha karma of the kind written above.

His obsession with Brahmins and their sacred thread was abnormal to the core. Only if he had been hurt by the banishment from the community in the past life for the offense he did, he could not be expected to have behaved like this.

He even once said, (read here)

What to do, this chief minister does not wear the sacred thread.
And he was not born in the caste represented by God’s face.
He was born in the caste identified with his feet.”

The provocation for this outburst was an editorial in Ananda Vikatan that was critical of the phone tapping episode by his government. See his reaction, when a misdemeanour is questioned, his response seems to be like his atman was lamenting over a complaint about him that cost him his stature and caste in a past birth.

His atman seemed to be yearning for a place among Brahmins or else why he chose to buy a house from a Brahmin that was close to a temple in a Brahmin agrahara in Gopalapuram?

If not for an anger against the Brahmins for expelling him from their community in the past birth why should he keep abusing them at every possible opportunity to the extent that he declared that Brahmins must shiver at the thought of them (his party). Similar is his outburst that a Hindu means Thief! No person in saner senses will speak like this.

It was absolutely difficult for him not to abuse Hinduism at every possible instance. Even on the occasion of the Moon Impact Probe (IMP) of Chandrayaan I landing on the Moon, Karunanidhi could not avoid abusing the Hindu beliefs while praising the probe in a poem. As a sample case of his ‘literary prowess’, that poem is reproduced below. One can see the mistakes in language, allusion to some lewd expression and abuse of Hinduism – the three common features one can find in most of his works.

நிலா பெண்ணே.

வான் முகத்தில் நகக்குறி போல்
இருக்கின்ற நிலாப் பெண்ணின்
தேன் கிண்ண இதழ்களிலே முத்தமிட்டு-
இந்திய நாட்டுத்
தேசியக்கொடிதனையும் கையில்
கொடுத்து விட்டுத் திரும்பி வரும்
திறமைமிகு விஞ்ஞானத்தின் கரம் குலுக்கி
புராணத்தில் வரும் சந்திரனோ;
குருவின் மனைவி தாரைக்கு;
புதியதோர் காதலன் என்று புராணமே
கூறி வணங்கும்!
பாம்புகள் இரண்டு ராகுவும் கேதுவும்
சந்திரனை விழுங்குமாம்;
பஞ்சாங்கம் அதனை கிரகணம்என
அனைத்தும் பொய், புளுகு, கற்பனையெனத்
தூக்கி அடித்து;
அமெரிக்க, ரஷ்ய, அய்ரோப்பிய
கூட்டமைப்பு நாடுகளின்
அணிவகுப்பில் இணைந்து அருஞ்சாதனை
புரிந்து விஞ்ஞானம்;
அசோக சக்கரக்கொடியை அம்புலியில்
அறிவியக்க வரலாற்றில் ஓர் அற்புதமாம்;
அதுவும் நம் நாட்டில் என்பதிலோர் பெருமிதமாம்!

The title has sandhi-mistake. It must be Nilā-p- PennE, not ‘Nilā Penne’ (meaning, ‘Moon, the girl’). He starts the poem by saying that probe was like planting a kiss on the honey lips of the moon. He goes on to say that the probe had shattered the Puranic version of Moon as the new lover of Brihaspati’s wife, Tara and the Panchanga version of eclipse as Rahu and Ketu swallowing the Moon, as lies and imagination.

One can imagine the level of tolerance the people of Tamilnadu must have had to be treated with this kind of literature by him.

The Mercury effect is in his horoscope is a degraded one. He retained the ability to write but to write in abhorrent ways. None of his works will stand scrutiny by impartial educated ones. None of his write-ups also would stand the test of time.

The cause for his banishment could have been genuine but since the root cause was a great offence to Hindu Dharma, the retributive karma was such that he was impelled by it to make and speak things that he would shudder to do in normal mind. The entire life of Karunanidhi was as though it was under the grip of the retributive karma, done without any freewill or application of his own mind. This reminds me of the Gita vachan, that man does karma absolutely not through his control but under the control of the 3-some Prakruti Gunas. (Bhagavad Gita: 3-5)

He eulogised Thiruvalluvar but never stood by what Thiruvalluvar wrote. His obsession with Thiruvalluvar was as though he treated him as his Teacher – in a bid to appease the teacher of his past birth but lo, what did he do for his memory?

Karunanidhi constructed Valluvar Kottam in the deepest part of the “Long Tank” that covered most of Chennai, by closing that water body. An environmental aggression!

He erected a statue for Thiruvalluvar at Kanyakumari in a style that was not as per tradition. A statue of Thiruvalluvar was already found out in Mylapore showing him in seated posture with Gyan mudra as a teacher. (Below)

Thiruvalluvar was seen wearing the sacred thread in that statue.  But Karunanidhi in the grip of Fate could not accept such features. He erected a stature sans sacred thread and Hindu symbols on the forehead.  

The gesture is Buddhi mudra that is done to understand the Thought emanating from one’s inner self. Thinking of the past birth, it appears Karunanidhi unconsciously chose this mudra in his inner urge to know what he is up to.

Karunanidhi’s obsession with Thiruvalluvar is phenomenal. He identified a year as the birth year of Thiruvalluvar and even introduced a calendar in Thiruvalluvar’s name which Thriuvalluvar himself would not have approved. He even changed the New Year to Thai close to Thiruvalluvar’s birth date he proposed. All that he did was anti-intellectual and unscientific. But thinking from karmic angle, it appears that he had the inner urge to make amends with his teacher of the past birth through Thiruvalluvar, but it turned out that everything of it was objectionable. Strangely he had many takers for his innovations and hate- mongering speeches, may be because there are many with daunting Prarabdha, peopling this Yuga of Kali.

The wrath of the Teacher was such that Karunanidhi held on to those as his teachers who could never be accepted by a person in the right sense of mind. He even installed a statue for one such teacher of this birth in front of Srirangam temple. Interestingly his wrath was directed against Vishnu deities and not Shiva! An intense devotion to Shiva in the past birth involuntarily made him keep away from offending Shiva?

The height of hatred for Hindu deities can be seen in his infamous posturing against none other than Sri Rama! He sounded like a Hiranya Kasipu when he questioned in which engineering college Rama studied. The fact is that he could get away with all the nonsense he spoke. That shows the powerful background karma of enormous proportions behind him. Only a great soul with a strong awakening in the past could wield a dominating negative influence like this in the event of an offense dampening that awakening. The offense had just turned off his sense of right.

Watching his life right from my childhood, the first hint of him coming out of the mess of Prarabdha was noticed by me in his reaction to the speech on Tamil Chandas of Alvars by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy on a stage shared by them. The expression betrayed by Karunanidhi on that occasion on the stage was that it was as though he was hearing the beautiful verses of Tamil by Alvars for the first time. The verses did seem to have entered his ears which until then were seemed to be filled with lead!

The next improvement was in penning the history of Ramanuja which happened to be the last work in his life as Karunanidhi. It appeared that the power of Mercury whose lord was Vishnu as per astrology gradually gravitated him towards Vishnu. Ramanuja as the tallest Guru for centuries seemed to have signalled a kind of home-coming for the tormented atman of Karunanidhi.
Did the intensity of the offense of the past birth come down?

I was tempted to think so when his health deteriorated on the day of Guru Purnima! There was an eclipse on that night and all eligible Tamil Brahmins were to wake up to do tarpan at 3 am when the eclipse was to wean out.

When this writer also woke up to render assistance in the tarpan, news was flashed on TV and Twitter that Karunanidhi passed away. It was electrifying to read that news as in few minutes all the eligible Tambrahms were going to offer tarpan on the most auspicious time of eclipse of Guru Purnima in which the last mantra is going to enable them offer water to all the atman that have left this world who don’t happen to be their own ancestors.

That means soon after leaving the body, Karunanidhi is going to take the first waters from the tarpan of that Guru Purnima eclipse from the Brahmins whom he pounded very badly while alive. I thought, does this signal the end of the wrath of his Guru? Has he now come out of the Prarabdha, that his Guru had been kind enough to allow him take the first water from the Brahmins on that day auspicious to Teachers?

But no, soon the news changed that he is alive. When I went through the time in his horoscope, I realised his end had come. The period was Venus – Jupiter- Venus- Mars- Ketu.

Ketu, the occupant of the 8th house in natal chart was also the sub cuspal lord of 6th, 8th and 12th houses. It joined lagna lord moon and maraka Mars in the 7th from natal lagna on that day. Rahu, the maraka as occupant of 2nd house in natal chart was in lagna with sun and Mercury. Venus, the Baadhaka and also the 22nd Drekkana lord was in the maraka house of the natal chart. That moment when Guru Purnima was eclipsed to the maximum was the apt moment for the phenomenal figure like Karunanidhi who offended his Guru in the past to have left the mortal coils.  

But his Prarabdha didn’t seem to end. He was put on life support that merely could have held his breath and the atman was just clinging precariously to the body. The moment they take out the life support, his atman could have got the release. This can be proved astrologically.

It is possible to find out the duration of the unconscious state or the state of transit from the body before death. This is deduced from the remaining degrees in the lagna at the birth chart. The remaining period of the lagna in the sign must be doubled if the lagna lord aspects the lagna and trebled if a benefic aspects the lagna. In Karunanidhi’s horoscope the lagna is aspected by Jupiter!!

The remaining degrees at birth were less than 4. Converted into time (1 degree = 4 minutes, for 4 degrees it is 16 minutes), the remaining 16 minutes in the sign trebled by Jupiter’s aspect gives 48 minutes of transit time for the Atman. It is within this time his system must have been connected to life support machines. So he was breathing while his Atman was wandering into higher realms with Awareness sinking in. The long duration of clinically aided life that we saw for more than 10 days looks improbable from this astrological point of view.

Ten days passed and it seemed the ‘political business’ he started was needed to be strengthened by his descendants. That is the legacy he left behind. All these 10 days his Atman must have been in touch with those at the ethereal level and experienced  several times the re-run of his life and why he behaved the way he did in relation to the Prarabdha  karma.

By the time the heirs decided to take out the life support, his atman could have gained its composure. His party men are thinking that they had succeeded in getting him buried next to his mentor. But his mentor is high above the worldly plane. For normal beings, the atman is said to be hanging around the worldly plane of previous existence. But an extraordinary atman that Karunanidhi is, he must have left for other realms with thoughts on what a damage he had done to the world and how he is going to rectify them all.

It was on an Ekadasi day his atman left completely the mortal connection – the day that one plays the game of Parama padam, popularly known as ladder and snake. There are ladders and snakes at many places in the grid of 100 squares. It is like the video game of ancient times. When one has more punya one reaches the ladder and climbs past several squares. But when one does a pāpa karma, one reaches the mouth of the snake and gets pulled down.

By his exalted devotion to Shiva and discipline, Karunanidhi was almost in the top layer of the grid with only a few squares to cross. But alas, the offense done to Guru threw him into the mouth of a long snake that pushed him down to the lower level. The higher that one is, even a smallest crime will give the gravest retribution. This is enshrined in Manu Neeti. To hate Manu for this is foolish which only those in lowest intellect would do. Being pushed down from his highest pedestal, Karunanidhi’s Atman must have been coming to terms with the reality on that Ekadasi day.

To start the new chapter in his next birth, he has laid the foundation in Ramanuja. He will have to start afresh, but hopefully in a Dharmic way. His association with Ramanuja gives me that hope. Noticeably he fell silent after scripting the Ramanuja serial. It looked as though this newly acquired teacher of his had shut his mouth so that no new karma is made. With the Prarabdha of the past having got worked out, Karunanidhi is going to start a very new life of Dharma, as a worshiper of Hinduism to the extent of protecting it from poaching religions which he allowed as Karunanidhi.

He might even be instrumental in constructing Ram Setu in that future birth. He might even completely put a stop to the absurd Dravidian talk. Powerful one that he is, he will rectify all the wrongs and mis-guidance he had done for over half a century.

In the final analysis, Kāla Purusha as usual emerged a victor in quickening Kali through Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi hailed as a victor in earthly life miserably lost to Kala Purusha and has to start from the beginning. But Karma is never fatalistic; it is a means by which one overcomes it. Karunanidhi’s odd kind of life shows that.

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Unknown said...

Excellent analysis

ramya said...

Great to read your analysis sir. Karma is very very powerful sir. A great Shiva baktha turned against dharmic ways.....

ramya said...

Great to read your analysis madam. Karma is very very powerful . A great Shiva baktha turned against dharmic ways.....

Unless done good Karma, how can one get associated with srimad ramanuja at the end of life...also ekadasi death is a great boon...
God's calculations / kala purushas calculations can never be understood by any

nomadic said...

you seem to be highly casteist in some view

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Good analysis. With due apologies, I disagree with your view that Gandhi got the freedom for India. Hardly. There are enough evidence that the rebellion by the naval and armed forces post World War Two was the reason the British left India. If anything, India would have got her freedom at least twenty years earlier if not for Gandhi.

Unknown said...

Dear Jayasree-ji,

Good analysis. Kalaignar had to fulfill his role. He did it but without understanding his own action -reaction.

BTW, you relied completely on his Natal chart. What is your hunch about the Navamsa lagna ? Though you have shown it as Kumbha/Aquarious, do you agree to it ? Do you think a Pisces navamsa 9Fallen Brahman) might better describe him ?



Unknown said...

Dear Jayasree-ji,

Regarding the reported time of Kalaignar's death, I believe it happened earlier. State govt postponed the news so that some preparation for security etc. can be made. Regarding your comment about MKG, I would like to disagree. He just delayed it. He never took any action that may create problem for Industrialists or the British Empire. He just ensured that freedom struggle should not become violent at any cost.



Jayasree Saranathan said...

I brought in Gandhi to show that his horoscope is not extraordinary though he gained extraordinary positive recognition. In contrast Karunanidhi's natal chart is extraordinary but his life can no way be hailed extraordinary in positive terms. Suppose a person is shown the horoscope of Karunanidhi who has no idea about him, could he ever predict with the diminution he had caused in various ways?

That is where Karma comes into picture. One's Karma decides what one will do and how he will do, planets are not determinants. This was not articulated in this article, may be in a more suitable context in future I may write.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Chakraborty ji,

This was a rectified chart when everyone was telling that Mk was born in Leo lagna. Venus factor is too strong that made me zero in on Cancer lagna. But then while rectifying, the exact time comes out to be 10-44 am for which Pisces Navamsa occurs. But I felt the Rahu-ketu axis falling in kendra where Jupiter will be in the 12th will be more appropriate. I deduce the Brahmin birth in past life from the nature of fall he suffered in past birth, in correlation to the extreme Brahmin-hatred and obsession he exhibited in the birth as Karunanidhi.

Vaidhee said...

I have not gone through the article fully as yet. But I want to know your thoughts on the audacity of our Carnatic music vidwans singing Christian songs and albums. Thanks

nomadic said...

I dont like putting every thing in pro or anti brahmin in politcs,despite me being ardent supporter of vegeterianism as it is a act of nonvolence, on my view there is a dawn of new era in tamilnadu astrologically, horoscope of kamal looks strong in some view but in current mood many are not receptive his ideas,it would be good if rajini grow strong or admk getting a leadership like mafai pandiarajan or natraj who could install confidance...

On karunanidhi i dont like his hate on hinduism or vegiterianism and other values etc,but i do feel equality should always be propogated,wth bit of research came to karunandh was a nayii brahmin from prakasam regioon,who engage as temple muscians or barbers,amalgated to isai vellalar an equivalent caste , btw nayi brahmins by their history,they were orginally a preistly class pushed out of order due to some events,and to make iit interesting rakshasas were followers of shiva as by old writting ...

appalam vadaam said...

Dear Jayasree Mami,

Was waiting for this analysis - especially on why the Ekadasi for death. His intense hatred for Rama, Ramayanam ended in Vairi Bhakti I felt. My friends told that Hiranyakashipu said more Narayana naamams in Vairi Bhakti than any others - Narasimhar was first seen by him and only then by Prahalada. Such are the mysterious ways of the lord I thought. But, you brought his writing on Ramanuja - surely that seems to have given some salvation and move towards Dharma. For years together he stayed at Gopalapuram - close to Krishna temple. Whether he outwardly liked it or not, his Atman must have been cleansed in that atmosphere.

Now there is none as charismatic as JJ or MK in Tamilnadu. It seems to have lost leaders all around. I would be looking out if you can write analysis for TamilNadu as such.

Kamal - what makes him so leftist in his horoscope - I recall you writing about this. But, whether there is a political future for him or not would be interesting to read.

I also heard your presentation and laud your efforts. Looking forward to more such presentations.

R.Ramanathan said...

Excellent article, though i could not understand the astrological parts i enjoyed the results. It could be great if you could write an article on these musicians who have grown their bellies by singing Sangeetha Mumoorty kritis but shamelessly prostitute themselves to religions that are inimical to Vaidika dharma in the name of "Communal harmony" and "Secularism(Yuck i hate this word)"

Venkat said...

Brilliant analysis Ma'am! Reconciling all aspects of his life through his horoscope Great work! And if I may add, his life shows how careful we must be with our deeds and in working out our karmas ...

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Vaidhee & @R.Ramanthan

My article on Carnatic singers singing songs on Christ in carnatic music was posted this morning in PGurus. You may read it there.

I will re-post it in my blog after a few days.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your views here.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Ms Vasundhara,

We will wait for election time and then I will do the analysis.

kayshree'sblog said...

AN ATHEIST being compared with Lord. Sri.Rama ...disgusting analysis ...very very saddistic too ..such a brahmin hater ...a follower periar and anna...non believer in Hindu Ideologies ...a monstrous person ...who reidiculed Ganges and called Rajaji the great statesman as Ullukapattar ....sad indeed ...unwarranted article

Bhama said...

Excellent analysis. Hats off to you for this post!

Manivannan said...

Dear Madam,

As always i like your astrological analysis and it is a good study for learners like me. But i differ in some of your views and wonder why you chose to say so.

It is really sad that you compared KK with Lord Rama. In what ways he is comparable to Lord Rama or is Kali playing through your pen to write this kind of comparison.

Rama lived for his words. He gave up his kingdom for his father / mentor words.
KK is rumored to have conspired his mentor's (Anna) death and kicked all those who helped him to gain power. MGR, Nedunchezian are some who were ditched for his power hunger.

Azuras were also learned. They did tapas to gain boon from Lords ( Siva / Vishnu) . Ravana was vedic scholar. It is appalling that you say KK must have been a brahmin in his previous birth. Justification to that comes as he bought a house from a brahmin. KK attacked brahmins as they were weaker section and divided. As you said, Kalapurusha used KK to punish brahmin community as they had deviated from their prescribed life style and fell for materialistic gains. This has huge impact on the society today. Those who should stand for Dharma are adarmic.

Even Karna got the curse of his Guru for cheating him. Do we call him a brahmin? I see KK like one of those who would have cheated his Guru and got cursed. I don't think he was a brahmin in his previous birth.

It is rumored that KK hated Hindus and questioned temple priests conduct was because of the suffering of his sister.
But mistake of one does not justify his act of banishing the whole community. Today's wold of social media brings all to surface very fast. Those days all misdeeds were kept secret. Great people like MS had questionable parents.

His writing about Acharya Ramanuja was initially criticized. Later he withdrew from it and was handed over to scholars to continue the serial.

Your astrological analysis were excellent. But your fictional stories are unwarranted.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Raghuraman,

I understand your anguish on seeing the comparison of MK with Sri Rama. As a long time reader of my blogs you must be knowing how deeply spiritual I am and my ishta deiva is Rama.

I never praised MK while he was alive. You can see a separate label on Karunanidhi's forays into Hinduism in the side bar. But when he is no more I wanted to show the good features in his horoscope (not in life!!) as his horoscope is an astrologer's enigma. Three planets in exaltation is not a regular occurrence and even then those having three exalted planets don't live a royal life like him. Interestingly the 2 important exalted planets were like how they are for Rama and hence the comparison. Even then I showed the contrast in the case of dispositors leading them to be different in their outlook towards the wife. There ends the comparison.

How I derived that MK was a Brahmin in the past birth was variously explained in the article. Not repeating them here.

Finally recall the Purananuru verse by Kaniyan Poongundranar starting as "Yadum oore.." The last lines are real punch lines. 'Periyorai viyatthalum ilame, siriyor endru igazhthalum ilame'. It is because life is a game of Ladder and snake. We think we are leading a great life now. But we may get a worst life in the next birth to work out another set of prarabdha karma! Life is such that.

Manivannan said...

Dear Madam,

I have no doubt about your spirituality and your knowledge is so vast on sanathana dharma. You delve deep and research before you post any article.

My point is that MK does not deserve to praise though he is not alive. Look at the way he and his party men have looted the temples and idols. When Periyar statue was installed in Srirangam, it hurt the sentiments of hindus. Scholars went and met him in secretariat . He did not even offer them seat and told them that your temple idols are more vulgar and so remove them first before complaining about Periyar statue.

Ravana is Siva bakth. Great vedic scholar and best king. His only minus was abducting Sita piratti. His knowledge, wisdom are comparable to Lord Rama. He is 100 times better than MK. Do we glorify him?

MK to me is an Asura born in human form. He displayed all qualities of rakshasa what we read in ancient texts. His only agenda was to create misery and destroy values and he did that with perfection. That is Kali.

I doubt his death on Ekadasi. Even that was stage managed. His Daughter and Daughter-in -law are very devoted and they must have advised for it.

Your astrological analysis are par excellent. But your comparison to Lord Rama and saying him as brahmin in his previous birth are not acceptable. You know how they bought the houses in gopalapuram and how brahmins were forced to sell their houses to his family..

Periyorai viyatthalum ilame, siriyor endru igazhthalum ilame - MK did both.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

I agree with whatever you have written Mr Raghuraman. But why he behaved that way is the question I tried to answer. This line written by me in the article gives the gist.

//The entire life of Karunanidhi was as though it was under the grip of the retributive karma, done without any freewill or application of his own mind. This reminds me of the Gita vachan, that man does karma absolutely not through his control but under the control of the 3-some Prakruti Gunas. (Bhagavad Gita: 3-5)//

Unknown said...

Dear madam
I feel yr views on mk neutral with deep insight.

kayshree'sblog said...

ok fine. if prkriti gunas are there ..then what about the buddhi - intellect - wisdom -to over come that ? patnjali says, pramana, viparyaya, vikalpa, nidra smruthi hi .....avidya asmita ragaha duvesha abhinivesham...

Indic Texts said...

Madam, can you pl tell which version of Jagannatha Hora you are using? And I assume you use Lahiri ayanamsa. Can you confirm?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

7.66 version and traditional Lahiri.

Surya said...

Excellent article. What do you think of Stalin's political future in the next year from an astrological perspective? I am worried about the return of the DMK.

Vysh said...

Dr. MK's kataka lagna lord moon is in mrigasira nakshatra ..which has curse of jupiter (guru) (DNA astrology) Clearly indicates the consequences...
Another simple way to predict glimpse of past life karma.

ARK said...

Dear Madam

Brilliant article. Amazingly presented .....accurately researched.

An absolute Impartial analysis that even MK fans would love (if they have the open mind to read before reacting).

Grateful, is the one word I would like to place for your analysis.

Anantha Rama Krishnan

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks a lot Mr Anantha Rama Krishnan.
By the way I browsed your blog and what a treat to find your corona articles!
Very humorous.

kayshree'sblog said...

Dr Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy Iyer M.A. M.Sc M.Phil Ph D

ARK said...

Thank you Madam. Pleasantly surprised and glad to know that your read my blog.

I had been following your blog from around 2007 and i must say i have stood enlightened by reading your contributions.

Aruna said...

Vow..... Simply fantastic.... What an analysis; need to read again....

Vijaya said...

Very insightful analysis Jayasree madam. What about the future? Will there be a change for the better?

Unknown said...

Spot on..!! Sir (Astro Analysis of Madam is Excellent, leaving the Comparison part and ignoring how he built his career using a Ladder created by others)..In one word MK horoscope doesn't deserve depth Analysis. If Yes many negative traits should have been mentioned