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First speech of the Indic society in Raivata Manvantara by Revatī and Kāveri’s daughter.

This video is an excerpt from the 9th episode of the Indic Past Series on Manvantaras (which is yet to be released).

The systematic analysis of the Manvantaras given in the Puranas shows a gradual development of man from a wanderer to a community man in permanent settlements. Permanent settlement was forced on him due to circumstances in Uttama Manvantara when man took up cultivation and development of family set-up during Tāmasa Manvantara. The close interaction within the family and community resulted in development of SPEECH which was recognized as a different Manvantara namely, Raivata Manvantara.

The birth of first speech or Proto Language is deciphered from a story given in Markandeya Purana. There was a sage by name “Rtavāk” meaning ‘proper speech’ to whom a son was born in the Revati star. The unruly behavior of the son irritated the sage that he kicked off the star Revati from its place!!!

As a result the star Revati fell on Mount Kumuda illuminating the surroundings and causing a lake. This is a reference to extra-terrestrial impact on the earth causing a crater lake. A beautiful damsel by name Revati emerged from that lake. (Revat means ‘jump’, ‘leap’ or ‘move’) She was nurtured by Pramuca, meaning ‘set free’, who intended to marry her to King Durgama. Durgama means ‘difficult to be controlled’.

The names seen until now are related to speech. It was set moving by Rtavāk which was ‘set free’ (Pramuca) and got to be connected with ‘difficult to be controlled’ (Durgama).
Durgama was already married to others, whose names indicate settled living, living in proper houses built with wood and Kāveri’s daughter!

Kāveri is a Tamil name with the etymology derived as Kā +viri, where Kā means Sarasvati and Viri means ‘expanding’. Sarasvati was not yet born then but the name Kāviri having the same meaning as Sarasvati was recognized then.

The video goes on to show how it was Kāviri, not Kāveri at Kodagu and at Omkareshwar – by having overflown. Water overflowing from a lake is Kāviri (Sarasvati). Vāk (words) overflowing from the mouth is Sarasvati and therefore Kāviri!

It was at the receptacle of Kāviri (it was not flowing then) the sage Agastya did a penance for 12 years to gain the power of Vāk (words) in Tamil after the 1st Sangam regions were lost to the seas. Agastya who appeared at Dandaka Vana in the 11th year of Rama’s exile shifted to the receptacle of Kāviri by the 14th year of exile to prepare himself for inaugurating the 2nd  Sangam Assembly at Kāvatam.  Where Vāk (words) needs to be promoted, there Kāviri gains relevance.

The video articulates on related topics and establishes that the first speech of the Indic society had its genesis in Raivata Manvantara at a region where Kaumara was located in Shāka Dweepa in the equatorial region.

The timing given by sage Markandeya can be identified with a comet-fall on the moon with the fragments falling on the earth in the equatorial region. (Similar event is deduced before the Mahabharata war that witnessed two 13-tithi phases). The comet-fall on the moon is recognized by the shift in the orbit of the moon narrated in the story by Markandeya. At the time of marriage of Revati with Durgama, the moon started resuming its old orbit by which it started going closer to the star Revati.

This early speech became the proto language from which Skanda and his father (Sundaresa / Shiva) picked out two well refined languages simultaneously, namely Tamizh and Sanskrit.  This will be explained in a future episode of the Indic Past Series.

The narration from Markandeya Purana establishes that the Proto language of the Indic society did not emerge in Europe or West Asia or North West of India. It had emerged in the Equatorial region, near Mount Kumuda, which came to be known as Raivataka and later as Kaumara during Mahabharata times. The probable time period of the genesis of this proto language was Last Glacial minimum.


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