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5 reasons why the world will not end on 2012.

The doomsday prediction is doing rounds now
based on the Mayan calendar of the end of a cycle on 21- 12 – 2012.
According to the Dresden Codex, one of the Mayan books,
the Great Cycle started on the 11th of August 3114 BC
which is referred to as the Birth of Venus.
This will come to an end on 21st December, 2012.
This period is considered as the Sacred Tree or the Tree of Life.
Yet another ancient Mayan prophecy says
that the new world of consciousness will be born on the occasion of
the Venus Passage on June 5-6, 2012.

This is the gist of the information we have from the surviving Mayan works,
sparking off interest in the academia of many disciplines.

The recent spurt in interest has been fueled by some scientific data available to us.
From the field of science we hear of a probable disaster to our earth
in the near future
triggered by any one of the following factors :-

(1) the solar storms,
(2) the atomic smasher which is feared to cause havoc
when it will become operational in 2012,
(3) the probability of the eruption of the Yellow stone volcano in the United states,
(4) the expectation that an impending catastrophe that recurs periodically,
is due any time now.
(5) a sudden shift in earth’s magnetic poles.

While I was not initially keen on pursuing this 2012 Mayan stuff,
reserving it for a later date, perhaps to 2012, hoping to blog until then,
I decided to change my opinion after receiving many times
this stuff on 7 reasons why the world will end on 2012
coinciding with the Mayan date ( what the Mayans meant, no one knows exactly).

The reasons are two-fold.
As a lover of science having its base on proofs,
I can not buy the predictions given in the name of science
which have no basis even for an empty argument.
Another reason is that the Mayan prediction is not about a calamity
as I can see it from many angles – including a valid one
from the Vedic connections.
Hence this post.

It can be definitively said that the world would not come to an end 2012.
The 5 reasons to support this are given below.

1. The concerns of Science are always there!

Taking up the scientist’s worries first,
all the five reasons listed above from the field of science are always there.
The Solar storms have been peaking and ebbing continuously for all times.
They are known to have caused disturbances in the atmosphere,
in climatic conditions and in the broadcast networks.
But their potency to wreck havoc globally has not been proved, nor even hypothesized.
Whatever effect that is related to it (solar storms)
may not be to the tune of wiping off life to a greater extent.

Taking up the other two issues,
it can be argued that the unexpected side-effect of
the particle accelerator or the Yellow stone volcano
can have effect only on a limited area.
In contrast, poverty and ill-health have caused
greater havoc on human lives globally!.

The expectation of an impending catastrophe also has no basis other than
being confined to an arm-chair prediction.
There is no reason to believe that such a catastrophe
will time itself on 21st December of 2012.
The probable way such a catastrophe can manifest itself is
by means of collision of some asteroids.
But then the current know-how is such that
we can predict it fairly in advance and do the needful to deflect it.

One thing we can not control is the Nature’s fury in the form of earth quakes and storms.
But then they can not become end-of- the –world causes.
We have been braving them at some part of the world regularly.
The impact of such natural disasters to finish the globe
is not even a theoretical reality.

The last one is the probability of a pole-shift.
This is still a hypothesis that is yet to be worked on. / understood.
It is still not discernible how such a pole shift will happen.
The poles are moving gradually – that is a not cause for disasters of large scale.
Gradual movement or shift will cause gradual changes only,
which will be manageable.

A sudden shift will look like as though the world loses its balance
and does a Topsy-turvy.
This is impossible by the yardsticks of science.
There must be an external sudden force to throw the world out if its balance.
Such an external force can be from outer space in the form of asteroids etc.,
which can predicted by our current know-how.

But here I have something to tell on the last 2 issues
( asteroid fall and polar shift)
from the Hindu texts.

Something of a kind of after-effect of a catastrophe was reported in Mahabharatha
before the start of war at Kurukshethra.
The description by sage Vyasa of the disturbance at all levels –
on the earth and in the sky and in the planets looks strange
and is somewhat indicative of an aftermath of a sudden change
in the earth’s motion (disturbance at the poles?)
or the impact of a massive collision by an asteroid.

One can find the description of the disturbances in the
sections 2 and 3 in chapter 6 (Bhishma parva) of Mahabharatha.
Of particular interest is the narration of 2 changes noted in the sky.
One is about the change in the position of the star Arundhathi (Alcor)
with reference to its companion star Vasishta (Mizar)
in the constellation of Sapta Rishi Mandala ( Ursa Major)
These two are a celebrated couple of the Vedic times and
are known for their togetherness.
The aura attached to Arundhathi as one who followed her husband’s foot-steps
is such that it is a ritual even today in Hindu marriages
to sight her before the first night of the couple (1)

This star is supposed to be always seen near Vasishta even after thousands of years,
since they two move in the same direction and speed relative to each other.

The surprising element in Vyasa’s narration is that
Arudhathi had moved forward, pushing Vasishta behind her!
The wife who used to always follow her husband has started
to lead him from the front!!
Vyasa says, “ She, O king, who is celebrated over the three worlds
and is applauded by the righteous,
even that (constellation) Arundhati keepeth (her lord) Vasistha on her back” (2)

This is impossible to happen unless the earth’s axis / inclination had altered.
In the same verse, the sage says that dark patch on the moon also has changed.
“The sign of the deer in the Moon hath deviated from its usual position.
A great terror is indicated. Even though the sky is cloudless,
a terrible roar is heard there.
The animals are all weeping and their tears are falling fast.'" (3)

The deer on the moon is the grayish shade of the craters as seen from the earth.
This shade has been viewed differently by different people in the olden days.
The Chinese consider it as a toad.
The Europeans see it as a mare.
But the connection with deer as told by Vyasa has a valid reason.
The behavior of the deer is always connected with the movement of the moon.
The deer hunters are known to observe the deer’s behavior with reference to moon
to hunt the deer.

Since hunting was a common practice in olden days in India,
it is probable to think that the people had viewed the image on the moon as a deer.

What is of interest here is that the moon and the star Arundhathi
as seen from the earth had deviated a little
or were not the same as before.
The closer planets such as Mercury and Venus also had shifted a little backward
This could have happened only if the earth’s tilt had altered.

There is room to think that something drastic happened at this time
The new-moon happened on the 13th day after which these changes were noted.
The sage even says of hearing explosions from Kailasa, Mandra and Himavat mountains.
The animals and birds were exhibiting strange behaviors and
the seas and wind were behaving strangely.

All these suggest a massive hit by an asteroid somewhere on the earth –
though not on India proper, giving rise to such effects in the Indian land mass.
The hit might have been very strong as to even the shake the earth and
even altered its tilt.
This view is worth taking up for research in corroboration with
description from Mahabharata, for,
it is now known that a massive asteroid hit Austria and Indian ocean
sometime around 5000 years ago.

Mahabharata war too happened 5000 years ago. (4)

It is also possible to infer from the description that a wave of earth quakes
were happening at that time.
The sage tells of roaring noises in the sky, in the sea and in the mountains of Himalayas.
It seems the world had been in a grip of a wave of calamities
around that time.

For a global level calamity to happen, the sure bets are asteroid collisions
triggering off massive earth quakes at many places on the earth,
or due to large scale tectonic disturbances.

About the former, the scientists can caution us beforehand.
About the later no one can say that such earthquakes can happen
only on the appointed time of 21-12-2012!
They can happen at anytime.

From this we deduce that the risk of a catastrophe of global scale is very less.
The fears and concerns from our scientific knowledge are always there and
they can not be pin pointed at a specific time.

(2) The Sun’s location in our galaxy on 21-12-2012 is safe!

The Mayans seem to have precisely seen a safe location for the sun on that day.
That is similar to what we call vernal equinox –
the point of intersection of the ecliptic with the galactic equator.
The sun will be passing a point of intersection of the galactic center on that day.

John Major Jenkins tells us this in his introduction:

"The eclipse is the path traveled by the sun, moon, and planets through the sky. Twelve constellations lie along the ecliptic, and the sun passes through all twelve during the course of one year. The ecliptic cross over the Milky Way at a 60 degree angle near the constellation Sagittarius. As such, it forms a cross with the Milky Way, and this cosmic cross was called the Sacred Tree by the ancient Maya. (The cross form was also known as the "crossroads." Amazingly, the center of this cosmic cross, that is right where the ecliptic crosses over the Milky Way is exactly where the December solstice sun will be in A.D. 2012. This alignment occurs only once every 25,800 years.

"The Milky Way is observed as a bright, wide band of stars arching through the sky. In the clear skies of ancient Mesoamerica, many dark, blotchy areas could be observed along the Milky Way's length. These are "dark cloud" formations caused by interstellar dust. The most prominent of these is called the "dark-rift" or the "Great Cleft" of the Milky Way. It looks like a dark road running along the Milky Way, and it points right at the cosmic crossing point, the center of the Maya Sacred Tree, right where the sun will be in 2012! The Maya called this dark-rift the Black Road, or the Road to the Underworld. They seem to have imagined it as a portal to another world, and the December solstice sun can enter it only in A.D. 2012.

"The area of the sky where all of these symbols and celestial objects converge is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This was perhaps the most astounding thing I discovered. The par of the Milky Way that the December solstice sun will conjunct is also where the center of our Galaxy (the Galactic Center) is located. It is the cosmic womb from which new stars are born, and from which everything in our Galaxy, including humans, came.”

This location coincides with the center of our galaxy.
The sun moves in a wavy path and moves up and down in its sojourn.
Scientists can theorize that the movement upward that happened 40 million years ago
coincided with dinosaur extinction.
They foresee a similar catastrophe now as 40 million years have passed.
But I don’t foresee that.

The movement of the sun is such that now it is crossing the centre of the galaxy
on its downward movement.
We must note the Mayan description that
2012 is the time of ‘Road to Underworld.’
The underworld is about the plane below the center of our galaxy.
The plane above the horizontal of the galactic cross-section is known as North or uttar.
The plane below is south or dakshin in Hindu texts.
The sun is now moving on its way to dakshin
and will be crossing the galactic center on 2012
on its downward journey.

There is an opinion among scientists
whether the movement in far-off uttar (upward) ranges
that happened 40 million years ago exposed the sun
to cosmic rays and bombardments
from outer space, resulting in extinction of dinosaurs.
In extreme upward and downward locations the galactic cover around the sun is less,
thereby exposing it to receive radiation or bombardment from outers space.
Compared to such locations, the sun will be in a safe location on 2012,
with minimum risk of outer space rummaging.

(3) The Planetary combination on 21-12-2012 is really good!

Usually December is time of the year
when the sun will be conjoining the center of our galaxy (Sagittarius)
and we (earth will be at the farthest point away from the galactic centre.
This coincides with what we call as “Vaikunta Ekadasi”.
This is a vulnerable time for earthquakes.
World’s worst earth quakes have happened in the last 10 days of December
coinciding with Vaikunta Ekadasi ( 11 day position of the waxing moon)
On 21-12-2012, the moon will be in navami (9th day ) in the star, Revathy.
On 23 rd, it will be Vaikunta Ekadasi day.
The one week from then onwards, it is a vulnerable period.
But I don’t foresee any problem on these times, precisely because
no major planets are in line with this galactic center.
Only the sun will be passing this part of the sky.

In contrast, on the fatal day of tsunami that impacted nearly
one third of the globe on 26-12-2005,
Sun in Sagittarius was opposed by moon in Gemini
with Saturn, the lord of death
in close quarters in cancer in retrogression.

But on 21-12-2012,
the three major planets are in positions of positive strength.
The Saturn and Mars will be close to their exaltation and
Jupiter will be in retrogression, thereby acquiring positive strength
as per Vedic astrology.
They together indicate a spurt in spiritual strength,
physical well being and intellectual strength.

This is perhaps indicated by the Mayans as the new cycle of growth!
With the moon entering Aries in the next 2 days (Vaikunta Ekadasi),
it is time of prosperity and spiritual calmness.

We must also note that the Mayans have said of a cycle of creation and destruction.
Any cycle will have 2 phases,
one ascending and one descending.
Creation followed by destruction.
When the cycle ends it means the destruction phase has come to an end
and the newer phase of creation has to start.

If we look at the Mayan history, we can see that their fall
happened in the second half of this 5200 year cycle.
Their fall must have started around 550BC.
As such the 2012 marks a new phase of creation and growth.

(4) The world will not end in 2012 because it is not the time of ‘prayala’
(dissolution / catastrophe) as per Hindu Thought!
Calamities are predicted to happen at regular intervals according to Hindu thought.
There is daily prayala - some calamity happening at some part of the world everyday.
Even sleep is a type of pralaya which makes the living look like dead.

There is Kalpa pralaya that happens at the end of Macro level creation –
on the end of the day of Brahma deva.
This happens at the end of 4,32,00,00,000 years
which is roughly equal to 20 rounds of the sun around the galactic center
(Science calculates one round to be roughly around 220 million years).
At this time, the entire creation is lost
or goes under water (or some fluid state)

There is manvantra pralaya that happens every 30,67,20,000 years.
Habitations and species will be lost during this pralaya
Mankind will heavily suffer.

There is yuga pralaya which was similar to what was described in Mahabharatha.
This coincides with the disturbances noticed in Mahaharatha
and the asteroid collision reported 5000 years ago.
The whole of India suffered at that time.
There were floods in Dwaraka and off the coast of Kanya kumari.
There is a probability that the entire world suffered at this time.
It was because it was the time of end of an epoch or yuga.

Dwapara yuga ended and Kali yuga started around 5000 years ago.
Interestingly the end of the yuga (epoch) or the beginning of Kali yuga
coincides with the Mayan calendar of beginning of the new cycle
which is going to come to an end in 2012!
Dwapar yuga ended and Kali yuga started on 3101 BC and
Mayan’s new cycle started on 3114 BC!
This period was marked with a pralaya.
But the same fate will not happen now.
Because the pralaya or destruction is associated with Yuga sandhi
(conjunction between yugas)
The Mayan cycle though it started with Kali yuga
is not ending with the yuga of the Hindu cycle.
No prediction of a calamity in 2012 according to Hindu Thought.

(5) Mayan thought is an off-shoot of Hindu Thought
that does not foresee a calamity in 2012.

There are many parallels in Hindu Thought with Mayan Thought.
The principle of Time measurement of Mayans are also part of
the 10 types of Time measurements of the Vedic times.
They are
Saua mana,
savanna mana,
chandra mana,
Nakshthra mana,
Pithru mana,
Deva mana,
Manvanthra mana,
Brahma mana,
Brihaspathya mana
Asura mana.

Of these, the last two make a striking relationship.
Brihaspathya mana is about Jupiter
whereas Asura mana is about Venus!
Venus is the base of Mayan calculation of time.
Brihaspathy is Jupiter who was considered as the teacher for devas (gods) of the North.
Venus is known as Shukra who was the teacher for demons of the South.
From vedic texts we come to know that a common ancestry of seers known as
‘Bhrugvangiras’ got divided into Bhrugu and Angiras.
Bhrugu’s disciple was Shukra, who became teacher for asuras (demons)
And from Angiras came Brihaspathy who became the teacher for devas.

The enmity between them was endless
and the Asuras were driven out of the domain of Devas (from North).
The time calculation followed by the devas was that given by Brihaspathy.
That was about a cycle of 5 rounds of 12 years each.
One cycle is about the time taken by Jupiter to complete one round around the zodiac.
This takes 12 years.
In this way Jupiter completes 5 rounds in 60 years.
Each year of these 60 years has been given a name,
starting from ‘Vijaya’
Today Brihaspathya mana is not in vogue in India
but we use these names only for the solar months
starting from Prabhava.
This information is contained in Surya Siddhantha.
These names were originally given for Jupiter’s cycle as per Brihaptahya mana.
This cycle starts with the year Vijaya which falls in 2013!
That is, the Brihaspathyamana has same beginning with Mayan calender.

The Asura mana is based on the rotation of Venus.
This is exactly what the Mayans have been following.
In India this mana is not being followed, presumably because,
this country was considered to be in the North,
following Brihaspathya mana.
Brihaspathya mana was followed in Vedic times.
The Asura mana is also about a cycle of 5 rounds of movement of Venus.
The Mayan cycle in discussion is about a Great cycle of 5,200 years.
We must find out the basal unit of this calculation to know how this has been made.

The similarities don not end here.
The sage Bhrugu, the teacher of Shukra was known for certain things
that seem to have some connection with the evolution of Mayan race.
The sage was a very learned one but he ran into a curse from Lakshmi,
the giver of all riches.
The story can be read here:-

As a result of the curse, Bhrugu and his clan were not to obtain any riches.
To undo the harm he has done to his race by inviting this curse,
Bhrugu made a marathon effort to build knowledge of astrology and
gave it to his disciples so that they can amass wealth on that knowledge.
He gave that knowledge to Shukracharya or Venus from whom
it went on to others including his disciple Maya.

The prime motive from then onwards for Bhrugu was to ensure
that his people got riches and his aim of astrology was to attain fructification of results,
come whatever be the obstacles.
Shukra-neeti is primarily Raja-neeti which was materialistic and was about power.
In contrast Brihaspathy preached that any action done by a person
should not result in bad karma for the person.
Guru-neeti was spiritualistic.

Bhrugu begot Lakshmi Herself as his daughter and
his lineage was blessed with riches.(5)
Friday (the day of Venus) thus got associated with Lakshmi and riches.

The Mayans also possessed gold and other riches.
Bhrugu and Shukra were no ordinary persons.

Lord Krishna Proclaimed in Gita, the Song Divine,

"Of Maharishis, I am Bhrigu”,

and again so "Among the wise, I am Shukracharya".

Lord Vasistha told Rama that both the Rishi's

were "living liberated guides of men by their knowledge

of all that was to be known".

This connection of Bhrugu and Shukra (Venus) has gone to Maya, the super architect.

The best vasthu book in India is Mayamatha, containing the rules for construction.

Vasthu is about all gods who reside in a land

and about how to make use of these Gods’ presence

to one’s advantage – a truly materialistic way of seeing Gods!

The Mayan architecture is contained in Mayamatha

and other texts on Vasthu and are still followed in India.

Maya and Vishwakarma were associated with architecture

in many places in Hindu stories.

Nala who built Sethu also was a descendant of Vishwakarma.

Vishwakarma is used to be associated with devas.

Whereas Maya was considered as a ‘mlecha’

(a foreigner or one belonging to outside Aryavartha, Bharath)

The Matsyapurana refers to eighteen sages proficient in Vaastu:
Bhrigu, Atri, Vasishta, Viswakarma, Maya,
Narada, Nagnajita, Visalaksha, Purandhara, Brahma, Kumara,
Nandisa, Saunaka, Garga, Vasudeva, Aniruddha,
Sukra and Brihaspati are the eighteen celebrated authors
referred to as Vaastu Sastropadesakas or instructors in the science of Vaastu.
Note the names Bhrugu, Maya and Shukra (Venus) in this group.
Shukra Niti is said to dwell on structural aspects of architecture.

The noted architect of temples of India, Mr Ganapathy Sthapathy
has noted the similarities in Indian Mayamatha vasthu sastra with Mayan architecture.
The two seem to have the same origin.

The similarity continues.

According to Puranas, Maya was the teacher of demons and
Brihaspathy was the teacher of gods.
Maya was a Shiva worshiper with tough austerities
Note that the Mayans follow tough rituals and even make blood shed –
something done by Shiva worshipers.
He built a fine city at Tripura
which was later destroyed by Shiva.
According to Puranas like Brahmaanda purana,
Maya was spared by Shiva who went on to destroy Tripura,
since he was a devotee of Shiva.
After that Maya went to live under the waters.
It is worth remembering here that Maharishi Bhrugu was said to have
lived in what is Bharuch today on the banks of river Narmada.
It is possible that his disciple Maya who lost Tripura went out of the country
through this place and was lost in the seas.
This is what could have been meant by the Puranic narration of Maya
going under the seas.
He would have found his place at the present day Mexico
which is on the other side of Bharatha varsha.

Interestingly, Tripura is a place in Nagaland.
And there is sect of Mayanas who claim that they had come from Nagaland in India!

One of the most dominant ethnic groups, Kekichi Maya,
has always had special attraction for India in the past
as their forefathers have told them that the "Naga tribes of Nagaland"
were one of the four original branches of the Maya civilization.

The inference we can draw from all these is that
the Mayans were part of Hindu past (sanatana dharma)
and were separated from the mainstream
and were with Shukra (Venus) as their preacher.

The Asura tag they had with them was to do their location
or with their asura tendency.
Asura or demonic tendency is explained in Brihadharanyaka upanishad.
Those who take pleasure in hurting others were known as Asuras.
This perhaps explains some crude customs of ancient Mayans.

"For the Maya, blood sacrifice was necessary for the survival of both gods and people, sending human energy skyward and receiving divine power in return. A king used an obsidian knife or a stingray spine to cut his penis, allowing the blood to fall onto paper held in a bowl. Kings' wives also took part in this ritual by pulling a rope with thorns attached through their tongues. The blood-stained paper was burned, the rising smoke directly communicating with the Sky World."

The Asuras were identified as those who lived in the dakshin part
(translated as South) of the world .
But in Hindu parlance, dakshin means which is below the plane of existence.
Since the mayan land was below the plane of Aryavartha,
they could have been called as asuras.

Their materialistic pursuits also made them called as asuras.
Maya had been the one who received teachings of the cosmos from sun god
in Surya siddhnatha.

The interaction with them has been periodically seen in the Hindu past.
Perhaps with the decline of their civilization in 550 BC coinciding
with the descending phase of the Great cycle,
they lost touch with India.

Perhaps the New Cycle in 2012 will find a resurgence of
Mayan Thought in this modern world.

- jayasree

On Indian connection

There are two specific archaeological discoveries pertaining to 761 AD, about which most Mexican historians are silent, that attract our attention as possible links of Maya civilization to ancient India. The first one is a wall panel (Panel No. 3 of Temple 0-13, at Piedras Negras, Guatemala; reproduced as Plate 69, page 343 of 'The Ancient Maya' by S.G. Morley) belonging to the Later Classic Stage of Mexican history, associated with the peaking of Maya architecture and sculpture. Mexican historians have not given any interpretation of this panel.

It appears that the scene depicted in the panel relates to the great Indian epic 'Ramayana'.

It shows a king sitting on the throne and one maidservant with two children standing on the right side of the throne. A guard stands behind the three. On the other side of the king, three important personages are standing whereas the vassal chiefs and important feudatories are sitting in front of the throne. The king on the throne is believed to be Suryavanshi Ram with his three illustrious brothers standing by his side. The two little children are his two sons with a maid and a guard behind them. Amongst the three persons on the right, two are engaged in a discussion whereas the third one, apparently Lakshman, is standing with a bold, brave and confident demeanour which was characteristic of him. The above panel is a beautiful piece of sculpture and an evidence of great Mayan heritage, their artistic taste and superior creative ability and, above all, an archaeological evidence to prove India's link with Mexico in the 8th century at least. The artistic design and postures of the figures carved can be compared to those found at Ajanta and Ellora caves in India. This interpretation, however, remains only a plausible one till the hieroglyphics and frescoes surrounding the wall panel are deciphered.

Another archaeological discovery at the same place i.e. Piedras Negras, Guatemala, is a stone stela (No. 12, Plate No. 18, page 61 of 'The Ancient Maya' by S.G. Morley). A mythological scene has been carved in this stela, depicting the architectural and artistic maturity of the Maya people of the Classic Stage (594 - 889 AD). There is a beautiful image of a deity with eight hands (ashtabhuja). The art style is discernibly Indian as in no other religion of the world deities of this type were worshipped. It may be mentioned that the ruling dynasty of Mexico at the time of the conquest by Spaniards was 'Aztec' or Ashtak (Eight). The evidence in the form of such images leaves little doubt about the presence of Indian culture amongst the ancient Mexicans. The stela pertains to the period of more than eight centuries before Columbus set foot on the soil of the so-called New World.

The place where these pieces have been discovered - Piedras Negras - appears to be a distorted form of 'Priyadarsh Nagraj' in Sanskrit, as has been the case with so many words distorted by European pronunciation. These stone sculptures are adornments of a Mayan temple and depict some popular mythology prevalent amongst the people of the time. Both human sacrifice and idolatry were much in practice amongst Maya people. Morley has given a detailed and vivid account of Maya culture and society in his book 'The Ancient Maya', profusely quoting Bishop Diego de Landa.

Bishop Landa states that Maya people "…had a very great number of idols and temples which were magnificent in their own fashion and besides the community temples, the lords, priests and leading men also had oratories and idols in their houses where they made their prayers and offerings in private". Not only of gods but idols of even animals and insects were prepared by Maya people, who believed in immortality of soul and afterlife. This definitely smacks of an Indian connection.

The article on the reasons why the world will end on 2012 :-

References :-

(1) The verse on Arudhathi said on the occasion of sighting the star on the first night.
The husband says,
“When the Seven Sages gave Arundhati precedence over the Krittikas
and made her position secure,
the six Krittikas accepted the leadership of Arundhati (the seventh);
may this wife of mine flourish as the eighth (of those stars).”

(2) MB 6-2- 31
yā caiā viśrutā rājas trailokye sādhu samatā
arundhatī tayāpy ea vasiṣṭha pṛṣṭhata kta

(3) MB – 6- 2- 32 & 33
vyāvtta lakma somasya bhaviyati mahad bhayam
anabhre ca mahāghora stanita śrūyate 'niśam
vāhanānā ca rudatā prapatanty aśrubindava

(4) Indian texts are keeping a track of the epochs and we are still using that time.
Another source is Aryabhatta ‘s works where he has recorded his times
with reference to the Kali yuga which started on 3122 BC,
3 decades after the Kurukshethra war.

(5) Namosthu devyai bhrugu nandanayai, ...
Salutations to her who is daughter of Bhrigu, ...
Dhavalathamamsuka gandha maya shobhe, ...
(from Kanaka dhara sthothram by Adhi Shankara)

(6) Matsyapurana (Chap. CCL II - 2 to 4)


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I am enlightened by your article maam.You said about position of planets and earthquakes...what is the connectivity between the position of planet and a natural calamity? or is it that in olden days, when a natural calamity occurs, it is recorded as per the planetary position and is used for future reference..
I am a novice..and it would be of great help if u can clarify my doubt.
thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful treasurehouse of knowledge !!! excellent post .. its a pleasure to go through your posts !

Jayasree Saranathan said...

>>>what is the connectivity between the position of planet and a natural calamity? or is it that in olden days, when a natural calamity occurs, it is recorded as per the planetary position and is used for future reference..<<<<

The planetary connection to life on earth is described in two ways, one is mundane astrology and another is predictive astrology on human life.

We come across predictions on eclipses, moon's position etc in mundane astrology.

The rules of mundane astrology are verifiable by tracking the events.
It is possible to argue that such events were found to be related to planetary positions by observing them for a long time and a pattern formed accordingly.

For example when Venus appears to move in the South off its normal course, dry spell and crop-loss are predicted. There are quite a few verses in Sangam literature (Puranaanuru)sighting the Venus in the South and relating it to crop-loss and lack of rains.
Though at the outset this looks like a belief, the connectivity factor can not be ruled out.

Likewise Rahu's position in relation to Sun has been noted for ages and a connection has been found in influencing crop health / failure. They have been recorded as 'chakra' in astrology. Likewise many 'chakras' are there as astrological rules pertaining to mundane affairs such as agriculture, rain fall and climatic factors. They are far reliable than the El nino factor.
While the El Nino takes into account factors witnessed on terrestrial plane, these astrological rules take into account planetary and most importantly moon and its nodal (Rahu)position.

Among the planets, Jupiter in its exalted sign of Cancer has always been seen with major earth quakes around the world.

In the episode on Maya in Tiripura, explained in Brahmanda purana, the destruction of the Tripura was done by Shiva on a particular combination of planets. When the sun and and moon join Jupiter in the star Pushya, Maya's mansion at Tripura would be destroyed - that was told by Brahma while indicating Maya about his end.

After hearing this from Brahma, from whom he got many boons, Maya constructed the Tripura meticulously. The Mayan structures aiming at some part of the sky seems to have a connection to this. For, Maya constructed his mansion in such a way that he would be able to have a track of the planets in the sky to know the time of prediction of his demise.
And on the appointed time of that conjunction of planets, Shiva destroyed the Tripura.

Two leads from this are of interest.
One is that Jupiter the arch rival of Mayan preceptor Venus (Shuktacharya)won over him in his exalted location. The prediction by Brahma also said that this will herald a New period of development. Perhaps victory over an asura was seen as a start of better times!

Another is that the past records of the world's earthquakes show that there has been a high incidence of earth quakes whenever this combination occurs.

Another time of mass earthquakes is when the sun (we on earth)crosses the farthest point from the centre of our galaxy. This coincides with "Vaikunta Ekadsi" when it falls between 20 th to 28 th of December.

Based on observations and correlating them with events on earth, nimittha sastras have gained acceptance. Even the sound of a lizard was related to some events by having observed them for long.Most of Jain astrolgy is about nimittha sastra only.

The planetary position, particularly of moon has been seen to affect plant and animal life too. In this post I outlined about deer behaviour connected to moon's phases. There are astrology texts which tell about connection between moon and planets to formation of horn in animals and even sprouting of seeds. These are verifiable and have been verified in some cases according to some write-ups in Astrological magazine of BV Raman.

But predictive astrology is generally connected with indicative nature of planets.
In this, the events in one's life are indicated by planetary position, just as how a clock indicates the time of arrival of a train or a bus but does not actually make the train or bus to come.

Human life prospects change within 2 minutes variation. This is known from the 60th division of birth chart or Shashtiamsa (D-60 chart)
That is why even twins can not always have a same fate or life.
What happens every second minute is indicated by planetary positions which seem to be a mirror of Space-Time-Event connectivity. (I have written about this in my post on Dasavathara movie analysis in my blog.)

Every part in space is connected to a time. The happenings or events that happen then also have to be a part of that space-time.
For instance what happened at n-th minute after Big Bang, can not happen at (n+1)minute by when the space all will be different. It is logical to connect events also to space and time. Since this is a reality, it will be possible to say what event will happen in a particular space-time position.
This is what astrology does.

Since this knowledge is beyond human perception, astrology was given by sages in their Tri-kaala- gyana and contemplation. These were theories which were not formed after verification . But can be verified as we proceed in life.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

My thanks to Sundar, Raghavendra and others for their comments. I feel encouraged to write more:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot madam for your thorough reply.. I was intrigued by the part ''That is why even twins can not always have a same fate or life.'' Does it mean that the time during which the child is born is taken into account and hence the difference in fates? If the time the zygote is split into two (identical wins) is taken, they may have the same fate? And if two persons are born at the same time , will they share the same fate? I know I am going away from the topic.. but still its intriguing to learn the mysteries of nature... once again thanks a lot for your reply.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for your queries Niranjan,
We are not going off the topic. This topic was already handled by me in my post
"Determination of birth time"
I would like to get more such queries, so that we can think and grow more.

Birth time when breathing starts- must be taken into account.
Read my post mentioned above.
The difference in fate is because of past karma and vasanas that are carried over from previous births.
Numerous births may happen at the same time. But the ascendant will vary for different latitudes, thereby accounting for differences in events of life.

In the case of birth in the same latitude - or birth in the same place at the same time, the horoscope will be the same. But events and experiences will differ depending on the past karma that has to be worked out.

Even if the same set of genes are inherited, which of them will be active or which of them will switch off, are decided by past karma or prarabhda karma that has to be experienced. This is indicated by planetary motions and dasa- bhuthi as per astrology. It is possible to notice such activation or de-activation with reference to diseases and their recovery and re-surfacing. I have noticed such instances.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Niranjan,

I read your comment and thanks for that. But I am sorry that inadvertently pressed the reject key and lost it. You are welcome to send your opinions and any other queries.
Sorry once again for the mistake.

۞Ghanesh said...

To my understanding there was a pole shift after Sri Krishna left earth 5109 years ago. This altered the way earth spined and made tropical Siberia into Ice desert, a tropical rain forest into Antartica and pushed lot of changes, including sinking od dwaraka, Mahabalipuram, Cities along the Old Japanese coast etc.
Also the same incident was responsible for sinking of Major Kumari Kandam or lumeria which connected Africa, India, Australia.

Am Afraid one more such incident is in near future. Kicking of mass migration. I truly beleive lot of good people will be surviving for they are the seeds for the evolution of Mother earth.

Per Skanda purana, Earth was upside down and it was role of Shanmuka to set it right.

per lot of Christian sources, the tribulation period kicks of in Fall 2008 and it has two 3.5 years. and this whole thing ends in 2015. 2012 is the time of peaking of the Earthquake and ocean floors. Making the new world. Christ of Sanat Kumara or Skanda lead the devoted sheeps cows and humans to the promised heaven or the new found land.

I feel it will be in southern hemisphere. or most of india under water will come out.

lets wait and see.

۞Ghanesh said...

(3) The Planetary combination on 21-12-2012 is really good!

Usually December is time of the year

when the sun will be conjoining the center of our galaxy (Sagittarius)

and we (earth will be at the farthest point away from the galactic centre.

This coincides with what we call as “Vaikunta Ekadasi”.

Your post above, on vaikunta ekasadi is a important thing and greatest thing you have you have analysed. The Gate to Milky way (Paar Kadal)Galaxy is clearly open on this day and anyone with unconditional PURE Love towards the Lord of the Milky way - Vasudeva or Ranganatha, can get welcome party on this day. This is time and again repeated by various saints. Also by our Graceful Cothai.
The opening up of Heart Chakra to its fullest is one another great thing happening by 2012. its a easy awakening to all forms of life in Solar System and near by star systems.

Blessed are those who get this Unconditonal Compassionate pure divine love - Anbhu, for it gives direct access to the purpose of life.

Venkatesh said...

Smt Jayasree,

Simply Superb and Excellent! In fact I would say that this is a very rational analysis. All based on logics. Great Job! Waiting for more.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

My thanks to Jayarama krishna Hari and Venkatesh.

Jayaram's views are mind-blowing!
A lot to learn from him. His comment on Roma connection (can be read at the end of that post on Roma connection) also is very interesting.

Coming to the present post, the pralaya that must have happened at global level at the start of Kali yuga 5000 years ago, coinciding with the start of the present Mayan calender will not be repeated on 2012. The indicative factor then was the Yuga sandhi (conjunction of 2 yugas)
The pralaya then resulted in a complete change in topography, population and people's mentality.
2012 is not a time of Yuga sandhi or anything to do with Hindu prediction of pralaya. So I don't foresee any grave disturbance on 2012 resulting in massive change.

One interesting feature is that the Jupiter and Venus - the teachers of opposite camps - are in exact opposition on that date.
Jupiter will have entered 'kaarthikaabhda' in its new cycle and Venus will be entering its new cycle according to Mayans.
Jupiter's position corresponds to the vernal equinox that was 5000 years ago.(In Krishna's time, the Vernal equinox or Vishuvat was at Krittika star. The Vimshotthari dasa system we follow today starts from Krittika only, indicating that this system was handed down by sage Parashara 5000 years ago.)

The Jupiter's cycle begins in Uttarayana - in the Northern sojourn of the sun.
The Venus - cycle starts at Dakshinayana when the sun is almost at the end of its southern sojourn.

This makes me think that the Mayan calender of Venus will have relevance only when the the Southern hemisphere lose its ice caps and become habitable.

The South was brimming with warmth and population before the ice age ended at the North poles - some 12 to 14 thousand years ago.
It was then the South pole went into hibernation.

Again when the equinoxes shift (gradually at the rate of 2,150 years for every 30 degrees of the zodiac)to South - North, the South will get livelier and the North will freeze. For a complete reversal to take place it needs 10,000 more years (when Libra will become the vernal equinox) That means another 2 cycles of Mayan Venus calender. Perhaps before that or after that we can expect a drastic change in climate or continental lines.

Again looking at the time calculation involved here, it coincides with one round of precession of equinoxes which is presently put at 26,000 years.
That is, starting from the end of Ice age in the North, the cycle completes one full round in 26,000 years for the North to get colder again.

But the Vedic calculation puts this figure at 28,800 years.
There is a clue to this in Rig veda and in surya Siddhantha.
In my opinion the complete round of the precession happens in 28,800 years only. We must take into account the fact that the rate of precession was not uniform at all times. It had differed in the past.

Added to this is the fact that a 28th star, Abhijit was part of the sky long ago. There are Rig Vedic hymns on this star and many chakras in Vastu take into account this star making us conclude that when these were made, Abhijit was part of the sky. That means the zodiac had a larger circumference then and precession would have taken a longer time to cover.

This would make the over-all time for one round of precession, more than the presently computed 26,000 years.

I foresee a pralaya at the end of 5000 years from now on, when the precession point enters 0 degree of Capricorn or in other words crosses the ayana point or Makar sankaranthi point. This coincides with the completion of another Mayan cycle of Venus.
Or a pralaya after 2 more Mayan cycles which is 10,000 years from now.
That will be the time when Vernal equinox had completely reversed its position to the autumnal point of the equinox.
Antartica would have become warmer and the artic colder at that time.

A PS:-
Ramavathar happened in this 28,800 years cycle, making it perfectly possible to say that a bridge built by his sena can last for these many years!

I intend to write a series on this (after November), putting Rama's time around 7000 BC in the Thretha yuga of the yuga classification in this 28,800 year cycle.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

An interesting blog on Indian connection to Mayas

Jayasree Saranathan said...

A good blog on Mayan - Indian connection.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say but THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I will tell and spread that no doomsday will happen on 2012, I will and I must for the sake of everyone.

Aishu said...

When Krishna showed his Vishwaroopam to Arjuna, he has stopped the time, as it is said. Does this have any connection with the collision of any astral object on earth or the change of stellar positions?

Surya said...

OM namaH sUryAya!

Wonderful post and very detailed knowledge. Keep on the good work.

jaya zrI sUrya bhagavAn.