Saturday, August 28, 2021

Paper-back edition of my book, “Oral cancer -Astrological Prediction and Remedies”

Following the publication of my e-book on the astrological prediction of oral cancer, I am happy to bring out the paper-back edition now (248 pages). 

I can be contacted through the comment section here or by direct message in my twitter page (@jayasartn) for the purchase of this book or by sending a request with the postal address to

The book is priced at Rs.250 and available only within India. 

Sample page

Health-chart by do-it-yourself model 

This book serves as a guide in medical astrology not just for the astrologers and astrology enthusiasts, but also for those who have no previous knowledge of astrology. This book is the first of its kind in detecting oral cancer in the horoscope. It also offers techniques of predicting different types of cancer, diseases of the mouth and the face including various kinds of eye problems, speech disorders, cleft palate and five types of non-cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth. A section on palm lines related to prediction of diseases is added. More importantly the book offers simple astrological remedial measures, the scientific rationale behind them and the methods to derive remedies from the horoscope.

Preview is available in the e-book in the following links.  (India)  (US)  (UK)  (Australia)




T.Annamalai said...

Dear Madam,
I am willing to pay get the book. Please let me know the mode of payment. I can pay online tomorrow morning, please provide details. T.Annamalai.

T.Annamalai said...

Dear Madam, Very happy to know that now the book is available in print form. I am willing to get the book. Please let me know the mode of payment. I can pay online tomorrow morning. Kindly give the details. T.Annamalai.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr. Annamalai,

Thank you.

Plesse send your postal address to this number. You will be given the mode of payment. +91 96009 89982

T.Annamalai said...

Dear Madam, Just now noticed your valuable reply. I have sent the postal details. Thank you.


Deepa said...

Dear Madam, I would like to purchase the book, please let me know how I can make the payment.