Monday, August 30, 2021

The age of Krishna

There is authentic record on Krishna's exit date but not on his birth year. If there is an authentic year, we would be celebrating it by a year number like how we mention the Kali date as 5123rd year as of Mesha this year (2021). Why no such number for Krishna's birth anniversary?

We know we are in 5123rd year of Kali. This is actually the anniversary of Krishna's departure. We do tarpan on that day even now - it's Mesha maasa pirappu.

If he had lived for 125 years, then it means Arjuna outlived him, for he departed after Krishna. He was three months younger than Krishna but left more than seven months after him . If Arjuna was 125 at his death time, Bhima was 126 years then and Yudhishthira  127 years of age. They lived longer than Krishna. Why these are not found mentioned anywhere?

Looking at the available evidence in Harivamsa, Krishna married Rukmini when she was 16 years old. So Krishna must have been older than 16.
Let's assume he was 20.
They got 10 children.
In the meantime Arjuna visited Dwaraka on his 12 yr vanavasa. After that Pandava exile for 13 yrs. After that they lived for 35 years.
20+ x + 12+ y + 13 + 35
= 80 + x+ y

X+ y occured before exile.
So 32 + x+ y was the age they went on exile.
Assuming x + y = 10 , they were 42 when they went on exile.
Actually x + y were very small time with not much info in Mahabharata.

So roughly we can say the war was fought when they all were around 50 years or in their 50s.
Then they lived for 35 years.
So they all have left in their 80s.


Vijay said...

Wonderful post on the Lord. Mam, please can you post a blog on Lord Krishna’s Natal Chart and life events

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Madam Ji,
This is unrelated to the topic here and my upfront apologies for it.
I am a member of Rajiv Malhotra group “ Intellectual Kshatrya “.
Recently there was an email about a Italian who had studied Indian astrology. He stayed in India for number of years and apparently underwent serious study of our astrology. He has now made a u turn and is knocking down our age old system. He is of the opinion that Western system of astrology is far superior to the Indian system. I have provided a link to his article.
Our group wants someone who is very scholarly and authority in astrology/ Astronomy to counter him.
Only your name came to my mind! I am sure you will demolish his arguments easily, as we are all absolutely clueless on this subject. Obviously I don’t want to impose you with any task that would take up your valuable time.
When and if you have time, please go through this article and his video. Your opinion on this article would be very much appreciated by us all.
Here is the link
Thank you for hearing me out!
Dr Rama Krishnan

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Dr. Rama Krishnan ji,

Went through the link.
He is a novice - not knowing either sides in the way they are given.

Perhaps you may share this link where I will be speaking today at 6-30 PM IST. I will be addressing the issues that the white man seemed confused with.

It's a live programme, but the video will continue to be there. Even if you miss today you can watch it any time.


SHANKAR said...

Have been following the posts, irrespective of other half baked , looking at software to predict, you have done a wonderful research to arrive at the dates , I am sure by Krishna's grace , if u were to still put your mind u may even arrive at the exact year, appreciate your efforts, Hare Krishna

Vijay said...

Dear Mam,

Just one thought. As it’s very difficult to know the Exact Birthdate from classical text as X+Y=10 years can be any date, is it possible to use Dr. BV Raman derived Lord Krishna chart in his book “Notable Horoscope” especially the point where Conjunction of Mars+Venus+Rahu in Cancer sign and Sun in Leo. This along with Lagna + Moon in Taurus perhaps gives the lord’s birth date.

Dr.BV Raman attributes Venus affliction by 2 malefic Mars & Rahu leading to supposed to be 2 Heartbreaks (Rukmani, Satyabama) but eventually saved by Parivarthana.

Om Guruve Namah

Thanks & Regards

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr. Sujay,

At the outset let me thank you for having read my book and written a review.

On Krishna's birth date, the attempts are only of recent origin. No ancient commentator or writer or acharya had attempted to offer his birth date. Though 125 is given as his age in some Puranas, there are issues in accepting that, which I explained in the article. This is similar to why it is difficult to accept the 11,000 year rule of Rama in true yearly numbers. I have explained it in another article.

So Krishna's birth date is given only in month - star - tithi format and not as anniversary years. Year counting has been given only for Kali Yuga which incidentally marked the date of departure of Krishna. So we have authentic reference to Krishna's last year and there is no authentic reference to his birth year. Dr. BV Raman attempted and it is better to leave it at that.