Tuesday, April 18, 2023

My interview about Ponniyin Selvan to Pesu Tamizha Pesu Channel (Part 1)

This is the 1st part of my interview to Pesu Tamizha Pesu Channel on issues around Kalki's novel Ponniyin Selvan.

I have answered the following questions:

* Does the story revolve around historical facts or are there imaginary elements in the story?

* Were Muttharayars related to Cholas?

* How the Chola dynasty got revived after Vijayalaya.

* Was it the same dynasty of the olden Cholas?

* Why the three Tamil dynasties were at war with each other for most times?

* Why were the Pandyas inimical towards the Cholas?

* Did Cholas follow Manu Dharma? 

* Did they avoid punishing Brahmins due to Manu Dharma?

* Description of the Udayarkudi inscription and discussion on what it conveys. 

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