Tuesday, April 18, 2023

My interview about Ponniyin Selvan to Pesu Tamizha Pesu Channel (Part 2)

 Part 2 of my talk on Ponniyin Selvan novel in Pesu Tamizha Pesu Channel 

* Was the temple of "Singaachi Amman" in Tanjore, that Kalki mentioned in the novel, dedicated to Mandakini, a character in the novel?

* Did Rajaraja build Brahadeeswara temple, inspired by the Buddha Viharas of Lanka?

* Why Manu Neeti Chola was not at all recognised by the Chola kings in their inscriptions?

* The overlapping years of rulership of the Chola kings.

* The Chola king beheaded by Veera Pandya.

* Who killed Aditya Karikala?

* Was there a long gap of 17 years between Aditya's death and the action taken on the property of the supposed killers mentioned in the Udayarkudi inscription? 

* Were the Brahmins mentioned in Udayarkudi inscription, the killers of Aditya Karikala?

* Deciphering the identity of the killers from the first military expedition of Rajaraja on taking up rulership. 

* Rajaraja's attack on Kandalur Shalai described.

* Comparison between Parthivesekharapuram Shalai with Kandalur Shaai to establish that Kandalur Shalai destroyed by Rajaraja was a Veda Paatashalai only. 

* How Kandalur Shalai could have been used by the killers. 

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