Monday, July 21, 2008

'Chocolate krishna' - wrapped in humour!

Seems it is time for Gods doing rounds in movies and dramas!

Almost at the time Dasavatharam was released,

Kamal’s Asthaana (erstwhile) story - dialogue writer, Crazy Mohan

also hit the stage with “Chocolate Krishna”.

As usual I am the late-goer to view this too!

But what a world of difference between this Krishna and Dasavathara!

Really ‘Crazy’ is brilliant

and I could not help thinking that Kamal would have enormously benefited

if only he had pulled in Crazy to pen the dialogues for Dasavatharam.

Crazy has effortlessly brought out the

issues on God, our hypocrisies,

and our foolishness.

There is no preaching kind, not any dialogues to say this is this.

But he gave a kind of a message in nutshell in the end,

perhaps thinking that

what he wanted to convey should not be forgotten by the audience

in the laughter- ‘mazhai’.

That message is,

“put all your burdens on God as though he is the vahana (vehicle) to carry the burden

and do your work within the rules of Satyam and dharma.

Believe God.

And believe yourself too.”

Precisely this is the message of Krishna in Gita.

Krishna cautions us that since everything is handled by God,

do not remain in in-action .

Good action or bad action- one must not desist from action.

One must act.

In the process of making one act, by Himself acting from behind,

Crazy has pulled out some magic tricks on stage.

Yes, it seems he has taken some classes on magic.

The humour is in-laid and casual.

Particularly, the TV- interview scene is superb.

That tall actor (Mathru bhootham) deserves

all the credit for the success of that scene.

Many would have wanted to see the drama again

just to see that scene.

The one intriguing part is why that dialogue on Ram- sethu?

Maadhu asks Krishna (Crazy Mohan)

whether Rama built the bridge or not.

Krishna answers -ask Rama.

When Maadhu insists on a answer,

he says that he does not know.

This makes Maadhu say " nee kooda nazhuvara paaru"

- you too avoid answering this.

What does he convey here?

Who else have avoided answering this question?

Why this dialogue?

Apart from this, the rest of the talks were simple, yet strong.

Krishna says that he is not Rama though both are avatars of the same God.

He demonstrates it in the ensuing scuffle between Mathru bhootham and Maadhu.

Finally all kudos to Crazy for handling an age-old subject (of god visiting the devotee)

in a hilarious manner –

but without making it look silly

yet conveying the message gently.

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