Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Of stars and politics.

Some interesting observations about politics,

politicians and government’s longevity

through the eye of Jyothisha,

had appeared in today’s DC.

Here is my pick (predictions) based on the time mentioned.

On 9th July, both the Left and the SP made their respective moves of

withdrawal and giving of support to the Government.

The timing at Rahu kalam has been analyzed

by the astrologer Ms Veda Gopalan in the DC article.

Though the panchanga factors are good on that day at that time,

(in spite of marana yogam),

things with auspicious results must not be undertaken at Rahu kalam.

It is ‘chora kalam’ as per Gowri panchangam too.

But the issue is about govt and it well happened at Sun- hora!!!

The core determining factor of any time,

namely hora was in place at the time of moves by the 2 parties.

The day’s panchanga

(Budha vara, thithi saptami, star hasta, parigha yoga and taitula karaNa)

do not foretell anything bad for any player – including the Govt on that day.

But KaraNa must been seen for ‘kaarya siddhi’

The Taitula karaNa makes one like an ass that bears heavy burden.

All the players involved will have to

dredge, work through and struggle with heavy burden.

Trying to put the axe on the Government was possible

because it happened in Rahu kala.

But the surya hora

saw the Govt see through

with the SP coming to the rescue.

Looking at the lagna and the chart constructed for the lagna

when the 2 parties made their moves,

Saturn and Mars at lagna do not ensure peace to the parties due to their respective moves.

Even the SP will not be benefited personally (to its name and respect)

in the long run due to this.

Both SP and Left will be losers in some way.

About July 22, the day of confidence vote,

I wonder whether the UPA had taken up advice from any astrologer to fix this date.

The Tuesday- Chathurthi combination is ‘deadly’ to finish your opponents!

But the UPA must take care of the time of seeking confidence vote.

It works well for it, if it takes place between 10-30 to 11 AM.

Virgo lagna comes in place then and

the crucial sun will be in 11th

and the moon in 6th ensuring defeat for enemies.

This will also see Mars and Saturn go into low profile in 12th.

But if the vote is taken between 12 to 1-30,

it will have to seek vote of confidence every now and then in the coming months.

Shifting from nation to the local scene,

the Arasu cable TV was launched yesterday by Mr Karunanidhi at 10 AM.

The choice of this date and time amuses me

and reminds of the saying that

if something bad were to happen

the whole universe will conspire to make it happen.

(This applies to good happenings also).

Tuesday coupling with Jyeshta – wah… what a timing!!

You want to make a kill – I mean really kill someone, choose this time.

Jyeshta will ensure that whatever money goes into this

will go for ever.

No profits.

Always needing to be in the incubator!

Who cares? Anyway it is going to the govt money, our money.

But what about Kalaigjar’s money?

What will happen to the wealth amassed for nearly 5 decades?

We need not worry,

for, Destiny works remarkably.

The cross with Maran brothers will prove costly for him –

I mean, to his family wealth.

For the first time Mu Ka’s family members came out

with an open investment of their money in Kalaigar TV.

It was launched on a “pazhuttha” chathurthi.

Any auspicious thing started on Chathurthi will be doomed.

Mu.Ka’s family will lose most of the money they put in that venture.

Since Chathurthi is for Ganesha,

people generally think that it is good to start a venture on that day

so that there would be no obstacles.

No. It is not so.

The obstacles will be put at the feet of Lord ganesha on that day

and ventures can be started only the next day.

It is like what we do on Maha navami - Saraswathi pooja.

The books are kept in the pooja in front of Goddess Saraswathi

and are not disturbed for one full day.

The next day only (on Vijaya dasami),

we take out the books and read /

or start any venture.

Similarly starting a venture on a chathurthi,

that too on Pilliayar chathurthi is not advised.

- jayasree

Deccan Chronicle July 16. “Rahu and politics”

Stars did not shine for Left

Chennai, July 15: The Communists may not believe in astrology, but in choosing the inauspicious Rahu Kalam for meeting President Pratibha Patil on Wednesday (July 9), they might have, even inadvertently, earned celestial wrath. According to information available, the Left parties had called on President Patil between 11.45 am and 12 noon on July 9, during the beginning of the Rahu Kalam, which had commenced that day at 11.49 am or 11.58 am, depending on which of the two almanacs one computed the time of the sunrise from either as 5.49 or 5.58 am.

"Since this meeting and the conveying of the decision to withdraw support to the government happened during the beginning of the Rahu Kalam, it is quite likely that the Left parties, who undertook the job, will face setback while the government gains," said well-known astrologer Veda Gopalan here.

According to her, even though Rahu Kalam would be more applicable to pro-active measures, such as extending support, in the present case the Left parties could still come a cropper because they aimed to bring down the government "and this is proactive." The Samajwadi leaders are likely to suffer as well since they too had undertaken their mission to the Rashtrapati Bhavan during Rahu Kalam to inform the President about their support to the UPA government.

"My interpretation is that while the government will survive the confidence vote, the UPA alliance with the SP will not last long. From what I see in the planetary positions now and on the day of the confidence vote, I believe good will happen to the government, to the country," said Ms Gopalan.

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