Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Setubandhanam, 2 vols. by R. Subbarayalu -- ebooks

From Dr S.kalyanaraman:-

Setubandhanam, 2 vols. by R. Subbarayalu

Thanks to R. Subbarayalu and the Publisher 'Meera' Thanjavur for this
pdf version in two volumes of the book, Setubandhanam. The book
provides 2300 years of literary evidence in Tamil language books apart
from bhakti literature. Also included are evidences taken from some
accounts in English on Rama Setu.

Congratulations to R. Subbarayalu for the exquisite contribution
supporting the movement to protect the world heritage -- Rama Setu.
The word 'bandhanam' in Setubandhanam' is what led to the English word
'bund' meaning a man-made embankment of a lake or a causeway.


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