Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rama- a true son of the soil!

Lanka was described in many ancient texts as a Heaven on earth.

It was said to have been built by the architect of the Gods, Vishwakarma

as a replica of Indra's abode at Amaravathy.

This has been mentioned in Sangam texts too in the context of praising Chola kings who were the descendents of King Sibi, cousine of Sri Rama.

The Lanka was mentioned as "thoongeyil" –

a city similar to Amaravathy that was hanging from the sky.

The verses in sangam recall the 'One' who destroyed this city.

It is none other than Sri Rama.

(Pura nanuru -39

Siripaanaattru-padai – 79-82

Pazhamozhi- 49

Silappadhikaram – 29- 16 -4/5

Manimegalai- 1-4

Tholkaappiyam – Kalavu- Su 11

Kalingatthu-p-paraNi – Raja- 17

Raja raja Chozhan vula – 13

Vikrama Chozhan vula 8-9

Thiruvaalangadu copper plate inscriptions ).

This city was the most beautiful one,

built at the request of demon kings such as Maalyavan, Sumaali etc

but abandoned by them when they were driven to deep south by Vishnu.

This abandoned city which was still glowing with Nature's glory

came to be occupied by Kubera, the step brother of Ravana.

Later Ravana forcibly occupied this city.

After Rama conquered Lanka,

he was asked by Lakshmana who was overwhelmed by the beauty of Lanka,

why he should not make that city his permanent abode.

Rama replied,

'Jananee janmabhoomishcha svargaadapi gariyasi'

Mother and motherland is greater by far than even heaven".

From Dr Subramanian Swamy's recent article,

"Rama's devotion to motherland was total and unconditional

as revealed when he said to Lakshmana, according to Valmiki Ramayana,

while in Lanka that:

Jananee janmabhoomishcha svargaadapi gariyasi

which as translated by Maharishi Aurobindo means:

"Mother and motherland is greater by far than even heaven".

Lakshmana had queries why they should not settle down in Lanka,

when that country now conquered was more beautiful and prosperous than Ayodhya,

and Sita was already there.

These immortal patriotic words attributed to Sri Rama

will remain in the nation's memory

as long as Hindustan lives as a continuing civilization."

The complete article by Dr Subramanian Swamy can be read at


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