Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Taj Hotel in flames – some astrological connotations.



Apart from the great human tragedy,

it is very disturbing to see the majestic Taj hotel

with gun and grenade shots and

tongues of flames leaping out of it here and there.

The immediate thought that comes to my mind is

what could have gone wrong at the time

when this beautiful building was built.



Because according to astrological texts, particularly

'Vishwakarma Prakashika', the ancient book on Vastu principles

that guides us in building structures to last long and with prosperity,

the time of staring the construction is very important

as to make it last for even 1000 years and

without undergoing any mishaps at any time in its life.



For instance, if the construction of a structure is started

in Meena (Pisces) lagna with Venus in exaltation in it,

that structure would certainly live for a minimum of 1000 years.



If started in Aries lagna with Jupiter in exaltaion (in the 4th house of cancer)

similar result will be obtained.



Or if it is started in Dhanur lagna (Sagittarius)

with Saturn in exaltation in Libra,

the same result can be obtained.



Vishwakarma says this in chapter 3-27,


"SvOccasthOvA BhrugrlagnE SvOccE JIvE SukahstitE

SvOccE lAbhagatE MandE shasrAnA,samAh sthith"




But it must be ensured that there are

no malefic combinations of planets at that time.

If Mars is at the constellations of

Magha, Moola, Pushyami, Poorva phalguni, Hastha or Revathy,

the structure will be burnt down.



If the structure is started on a Monday

when Mars is in one of the constellations of

Moola, Revathy, Krittika, Poorvashaada, Poorva phalguni, Hastah or Magha,

the structure will be in fire.



The star, Krittika must be  avoided as a general rule.

If the sun or moon  are in Krittika when the structure is started,

it will experience fire accidents.



The avoidance of agni nakshathra days for construction activity

is in a way because of  the severe nature of Krittika star

in burning down the action done in its days -

when it is traversed by the sun.



Apart from these, general malefic conditions

such as Mars in the 8th,

planets in debility or enmity,

and lagna hemmed between malefics

do not ensure long life for the structure.

Such conditions also are wrought with loss

with reference to the structure.



Another important issue to be looked into

is about the position of Saturn at the time of beginning the structure.

A malefic yoga called 'Kripana yoga' is caused

if Saturn is in the constellations of

Bharani, Poorva phalguni, Swathi,

Anusha, Jyeshta, Poorvashaada,

Dhanishta or poorva bhaadrapada.

The structure will experience haunting and destruction

as a result of this.



This Kripana yoga must be looked into,

For,  Saturn would stay in a star for a long time.

When the house is planned, the Saturn's position must be first assessed

so that the starting of the work can be planned

when Saturn is not in these constellations.



The timing for starting the construction is different from

the timing for entry (pravesha) into the building.


For instance, the star Shravana (ThiruvOnam) is good

for staring the construction,

but not for entry.

Apart from Shravana, there are other stars such as



Hastha and


which are not recommended for entry.

If Grahapravesha is done in these constellations

the building will not stay with the owner.

It will go into other's hands.




Anonymous said...

Also have you noticed something about the date on which the bomb attacks are conducted. Looks like the terrorists too are using astrology for maximising the damage. The bombay havoc started on krishna chaturdashi + vishaka, a potent combination. Also i remember the sometime ago there was other major blast on Bharani.

I dont know whether they are using it, or thats the days that have been selected by nature..

can you check the other cities bomb blast days too, i'm sure all the days have been selected for maximising the aggressive damage

jayasree said...

Interesting. And true.

It is said in KaLavu (stealing/ robbery etc)sastra, which is one among the 64 aaya kalaigaL, the knowledge of timing the act of KaLavu is important. When it is carried out in such Rikhta thithis etc, a neat job can be accomplished. And from another angle, the atrocious acts such as this can happen only in such deadly combination. Perhaps this timing was Nature's selection to aid the terrorists.

And it is said that when such heinous acts are done in those times, it is not possible to bring the culprit to book. The timing shows that in the present case, the mastermind of this act can not be brought to book. Only affiliated ones will be caught.

When I did a prashna on 27th,(when the crisis was still on with not much break-through happening)I got it like this. This is the handiwork of a foreign hand, and counteracting them will not be completely finished before 1st December.

This kind of problem from this source will continue for the next 6 years. But the trauma to the Indian public will continue in some way till the end of 2009.

The notable astrological issues are :-
There is Guru-Shukra moodam in Dhanur rasi, the 12th for India's mundane rasi sign of Capricorn.
In the prashna chart, this happened in the 6th bhava hemmed in papakarthari.
The crisis blew up when Venus started on the same degree of Jupiter. The crisis will be over once Venus crosses Jupiter.

Saturn is 8th in mundane chart of India and 2nd in Prashna chart. And at the time of start of the crisis, it was in the cusp of pooram (purva phalguni) one of the constellations where Saturn's presence is not desirable. On 31 st December Saturn starts retrogression and re-enters pooram on 11th January. I fear a crisis around / after that time too.

jayasree said...

From Mr Advani' press statement:-

"It is a curious coincidence that starting with the attack on kar sevaks on board Sabarmati Express at Godhra on February 26, 2002 almost every major terror strike in India has happened on the 13th or 26th of the month. This year alone, the Jaipur blast took place on May 13, Ahmedabad followed on July 26, Delhi on September 13 and now Mumbai on November 26. It appears the terrorists have made it a pattern to strike on the 13th or 26th of every alternate month. I wonder whether we will have to resort to numerology rather than firm intelligence to anticipate terror attacks."