Friday, January 23, 2009

The enslaved Hindus of the Muslim era.



Sindh and Bengal : Our lost limbs

By Sanjay Choudhry

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"My friend Kosla Vepa (who organised the International Conference on Indian History recently at Delhi) says that there was a substantial slave trade in India that dealt in captured Hindu men, women and children. Millions were taken in chains to Aghanistan and Arabia and sold off in the markets there. But while the slave trade of Africa is well documented, nobody has bothered to do any research about the Hindu slave trade that flourished in India for 550 years (1200 to 1750). What happened to those people? How were they treated? Where did millions  of Hindus dissappear in Arabia? Do their descendants still live there?

Nobody is even willing to talk about the Hindu slave trade that was orchestrated by Muslims. Why? Because we are "secular," that is why. Shame on us Hindus that even after 60 years of our independence, we dishonour the memory of our ancestors by forgetting what happened to them and how they paid the price with their blood and freedom. It is because of them that we still carry our foreskins."



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