Wednesday, September 2, 2009

YSR Reddy missing - astrologically speaking!

The celestial map for 9:35 am today (02-09-2009) for Kurnool where the helicopter carrying the AP Chief Minister went missing is produced below.

The notable information is Jupiter, 3rd and 6th lord transiting the Mrityu-bhaga at 25:45 degrees Capricorn. It is moving towards the exact degree of Mrityu bhaga at 25 degrees. The Moon crossed this degree a few hours ago.

This combination receives the 8th aspect of Mars posited in the 9th (travel) from lagna. Mars is in an airy sign in the 3rd house of the Natural zodiac which stands for transportation. Mars is the Maarak as lord of 2nd and 7th.

The Baadak, Sun is in the asterism of Venus, the 8th lord while Venus is in the constellation of Saturn. Saturn is transiting the sun’s asterism. The baadak Sun, Venus, the lord of the 8th and 22nd Drekkana and Saturn are thus connected. From Moon, the sun and Saturn are in 8th.

The conclusion is obvious!

I don’t foresee any terror or naxal hand in this combination. Because there is no inimical axis between natural malefics.

The antiscion of the sun provides a vital clue about the conspiracy if there is any.
The antiscion of the sun falls in Taurus that is aspected by Jupiter. So no conspiracy theory.
But Brighu Bindu is at 11 degrees Capricorn in Sravana-1. The lord of Sravana crossed Mrityu Bhaga hours ago.

The 10th lord moon (10th for Government connection) in affliction in the 4th (of vehicle) being in opposition to the 8th lord (Venus) and Ketu in the airy planet Saturn’s asterism also strengthens the above combination.

In the D-3 chart Saturn is in Aries in opposition to Mars. The 8th lord Venus is in Scorpio.
The search can be done near a water body of the hilly tract. The cause is a fire spark or electric failure or lightening. Venus (as 8th lord) in between malefics adds to this probability.

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Gopal said...

Hi Jayashre,

Do you think YSR will be found safe and sound?


CodeNameV said...

Kudos to you! Your predictions looks closes to reality! I have posted a link to this post in my blog!

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Gopal for the comment. I didn't say explicitly that he died, but showed all astrological indicators for Mrityu (death). When someone is not declared dead, it is not right / civilized on my part to say that he is dead.

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Vivek.

I read your blog. Those working on astrological issues of sorts will say that astrology is science only. Particularly mundane predictions are easy to verify.

The exact nature of death and place of death etc can be predicted from one's horoscope (in addition to several issues in life). I employ the inputs given by Prasna marga for death related issues. They are reliable. LTTE Prabhakaran's death and mode of death can be ascertained in this way and I am refraining from posting it due to larger interests of mankind.

In the analysis given in this blog post, i relied on the time of the disaster. If it is deadly, it will be indicated in the skies with reference to that particular place.

So many people might have traveled by air at that moment yesterday. but nothing could have happened to them. Only YSR and his group had fallen victims. Why? It is because the time must fulfill all the other criteria too.

Some traveling by air / flying object must be there when Libra was rising. The moving object must suffer some fire while in the air and the fall or crash must be on a hill tract which is close to a water body.

All these existed when YSR's chopper flew over the hills at that time. Plus, the destiny of the travelers also coincided with that.

jayasree said...

The same day at 3 pm an earth quake had happened in Java. The combination did exist for an earth quake at that time - but at places indicated by the planets. Mars in Arudra showed that. In Varahamihira's Kurma chakra this indicates eastern direction of India. Though we can not locate the exact place, we can just indicate.

Astrology is a good guide for many issues like this.

CodeNameV said...

Thanks for the elaborate explanation. When some one speaks of butterfly effect, it inspires awe in people. After your detailed explanation, I wonder why people dont think of Astrology in the same way as Butterfly effect!

I have been reading this blog for some time now. Your astrological predictions sound reasonable but what is even more interesting is how close they come to the reality! Great Work!

I certainly believe Astrology is a good tool to predict events but as a another powerless Hindu I could only hope people realize this and start using it in the right sense and for right purposes!

reader 53 said...

while your analysis based on the time of the incident is accurate , it will be interesting to see his chart , it gave him a strong raja yoga for 6 years , a resounding victory at the polls only 3 months ago and them this sad end .
the ways of the planets are mysterious at times !!!

jayasree said...

Dear Vivek (CodeNameV),

Astrology has more takers than ever before. Those who accuse it also consult an astrologer secretively. So astrology will live for ever - but the only concern is that it must not become a tool of exploitation. Its because of fakes and exploiters, astrology has received baiting.

Astrology has a far reaching application than predicting events in an individual's life. I am currently preparing an elaborate essay on how Astrology is the Eye of the Veda Purusha. I will post it next month in and give the link in my blog.

Astrology works on the Principle of Space-Time-Event dimension. Science has only attempted to understand Space -Time connectivity. But at every point of Space and Time, there exists an event too. For instance when scientists trace Creation form Big bang, they are indeed talking about the events connected to each moment in space and time. But they have not yet realized that a particular event is conencted to a particular point in space and time.

Astrology recognizes that and works on that principle.

The moment of disaster for YSR is one such example where an event such as that has existed. Why he happened to be there at that point in space -time -event is determined by his karma which is indicated in his birth chart.

Astrology is a multi-faceted tool to indicate the events even in the absence of one's birth chart.

It is a great science of Creator God Brahma (infact it was Brahma Himself who taught astrology and it is not what people are talking nowadays by having just touched the tip of the ice berg - with the reading of Lagadha's Rig Jyothsiha )that explains everything under the sun and beyond the sun and everything from Creation to Annihilation.

We the people are small specs who happen to throng this massive space-time-event map as and when the combination appears conducive for working out our karma.

jayasree said...

Dear reader53,

Yes, YSR's horoscope will certainly show maarak (death) properties at this moment. He has completed one cycle of 60 years but way behind in completing Madhyaayu criterion. Usually for living through Madhyaayus (till 72 to 75 years) benefics must be there in quadrants (this is a general rule - there are other rules too)and the 8th house and 8th lord must be fairly well placed. Something must have been wrong with these in his chart. If someone can provide the authentic birth details (date, time and place of birth), we can find out.

These have no connection to the Raja yogas for power and prosperity.

sasi said...

Hi Ms.Jayashree,

Here is YSRs borth details

Dob: 8 July 1949
Time of birth: 8.00PM (some say 10.00PM)
Place of birth: Pulivendula in Kadapa district, AP.
Latitude: 14° 28' 0 N, Longitude: 78° 49' 0 E

jayasree said...

Thanks sasi. Let me check with his life events

Anonymous said...

Try to post YS Jagan's horoscope if possible.It will be interesting to see how andhra politics will be over the next 10 yrs.

jayasree said...

Sure, if I can get authentic birth details of his son.

jayasree said...

Sasi, I have posted an analysis of YSR's horoscope.

Anonymous said...

y.s.jagan's horoscope

jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Anonymous for the link.
But the time and place of birth are not given.

Going by Dhanur lagna and Mithuna rasi ( as given in that link), Jagan will however have political power as he has Gaja kesari and Chandraadhi yoga. But the current period is not supportive of CM's gaddi.

Leave aside political power, there are serious mishaps in his life. Like his father and grand father, he will have an end with blood spill! His 8th house has 0 bindus in Mars Bhinnashtakavarga, as happens with those meeting a violent end. I expected this formation in his horoscope as I can see continuing affliction by the family deity whom they have ignored. I have explained it in my other post on 'YSR Reddy's horoscope analysed'

The dispositor of the 8th, moon is alone in Kemdruma in navamsa aspected by neecha mars in conjunct with Saturn from malefic 11th.

Saturn and Mercury are maaraks while Mercury is a bhaadak also.
He lost his father sat- rahu. Saturn is in moon's star and moon in rahu's star. Moon joining Ketu in the 7th is not good. There are many 'not-goods' in his horoscope which I am not elaborating as a separate post because I am not sure whether this horoscope is authentic.

His annual chart for 2010 is also not good. Both dasa- bhukthi (sat- rahu-mer) and Tajaka annual during March and April in 2010 shows grave troubles to him. Transit Mars will continue to be in the 8th hosue (cancer) even then in retrogression. That is the weakest sign of 0 bindus in his Mars ashtaka varga.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

jayasree said...

Andhra politics will continue to be murkier for the next 5 years. Revathy is the star of Andhra pradesh (Pisces) and Saturn is in the 7th in transit. Ketu in the 4th (domestic well being) and Rahu in the 10th (political). Until saturn crosses ashtamam (Libra)there will be affliction to these areas.

Anonymous said...

Jayasree Mam, That is correct. We are all expecting a good period post 2014. So, hopefully, we will see somewhat good times in a year or two. Apart from that, I would like give a small info on this post. It is said that until YSR's father generation, their family deity is none other than Tirumala Venkatesa. His father converted during his time and they have been following christianism since then. I think this explains much in this aspect.


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