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Snakes in dreams.

"Snakes in dreams" – I find this to be an often searched topic of people who come to my blog.

So I thought of writing on this from Hindu texts on astrology.

Seeing snakes in dream does not foretell anything bad.

Only two types of dreams on snakes are premonitive while all the other dreams on snakes are Freudian expression of something seen or imagined or sifted by brain or experienced by inner mind.

The two types are

(1) getting bitten by a snake

(2) eating or swallowing or biting a snake.

Both these have meaning in Swapna sastra.

If a snake bites you, or if any poisonous insect or an animal such as a scorpion or leech or a bee bites you, it foretells that a disease that you have been suffering from will be gone.

Or the medication that you have been taking will bear good effect.

Or you will be healthy.

If you bite a snake or eat a snake, it shows that you will get riches or some growth in position. Or you will get progeny or your progeny will do well. Or you will get some gains by way of property or money. Whichever is applicable to you at that moment will happen.

Any other type of dream of snakes has no bearing in reality. There won't be any good or bad result from those dreams, however frightening those dreams may be.

Snakes are to be feared in real life, but not in dreams.

Even if a snake chases one in dreams, it is only an expression of some underlying fear that one may have.

According to the sages who have written on dreams, only if a pig or a monkey chases you, it will be indicative of some trouble from your employer. You may expect a pink slip after such a dream. Seeing these two animals in dream is indicative of bad news. In Ramayana, Sita was at first shocked to see Hanuman in the Ashoka vana. Seeing Hanuman in monkey form, she wondered if she was dreaming.

saa tam dR^iSTvaa harishreSThaM viniitavadupasthitam |
maithilii chintayaamaasa svapno.ayamiti bhaaminii || 5-32-6

dR^iSTvaa= seeing; tam= that; harishreSTham= excellent monkey; upasthitam= appraoching; viniitavat= humbly; saa= that; bhaaminii= splendid woman; maithilii= Seetha; chintayaamaasa= thought; ayam= it; iti= as; svapnaH= a dream.

Seeing that excellent monkey approaching humbly, that splendid woman Seetha thought it as a dream.

svapno mayaa ayam vikR^ito adya dR^iShTaH shaakhaa mR^igaH shaastra gaNaiH niShiddhaH | 5-32-9

adya= today; shaakhaamR^igaH= a monkey; vikR^itaH= in an ugly form; dR^iSTaH= was seen; mayaa= by me; svapne= in a dream; niSiddhaH= which is forbidden; shaastragaNaiH= according to a series of scriptures;

"Today, I saw an ugly monkey in my dream, which is forbidden according to a body of scriptures."

Similarly seeing horned animals and animals with protruding incisors is also indicative of getting into the bad books of the employer.

But snakes are harmless if seen in any way in the dream.

Though not told in scriptures, in reality we find a correlation between certain dreams on snakes and some relief from whatever trouble that one is experiencing until then. If a snake is seen climbing down the cot or bed or chair or leaving the house or seen going away from one in a dream, it is seen in some cases that the dasa of the nodes (Rahu / Ketu) of the dreamer had come to an end or the malefic transit of the nodes had come to an end.

Therefore, feel calm if you see a snake in dream.

Seeing a snake in real life too – like crossing your way – is not a bad omen.

If a snake is seen crossing the road or a lawn or climbing a tree, it in indicative of sudden rains.

Snakes are bad only in horoscope (Curse of the serpents – of Rahu – Ketu) about which I will write separately.

Suppose you have experienced a bad dream or a frightening dream, the next morning you go to a temple and worship god.

Traditionally the remedy for a bad or frightening dream is to recite Vishnu Sahasranama or Gajendra Moksham form Srimad Bhagavatham.

Sage Parashara recommends worship of god followed by chanting, charity and sipping of Ganga jal.

Sage Susruta recommends the same and also suggests Gayathri japa.

Those not initiated into Gayathri japa can do japa on their favorite god.

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jayu said...

Hello Madam,
I am very upset with the turn of events that has happened in Mantralayam (Abode of Raghavendra Swami)where even his Brindavanam was not spared by the raging waters of Tungabhadra. Request you to assess what could have gone so wrong that even the entire cattle in the Ghoshala there were washed away in the flood. This is not a good sign at all. Request your astrological expertise here!


jayasree said...

Thanks for this question Mr Jayu. I have posted an article on this. See the next post in

sivaprasad_bpt said...


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Sivaprasad,

One of the causes for dreams is the imbalance in dhatus in the body (vata, pittha and kapha). If you have gastric troubles or eat late and go to sleep with full stomach, dreams of running, flying, or some quick movement with palpitation will occur. Make sure that your general health is good with no gastric trouble and respiratory trouble. Visit a puradhana temple every evening and do some chanting or listening to music before going to sleep. Or else consult an Ayurvedic practitioner. Hope you become alright soon.

kratika said...

since childhood i have these snake dreams...but they are rare...some time they bite ,som times they just break the ground like millions of them n m standing on the ground ,i mostly see multiples of them somtimes in water somtimes whispering to me in my ears somtimes running behind me ..i really dont get it but its for sure kuldevi is nagnecha mata can that be a reason?

jayasree said...

Ms Kratika, Just check with your elders if any service to Kuladevi is pending. Even if not so, regularly worship that deity in her abode.

kratika said...

okay i will see that,thank you so much.

umesh said...

finally i found a good blog to follow.. :) i liked all the posts..

please continue ur work sir/madam...

thank u

Sharma said...

Dear Madam,

I had a very unusual dream a night before i go for an interview to a new company. Currently I am working in a company for close to 10 years and preparing to move out. I got an appointment to attend an interview on 27th July 2011.

On the night of 26th July, I had two dreams. In the first dream I saw a big and long snake lying on a sofa and I look a bit frightened. Ultimately I also saw two people who are the bosses from the new company catching the snake and throwing it out from the house. That is the end of the first dream.

Then again within an hour, I had another dream showing me driving to the new company and suddenly a big snake appears in front of the new It is too big and showing it's head (bending the head left and right). I look a bit afraid and trying to capture the picture of the snake and to send it to my new boss. That is the end of my second dream.

How should I interpret this dream? Do you think I should take the new job offer? I have attended the interview and confident of getting the job with a better salary. Please advise.

Appreciate your feedback the soonest


jayasree said...

@ Sharma
There is no meaning attached to this dream except the underlying worry in your mind causing this dream. Recite Vidhnu sahasranamam and chant Gayathri japa. Go to a temple and worship God. That's enough. Best wishes in your new job.

Chey said...

Hello jayasree,

Its a very good experience reading your blog and i ended up here searching for snakes in dreams search. It is very interesting to see that many people do have different type of snake dreams and your explanations behind them. I am 28 and have been dreaming of snakes since long time and i wasnt really looking for any spiritual significance since it happned only once in a while. It was always like looking at a snake on the way or it chasing me some times biting me. yesterday, i had a dream in which i was holding a snake by its head and squeezing it to death.Is this of any significance to nag panchami, I and a hindu and live in US,I dint even knew it was nag panchami until i did a google search today. Any advice would be helpful.


Anonymous said...

I had a dream that someone told me that i have a snake bite on my left shoulder towards my face & that they have to put down and do some sort of surgery. asked them why and for what- there were 3-4 ladies who told me that- i have baby snakes in my stomach from the bite- i was scared to death & wanted them out of me....

please explain... still bit weiry about it now...thanks

invincible said...

i had this weird dream last night, i was young boy owing a snake, a bear and a dog and loved playing with the snake and had his pet name also,sometimes i saw him crawling over my legs and me enjoying the same, and sometimes he goes bigger, like a rattle snake, later in the same dream i saw that i came back to my home along with my parents and the whole house is surrounded of snakes and we r scared and lying on the bed calling for help, however i am shouting the name of my pet snake and all of a sudden found him lying dead under the bed, surrounded by weird insects and a chamellion who then becomes the focus and looks at me as if ready to attack me,she jumps over me and i woke up in fear.what does this signify, please help me i have never seen a snake or insects and animals in my dreams ever before

jayasree said...

These are common dreams on snakes. Most people report of seeing snakes in dreams. There is an explanation that it is the abberation perceived by the person in sleep of the inner consciousness - the Kundalaini. I suggest to do meditation and keep the mid calm before going to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hello madam,

I dream about snakes everywhere around me. I will run and fly away but still they will appear from everywhere. On the trees and etc. I didn't think much about it initially I am afraid of snakes. However, these dreams have been recurring since my child hood every now and then. Say 2-3 months 1. I am 30 years old now. Thanks.


Swetha Jegannathan said...

I saw an early morning dream of a Cobra with it's head raised and hissing at me. What does this mean? Please help me intrepret my dream.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,

I am repeatedly getting the following dreams:

- Missing a bus or train.

- Appearing for the CA final Exam though I got qualified long back.

What is the significance of these dreams.



jayasree said...

@ A Ravi,

The features you saw in the dream are not premonitve ones told in ancient texts. Some worry or fear in your mind is felt at the sub conscious level as a dream.

Remedy is - analyse the worries or fears that you may have and calm down your mind with a rational approach. Visit an olden temple after the dream is seen and worship. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama. If initiated into Gayatri mantra, do the japa for 108 times everyday.

barath raaj said...

Dear Madam,
I had snake dreams before 5 years, its a sort of unimaginable one but off course in dream it will come in that way. will explain about it 1)fighting with huge snakes with big guns and trying to escape from that place.
2)on other dream few days later or before, I m staying in a villa type house, my entire house is surrounded with snakes not like a clustered one, snakes are just moving here & there, and different types of snake i.e(colors and types)which are seen in my home that is unbuilt area of a house like car parking place. In that dream i have called a person from GUINDY SNAKE PARK to take all the snakes from my house.(bit funny) but it came in that way.

AFTER A LONG LONG TIME, yesterday early morning i had a snake dream. in that i saw a small snake, i was starring at it, suddenly a big snake (i think its the mother of that small snake)it started to chase me and at one place it splits its VENOM and it dint reach me.

so this is it.

i spoke with a person regarding this info, and i mentioned the year of my first snake dream at 2007, he said in my natal chart RAGU DESA stared on 2007. so before or after the start of raghu dasa, a person can face these kind of dreams.
thats fine i went to kalahasthi recently and made special poojas for god raghu .

but my question is why such kind of dream came y"day, after a very long period of time. i thought it wont come in future.
that dream will affect my health ??? should i suppose to do any prayers???

can any one assist me with a good solution.

thank U

ravi sharma said...

sir madam i got a dream last nite in which i m eating a snake in my home,and after that two large blue snakes are running in my home.tell me is this gud for me or nt.and what can i do after that

Sumera Riaz said...

I had a dream about a snake it was on the wall I told some one to get I out they touched the snake it was small it was hissing when it movied it was in front of me bigger thank ever like a cobra ,,it laied down hiding under my blanket

Pravallika said...


Im 21 and ive been getting dreams about snakes and human dead bodies. it has been our family tradition to do pujas to lord shiva and veerabadra.. And we are a strong belivers of lord veerabadra ( angry avatar of lord shiva).. Can you help me out with these dreams. Does it signify any bad.. Im not able to fall asleep

Srikanth Cherukuri said...

Hi. I saw a snake in my dream while i was going with my sister...some one coming opposite to us tried to catch it with a hook but the hook was stucked at snakes tail and snake managed to escape....then suddenly the same snake appeared in my house,...i dont remember what happend then...finaly that snake was eaten by a crocodile in my house....In reality i'm usually afraid of snakes and crocodiles

Viswanathan G Subramanian said...


I got a snake in the dream yesterday. I am lying in the bed and I can see while in bed a snake climbing over me and stays top of my head with the hood raised looking around. I move my hand but it doesn't do anything. After sometime it keepps its head as if lying down over my head. The dream ends. Request interpretation to this.

Thanks and Regards,

G S Viswanathan

Arpitha Sharath said...

I got a monkey in my dream today and was biten by it and at the same time my mother inlaw gave me the tablet.. after that I was awaken, please tell me what should it mean and is there any bad news awaiting ...please reply sir. Pls give me the solution to nullify the dream.

Rahul singh said...

I would like to tell you that every year i use to see snakes in my dreams in the month of shravan and near to shravan month. Today also i got a dream of snakes and shravan month is going to start from saturday. Usually the snakes in my dreams roam here and there but seriously i got frightened by seeing snakes in my dreams. So please guide me what these snakes want to indicate me?????????