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Don’t try patience of Hindus - Article by Dr Pravin Togadia



Enough is enough! Stop looting!
Don't try patience of Hindus

By Dr Pravin Togadia

Muslims ruled this nation for over 400 years and Christians ruled this nation for 250 years. Apart from breaking and looting various rich temples all over Bharat, Muslim rulers slapped jazia on Bharat and fleeced Hindus dry. Although their administrative rule withered away from Bharat, Islam did not go away; instead it crept into various aspects and systems in Bharat in such a way that today Islam is taking and further demanding a huge slice of the Indian pie, which has been created by Hindus through their conscientious hard work and hard-earned money. 

Who really are the Muslims in Bharat? There are three categories of them. One group of Muslims is the direct descendent of the erstwhile invading foreign rulers. The second group is the hybrid of invading foreign rulers and the local Hindus who were forced to create various relations with the rulers. Their progeny is also a large group in Bharat who keeps on claiming of 'royal' blood and lands 'given' to them by Humayun, Adilshah, etc (lands that belonged to Hindus anyways)! The third group is the one who, for the benefits of socio-political favours, converted to Islam during Islamic rule and therefore enjoyed great favours from the rulers. Even if some of them were forced to convert to Islam, ultimately as a part of Islam, the rulers gave them all benefits from jobs in military to lands to status. So, Muslims in Bharat are the beneficiaries of the ruler privileges and yet are now claiming to be underprivileged! This must be the first case in the history of the world that those who ruled the nation are pretending to be underprivileged and poor after looting the original people of that nation!

Similar is the case with Christians. Through East India Company they entered Bharat. They too militarily ruled Bharat, slapped various taxes, looted the then kings and again fleeced Bharat dry. East India Company had directly been giving money officially since 1811 for conversion of Hindus to Christianity. British, Portuguese, Dutch and French left Bharat but after completely looting Bharat and leaving behind large missionary groups, which have huge funds available to run their big number of hospitals and schools that have been directly and indirectly used to lure and convert Hindus to create a brigade to again snatch a large chunk of the remaining Indian pie. Again, those who benefitted due to being of the same religion of the rulers are claiming to be underprivileged making a shield of some tribal groups who, as converts get benefits of huge Christian facilities like hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. In fact, of the quota meant for all STs, 80 per cent is gobbled up by these 19 per cent converts among tribals leaving the real needy tribals further poor.

It is easy to sit in AC cabins, make politically motivated reports and offer large chunks of the great Indian development pie to Muslims and Christians. But the fact of the matter is that Muslims as invaders and one way or the other a part of ruler's beneficiary always have such grand designs on Bharat. In olden days, it was through invasions, then staying back to rule, then leaving progenies back and now misusing the greatest and largest democracy of Bharat to again loot Bharat through reservations. 

Islam and Christianity both brag all over the world that they do not have caste system the way Hindus have. They even steep so low to criticise Hindus and Bharat for the caste system and then lure the people from SCs, OBCs and STs to Islam and Christianity assuring that once converted they will be treated equally and there will be no discrimination based on their Hindu caste. Now suddenly, Islam and Christian looters have got this brilliant insight of their own majhabs that even they too have castes! Has the Quran been newly written or has the Bible been newly told to pronounce and start caste systems? It is just yet another ploy to re-loot Bharat and fleece Hindus dry again. 

And why Muslims and Christians dare to behave in such a way today? In any democracy, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and religion people should be treated equally. But there is an anti-Hindu contradiction in Bharat's Constitution itself. Instead of the true form of equality, Articles 25 to 30 give more privileges to minorities than that to the majority treating Bharat as an animal farm where some are more equal than others! Why does the Constitution do so? Because it believes that these are the injusticed classes. This is the real logical and historical fallacy. Historically though, in Bharat, Hindus were the most injusticed lot being looted and subjugated by first Muslim and then by Christian invader rulers. So even if one agrees that the traditionally injusticed ones should get reservations, then it should be Hindus in Bharat who were poor pay to invasions after invasions and also of the cruelest ever rulers like Khilji, Aurangzeb, Lord Curzon and so on. Under Islamic and Christian rules Hindu was the most politically, economically and socially oppressed, obstructed, deprived and harassed class.

In any democratic nation, any reservation based on religion has been outright denied. Even in Bharat, Aligarh Muslim University's special status and Andhra Pradesh government's plan to give four per cent reservations to Muslims were rejected by the honourable High Courts. 

So, to look 'democratic' and manipulate the democratic principle of uplifting the underprivileged, now Muslims conspire to get further reservations claiming that Muslims are poor and illiterate in Bharat so they should get quotas in education, employment and economy. Muslims chose their Islamic way of life and after enjoying ruler's privileges now if their Islamic ways make them send their children only to madrasas and reject modern education, it is by their own choice. If they reject democratic principle of family planning and in the process lose own health and can't support unlimited children, then it is their choice. In Kerala literacy of Muslims is higher than that of Hindus but the rate of vasectomy and tubectomy is lower than that of Hindus. So, if Muslims claim that they are poor and illiterate therefore their women produce more children, then it is humbug. They do it in the name of religion to systematically increase Muslim population in Bharat so that they get more strength socially as they did in Indonesia, Malaysia and in many other countries. 

Recently Jamait-e-Ulema-e-Hind's Moulana Madni bragged on a TV channel, "Don't call us minority; we are the second largest majority in India." Here is the catch. All they are aiming at is increasing their population so much that Hindus finally become a minority and Muslims once again start ruling Bharat through majority power.

Why should Hindu tax-payers pay for such vicious design by Islamic fanatics? Why should Hindu SCs, OBCs and STs and other meritorious Hindus allow Muslims and Christians to snatch their school/college seats, jobs, loans, lands and political rights? The socio-economic point on which Muslims want to snatch these basic things from Hindus is itself an Islamic mindset. Not to contribute to the nation's development but to want a huge chunk in it. Supporting a religious group, which is not contributing to the nation's development and that too again in the name of religion and yet to give them a big part of development is going to kill the nation and this is exactly the plan of Islamic fanatics. Those who do not follow the common civil code, those who do not even salute the national anthem, want the nation to feed their growing population. Why should Bharat let them be beneficiaries of the national resources when they do not contribute to the nation's development? They follow Sharia law in their personal and social lives but they want Indian Constitution and government to subsidise their children, they follow ummah and do not believe in Bharat as a nation (and therefore don't respect Vande Mataram) and yet Bharat's majority should allow them to enjoy from the tax money paid by the hard-working Hindus!

No more. Enough is enough! Here is an action plan to stop any further looting of Bharat.

  1. STs converted to Christianity should not be allowed to retain and enjoy their ST reservations.

  2. Islam claims that they do not have caste system. Around four to five per cent Muslims claim that they are OBCs and are currently enjoying all the privileges of OBCs. Their OBC status should be cancelled.

  3. From SC reservation, no quota should be given to the converted Muslims/Christians.

  4. From 50 per cent merit quota, no reservation should be given to the Muslims/Christians.

  5. Special status to AMU should be withdrawn at once.

  6. Amending Articles 25 to 30, minority privileges should be cancelled.

It is as clear as that. When STs convert and join the Christian community, they start enjoying privileges like biggest hospitals, convent schools and special colleges. They are even sent abroad for education! How can such a privileged lot be called underprivileged, and be given double benefits? When it comes to looting Hindus and snatching Hindu SCs', OBCs' and STs' benefits, suddenly Muslims and Christians say, "Caste is a social reality and by changing religion it does not go away." Then internationally they should be forced to declare that even they have caste systems and for falsely claiming that they did not have castes they should be criminally sued for cheating and misleading the world. 

Their great realisation of 'social reality' strangely vanishes when it comes to seeing the stark socio-economic reality that because of their unlimited production of children, Bharat's economy is going for a toss and if they do not stop using their religion for not complying with the family planning norms, which are strictly applied to Hindus, then they have no right on the resources of Bharat. 

Why Muslims and Christians dare to behave undemocratically in Bharat and yet get away with it? It is because of the vote-bank politics. Hindus who were hoarded out of PoK at the time of Partition, have yet not been given Indian citizenship by the 'great' Indian government. It is more than 62 years now! But those Muslims who 'invaded' Assam and Bengal as refugees from Bangladesh are now occupying huge lands snatched from local Hindu tribes and have their voter IDs! All this is a political drama and Hindus are made out to be puppets in the Indian political opera. Sachar Committee or Ranganath Commission is not the beginning or the end! There are many examples and incidents that prove how governments have bent backwards for votes, putting Bharat at risk of being again ruled by Muslims and Christians. And if so-called 'secular' groups think that they will be spared by the upcoming socio-political and socio-economic Islamic and Christian invasions manipulating Bharat's democracy, then these seculars are in for a big rude shock. Such invaders do not spare anyone other than themselves and it has been proven again and again in many countries.

Hindus are not idiots. Hindus give a long rope to all as Hindus are intrinsically kind-hearted. But Hindus also learn from the history. The mistakes in the history which got long Islamic and then Christian rules over Bharat, will not be repeated now. If vote-greedy governments think they can divide and rule, then they are living in a fool's paradise. Hindus have bent to accommodate many things, even many socio-political and socio-economic mischiefs by the governments. But no more. It is a serious matter of the very existence of Bharat. If Islam and Christianity are allowed to get special privileges and enjoy double benefits-as once being ruling communities and now being what they are by their religious choices-then Hindus will be an extinct species and Hindus are not idiots. Any effort to appease Muslims and Christians or any efforts to even amend Bharat's Constitution and any efforts to snatch rights from Hindu SCs/OBCs/STs and meritorious Hindus in the fields of education, jobs, loan, land, etc, will be met with the severe national democratic agitation. Bharat is not a rehabilitation hub for religious groups who once ruled Bharat and now like bad losers again plan dirty designs on Bharat. Enough is Enough! Government must not try patience of Hindus.

(The writer is a renowned cancer surgeon and secretary general of VHP. He can be contacted at drtogadia@gmail.com)

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