Monday, January 25, 2010

Lost land of Tamils

The following link traces the antiquity of Tamils to thousands of years ago.


As far as Tamil's past is concerned, I dont agree with 3 issues found in this link

1) The map of the sunken land of Kumari could not be as it is shown in the link. The Bay of Bengal was not in existence until the river Ganges flowed down the Himalayas.The Arabian sea was land locked like Caspian sea or a small sea trapped mostly by lands.

Read this:-

India as the base of Asian populations (genetic study)

2)The article also says that Srilanka must have separated form Indian mass about 7000 years ago.
That must be 10,000 years ago - separated deliberately by digging out the land between India and Srilanka - this is my contention.

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BAY OF BENGAL was a high-land once!

SETHU – Digging of the Bay of Bengal ended here!

3) The long mountain chain of Kumari must be an extension of eastern ghats and not as shown in the map. We can see submerged mountain range in the NASA pics.

The pic can be seen at the end of  this post :-

Discovery of Atlantis – Maya's Romaka connection?

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