Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super performance by Super star Rajinikanth!

Sarcasm or satire.. call whatever you may, Rajinikanth’s recent speech on the occasion of “thanks giving” (no one knows for what? ) to the Chief Minister Mr Karunanidhi was his best ever delivered – particularly in the presence of Mr Karunanidhi himself. The usually keenly observant Karunanidhi seems to have failed to sense the sarcasm running throughout the speech of Rajinikanth. He merely wound up his speech with a ‘kaathula poo’ incident.

Rajini’s frustration which is shared by lakhs of thinking people of this State must be sustained to save this State from the Monarchic culture that has usurped Democratic principles at the polling booth. Here are some highlights from Rajini’s speech.

Rajini gave his entire speech as series of contrasts.

Contrast no 1 :- DMK groomed Jagathrakshakan gave a superb speech on religion when he presided over a discourse on Dayanantha Saraswathy.

Contrast no 2 :- Durai Murugan who always looks and talks as though he is in an inebriated condition is a teetotaler

Contrast no 3 :- Mr Karunanidhi detests praises, but what to do? He has to accept praises and adorn the functions arranged for praising him (as that one) to please his followers.

Super nakkal:- Durai Murugan’s speech / talks in Assembly and outside appear as those he speaks like a drunkard!!!

Super awe :-

  • The sets for that function that exceeded the best of Filmi sets.
  • Just 10 days ago, another function was conducted to ‘praise and thank’ the Chief Minsiter


It was the kaathula poo offered by Mr Karunanidhi:-

He pierced his finger with a needle to paint the Dravidian party flag with his blood in red!!!!

To savor the entire speech by Rajinikantha, click the following Youtube links.


A report on his speech from Deccan Chronicle, Chennai edition:-

DMK likes red and black `label'


J. V. Siva Prasanan Kumar

It appears sometimes when two VIPs fly together they tend to get close. So close as to ask which label (brand) the other would prefer -- red, green, white or what?
Wondering how the `spirited' fiery speaker Duraimurugan (law minister) sustained his gusto whenever he participated in debates in the Assembly or while addressing public meetings, Superstar Rajinikanth asked him, "Which label do you prefer?" A bewildered Duraimurugan nonchalantly asked him, "What label?" "I mean, the drink to give you the energy to make fiery speeches," the Superstar persisted, and was shocked when the minister said he was a teetotaller. "I was always under the impression that he would consume alcohol to give him the much needed pep for his talk. But he says he never drank alcohol in his lifetime," Mr Rajini disclosed while recounting his conservation with Mr Duraimurugan when the two chanced to fly together to Chennai.

Peals of laughter reverberated in the packed Valluvar Kottam and even chief minister M. Karunanidhi and his family, present during the felicitation organised by Sangha Tamizh Peravai, laughed. Mr Duraimurugan was also amused at the actor's surprise.

When Mr Rajini still sounded sceptical of the minister's reply, the chief minister came to his colleague's rescue, and said, "What's in a label? To me, to Duraimurugan and many of us red and black are our preferred labels. They are the colours of the DMK."

To a surprised audience, Mr Karunanidhi said he had to pierce his finger to paint his party flag with the red colour about four decades ago. "So, the red and black colours are close to the DMK. Even the other Dravidian parties that have red colour on their flags borrow our colour," he added, taking the actor by surprise but for a different reason though.


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