Friday, February 19, 2010

Terror reigning in Tamilnadu? Why Rajinikanth did the somersault?

Hardly within a day I posted an article praising Rajinikanth for his “super” performance in making a veiled expression of the state of affairs surrounding those in power, here comes a complete reversal of his stance. He met Mr Karunannidhi for ‘thanking’ him for attending his daughter’s betrothal the previous day.

This excuse is another big ‘kaathula poo’ – but can be rated only below the one gifted by Mr Karunanidhi.

(Read Super performance by Super star Rajinikanth!

What makes me wonder is what has happened ‘so obviously’ within a few days.

Our guesses are easy to make – but coming as it does from a Rajini whom we think has no great material attachments, this causes some worry. If Rajini himself can be intimidated, what lies in store for the people of this State? Only sub standard rice, free colour TVs and a few hundred rupee notess every 5 years?

Somehow I still have faith in the integrity and Dharmic Thought of this man (Rajini) and wish to think that he had gone to make things better for Ajith, and not for making things better for himself.

If not now, he has to rise to the occasion when the time comes.

There is only one person in the whole of India who is capable of destroying the Draconic coil compressing the State.

That is Rahul Gandhi.

It depends on successful he is in overruling his mother.

If he succeeds or not is a different thing.

But it rests with Rajinikanth to speak out his mind openly like he did on an earlier occasion. That is the way he can pay his gratitude to the millions of his fans whom he never fails to acknowledge for making him what he is now.

As a Rajini fan, I also have the right to ask him what he is going to do for the state.

Whatever he does or speaks – has an impact on Mr Karunanidhi as we can see him react in the current incident too.

The ‘surrender – like’ visit by Rajinikanth has all trappings of a forced surrender.

This shows that Mr Karunaidhi is vulnerable – he reacts to every move of Rajini.

Rajini must know this as his strength and use it for the sake of the people when time comes. A time will come and we wait for that time to see a sustained Super performance by this man

The darbar – at Rajini’s family function!

The surrender?



Rajini, Ajith call on CM, harp on `politicising' stars

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth who called on chief minister M. Karunanidhi on Thursday asserted that actors and actresses have not been compelled to participate in political agitations but they had taken part in such programmes on their own accord.

"The actors and actresses participated in fast or agitations on their own and none was forced to take part in political agitations or functions," he said, adding that the chief minister had faced several agitations in his political life and there was no need for him to compel anyone. This was the super- star's reaction to an issue raised by his colleague Ajith. During a function organised by the Tamil film industry to felicitate Mr Karunanidhi for allotting land for artistes to establish township, Ajit had lamented that actors were forced to participate in agitations of little relevance to film industry.

"It is his personal view and I appreciate him for expressing it," Rajini further said. He described his meeting with Mr Karunanidhi as a `courtesy call' and told reporters that he met the chief minister to thank him for attending his daughter Soundarya's betrothal on Wednesday. The actor's meeting with the chief minister gained significance following a controversy that was triggered over his meeting with Opposition leader J. Jayalalithaa, whom he invited for his daughter's engagement.

Close on the heels of Rajini's meeting Mr Karunanidhi, Ajith who raised the controversy called on the CM on Thursday evening.
He also termed it a courtesy call.


Unknown said...

Hi Jayashree,
I've been a following your weblogs for quite some time now. It is good to see a blog that gives a perspective on astrology to the current day affairs.
Coming to this article i'd like put forth my views, in the 1st place, the previous article "Super Performance by Super Star itself is a mis-interpretation of his speech. I liked his speech for the depth of details on saints, Sidhhars, Muni..etc. But I don’t think the incidents he shared on dias or views he shared had any inner meaning. Infact, I had really felt disappointed when he started his speech with a appreciation note to Jagathrakshagan, who runs education as business, squeezing the poor parents till the last blood (no wonder, a student who has gone thru this torture is least bothered about ethics and morality). It could be noted his college was in news for selling MBBS Seats whose interogation is still on( will talk against this in the movie (Ex: Sivaji) but in reality he'd shower laurels and appreciation for the same people Here is a classical example.
Just wanted to let you as what I feel. So do not take this guy rajini seriously, he has no intention to do good for people or country.Just leave Rajini as he is. He is not a leadership material and there is no need to take his words seriously. He will say Kalignar is the best and tomorrow he will say JJ is thairya lakshmi. And It really makes no sense for us to expect an actor who has been glorified multitudinaly beyond reality to behave like hero in real life. i 'd leave it at that level.,
When i look back I feel he has been marketing his spirituality for money and fame & his honesty & simplicity is glorified for cashing on the box office that revolves around him.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for your comment Mr Ramakrishna.

We know the kind of stuff of all those present on the stage.

Rajini can not make any obvious reference to Jagathrakshkan's misdeeds on an open dais like that. But he could employ satire to pull their legs. Don't you think that he did that, that it was a planned and well 'acted' speech by Rajini? Watch his face and the 'bhavas' he exhibited.

Starting form the beginning look at his face and his words :-

* his mention of 'anjaa nenjan' - what an expression when he uttered this!

* Look at the expression when he mentioned his fans - the pride and sincerity in his tone, looks etc..

* The contrasts continued till the end with an explanation of who is a siddha, who is a muni etc with a specific mention of Agoris and Vishwamitra.

Why Agori? - Sun TV carried out a slander feature on agoris and their movements near the ganga! Did Rajini send a message to Sun TV?

* Rajini glorified Viswamithra - the title he earned with hard work from Vasishta. From there he jumped to the "paarattu vuzha". Didn't that seem to be a veiled comparison with Karunanidhi asking him what great thing he did to get praises?

* On the statue issue also - he uttered in a sarcastic tone that it was a barter - Sarvanjar for Thiruvalluvar.

*If you noticed, nowhere Rajini praised Karunanidhi in that speech. It was too glaring. But it was a praising / thanks giving function and he was called to the dais to praise Karunanidhi - a super star to sing praises of the Sun!!

* Earlier, if you had watched the live relay on TV on that day, he was seen to be showing a kind of defiance when he and Mummootty did not get up from their seats when Karunanidhi was given some gift for which everyone stood up. (this was also a glaring contrast because on an earlier occasion, Karunannidhi drew in Rajini's name when he replied to the accusation that he gave himself the best dialogue writer award for 'Uliyin osai'. He said that the award was not given by himself but by Rajini and others!!)

The 2 ministers gestured to him (Rajini) to get up. Rajini looked as though he could not understand that message given through gesture. Mummooty also was told to get up by one of them who ran behind the seats to reach him. Mummootty left the dais early!

Watching the whole sequence, it looked as though Rajini came with an agenda and he executed it.

He personally invited Jayalalitha but stayed away for karunanidhi. He gave the reason for that - that he (king / Karunanidhi) is neruppu (fire)-
Karunanidhi is not a friend of the film fraternity. If so, Rajini would not have said like this.

The buzz in the film industry on the intimidatory raids on film personalities, the loafs of bread (land and housing is the recent one) he throws at the film industry and the complete control on film financing by Karunanidhi's family have more than an ordinary message. With the film industry and the media under his complete control and free TVs given to the unlettered, it is the 'vyuha' of Karunanidhi to remain in power for all times.

Media and film people will have to speak what he wants them to speak and that alone will be delivered at all houses - through the TVs. Plus, the poor (after Thirumangalam effect, the middle class too) always remaining as beggers of the State has an advantage at the polling booth for Karunanidhi.

In such a scenario, Rajini sounds defiant atleast in a veiled way.
If he speaks out and speaks against this regime at the time of Assembly elections, his words will be heard, I believe.

AS for my liking for Rajini films - as a mother I found his films better to be watched with kids. I admire Kamal's acting. But I could not see all his films with my kids. Even today we as a family can enjoy only Kamal's comedy. But no such restrictions on Rajini's films. But None of us could stand his Shivaji is yet another matter. Rajini of yester years was good :-)