Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earthquake at Nicobar

We are moving towards a season of earthquakes. As told often in my blog on earthquake prediction, Sunday's earthquake at Nicobar fulfilled the basic parameters for earthquake. A detailed article on earthquake prediction posted as scribd document can be read at http://www.scribd.com/doc/31660527/Predicting-Earthquakes

Moon was in arudra at the time of earthquake. The star of the day and time of the strike makes it the 'varuna' accompanied with rains and potential for a tsunami. But varuna type earthquakes are localized and do not have impact over larger areas as happened in the deadly earthquake of 2004.  Usually earthquakes occurring in the first quarter of the day after sunrise in the stars of Aswini, Mrugaseesha, Punarvasu, Hastha, chithra, swati or U.Phalguni will rattle the earth for 1000s of kilometers.

The coming fortnights are vulnerable for severe earthquakes. From the afternoon of 23rd June until 26th midnight, the moon will be in a vulnerable location being aspected by Mars and Saturn. They simultaneously aspect  the Martian sign and 2 of the 3 watery signs of the zodiac. Tsunami threat will be imminent at those times. Southeast Asia and Northern latitudes in Russia and North America are vulnerable areas. For details on how to arrive at these conclusions, read this post:

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