Thursday, November 18, 2010

Karunanidhi rakes up Brahmin – shudra divide and Manu dharma to attack Jayalalithaa.


Karunanidhi never changes his ways!

Whenever he finds himself cornered, he used to retaliate with one of the 3 words namely, sacred-thread, Aryans and dalits  and focus his attack on Jayalalithaa and Brahmins. His politics has been centered on these 5 issues only. Even if his trouble- givers happen to be someone else – such as the CAG and the whole of India at the current juncture – he can think or talk about them only with these 5 issues in mind. As such he has come up with his usual talk of Brahmin – shudra  divide and Manu dharma!!


But this time he forgot to talk about the sacred thread and claim that he and his men were targeted because they don't wear the sacred thread.

He also forgot to call it as an Aryan conspiracy against the Dravidians. May be he thought that it would irk Sonia Gandhi whose Italian origins qualify her as more Aryan than Jayalaithaa!

So for the present, he was satisfied with two issues – dalits and Manu dharma.



In his statement on the CAG report calling it only as 'presumptive' and not true, he asked by quoting poet Bharathi, "Is there one justice for sudras, and another one for Brahmins, who develop their belly without performing any work?" He added, "In Tamil Nadu, there is no rebirth for Manu dharma" which advocates "one justice for self and another one for sudras".



Usually he has no love lost for poet Bharathi because he was a brahmin. But that did not deter him from taking up an award in Bharathi's name and quoting selectively from Bharathiar. The same poet Bharathiyaar has spoken well about the varansharma dharma in his poem on 'atrocities in the name of castes' and has only chided forces that divide the society into upper and lower classes. He has eulogized Brahmins as straight forward people in that and other poems. 



Bharathiyar has also spoken about Manu dharma in his poems as the code to be followed. It is strange how and why Karunanidhi made a selective quote from Bharathiyaar. I tried to know the exact verse in Tamil but could not get it. It seems Deccan chronicle was the only magazine that gave this part of his statement. I did not read this in the online issues of Tamil magazines such as Dinamalar and Dinakaran or Dinathanthi. It seems they don't want the people to know this statement by him thinking that this would add to the anger that is currently mounting against Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu.



As usual Karunanidhi was wrong in interpreting Manu Dharma. Manu dharma applied harsh punishment for Brahmins and mild punishment for shudras. The differential treatment did not favor Brahmins, It favored shudras only.

If Karunanidhi does not like that Manu dharma, let him follow the Manu dharma of Tamils. The grand function in the name of Cholan king that he attended at Tanjore recently as a regional Satarap must remind him of an olden king of that dynasty who was known by the name  Manu neeti cholan. That king did not hesitate to kill his son as a punishment for having killed a calf. The justice system was very severe in those days in Tamilnadu and also throughout India, which is known from Megasthanes' writings. The king did not differentiate between the prince and an animal.



With this kind of a past history of a Tamil king by name Manu, I caution Karunanidhi to be careful in making such statements. How long it would take for Jayalaithaa to ask him to apply the same yardstick of non- differential treatment of Manu Neeti Cholan to render justice to the 3 persons killed in Dinakaran office?








Karuna rakes up brahmin-dalit distinction to attack Jaya


November 17th, 2010




Chennai, Nov. 16: While asking whether it was fair to write a final judgment against former telecom minister A. Raja in the 2G spectrum controversy only on the basis of CAG's "presumptive opinion", chief minister and DMK president M. Karunanidhi launched a scathing attack on AIADMK supremo, Ms Jayalalithaa, by raking up the brahmin-dalit divide in society.



"Is there one justice for sudras, and another one for Brahmins, who develop their belly without performing any work?" he quoted poet Bharathi and concluded the seven-page statement by asserting, "In Tamil Nadu, there is no rebirth for Manu dharma" which advocates "one justice for self and another one for sudras".



Hours after the CAG report was tabled in Parliament, Mr Karunanidhi came in defence of Mr Raja and said the report had "only stated that it was a presumptive loss". In a statement, he asked whether it was fair to write a final judgment on the basis of presumption.



Mr Karunanidhi recalled past instances of how Ms Jayalalithaa had vehemently protested the CAG when the audit body found fault with her regime.



He said the Supreme Court had commented that she was making a mockery of the judicial process in a case on her alleged evasion of IT. He said CAG had pointed out mistakes on several schemes implemented by the AIADMK government. It had castigated her government for the potential loss of `1,033 crore due to short levy of taxes in 2003-04, he said. In the same year, CAG had pointed out that there was no uniform procedure in disposing of land owned by Tansi.



While Tansi sold land to Jaya Publications, of which Ms Jayalalithaa was a partner, at `1,350 per square metre, the adjacent land was sold at `2,080 per sq m, he said.


"Did Jayalalithaa resign then?" Mr Karunanidhi said, adding that it was unfortunate that such a dubious person is the leader of the Opposition in Tamil Nadu.






Anonymous said...

I am not a Brahmin.

Karunanidhi is no intellectual. He would otherwise know that the Manu Dharma Shastra had influenced the Tirukural is a huge way.

Shanti said...

Did you observe - Alagiri chose a suba muhurtham naal for his son's wedding. Now, when they do not profess rituals and performed 'Seerthirutha Tirumanam', why do they need an auspicious date for wedding?
Isn't it hypocrisy by M Karunanidhi?

jayasree said...

Thanks for your comment Jezebel

jayasree said...

The hypocrisy extends further. What for they fix shubha muhurtha? The maglaya dharanam ceremony was done in this marriage. None other than Karunanidhi himself blessed this mangal sutra before it was tied by the bride groom.

This marriage comes with a deja vu of the adopted son's marriage long ago. The fall of Jayalalitha was hastened by that event. Similarly this marriage also comes with all ingredients that irritates common man. Lets wait and see if the fall of MK follows this.

On the 'paguttharivu' of MK, when Stalin was arrested under MISA after his marriage and his woes continued for sometime then, MK had said that Stalin's wife name "Durga" seemed to increase the troubles for his son and brings destruction. So he suggested that they would call her as "Shantha". Till today she is being called by MK's family as Shantha. But Stalin's wife resents this and wants to be called as Durga only - this was told by her in a magazine - interview.

I am curious to know what MK thinks about the name of this bride whose name is Anusha. Suppose the family runs into trouble in the coming days or months, would he say that Anusha's name (she being the new entrant to the household - belief is that that a bride brings with her luck or ill-luck) )played havoc? How would he prefer to rename her then?

esh said...

People like Karunanidhi will never mind supporting osama-bin-laden to win votes or to save their position!!
I would like to put forth some questions to MR.Karuna.
1)If you really want equality among the people, then why do you insult your own self by calling ur self as "dalit" every time someone attacks you??
Brahmins were always respected because they were highly educated, spiritual, always on the right path and a lot of reasons like this. EVEN THOUGH RAVANA WAS A BRAHMIN, RAMA KILLED HIM BECAUSE,OUR RELIGION WILL NEVER EXCUSE SOMEONE BASED ON THEIR CAST!!
even if karunanidhi was born as a brahmin, he would have definitely been ousted from his family for his demeaning thoughts which should be purified