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Sack Raja and cut off DMK from coalition.

The nation is watching minute after minute the way Congress is reacting to the Guinness Scam of the world, master minded by the one who was identified by the Sarkaria Commission as the Spring-board of scientific corruption. With the Kalainjar, having the expertise in the art of corruption, holding the strings in Gopalapuram, the King (A. Raja) is executing the mind boggling acts at New Delhi. We from Tamilnadu in the know of these parasites for long do not expect Karunanidhi & Co to budge that easily. They have the longest record for swindling money perhaps in the history of the world. They are the most indefensible criminals. But Veerappa Moily is defending them as though nothing has happened. How he has forgotten that that this phenomenal scam has already been indicted by the Judiciary. Hearing the case, the Delhi HC made a remark that Raja has sold the 2G like cinema tickets! (news report below)

Jayalalithaa was right when she told that even a child knows about this scam. This is known to all in Tamil nadu. In fact this is matter of shame for all Tamils to have such tainted persons in the Centre and a shameless CM who is living on scam money throughout his political career.

Already the mood in Tamilnadu is anger. There is anger in every mind over the kidnaps and murders taking place of late. The criminals are having a field day in power and on the streets. Today every person in Tamilnadu is worried about the safety of his kids and the safety of his own self and belongings. Safety is the biggest issue. We need a government for giving us safety. When that safety is a question, people would definitely rise  The encounter shoot-out by the police of the kidnap- murderer was welcomed by all. We even suspect that the police also grew weary of the system and resorted to shooting that murderer to vent out their frustration.

The people may have tolerated all the corrupt activities all these days. But when the government can not give the safety, the people will rise from their inertia. Such a moment has now come in Tamilnadu. The people are also watching the gay abandon with which the Karunanidhi's  family is making money and holding the film industry under its grip. There is a fuming anger behind the outward calm face of the man in the street. In this situation, a small spark is enough to vent out their feelings. Anyone who is coming forward to mirror their frustration will become a channel to let out their anger. Jayalalithaa has done it. Jayalalithaa's concern for nation's safety is also noted very well by many. Remember the Kargil times that saw the rise of BJP into power.

The local congress leaders are spine less creatures. They have their interest only in themselves, like Karunanidhi & Co and not on the nation. In this situation Moily's support for Raja is like adding fuel to the fire. What has he taken from Karunanidhi to make this defense of Raja? Or does Sonia also have a share in the money looted? How much has he been paid out of that loot? We are asking Mr Moily.

If this is the way coalition partners must behave, then we don't want such coalitions.
If the politicians of Tamil nadu are going to be ostrich like in this scam, then there is no way other than facing the people's wrath sooner than later. Its time the Congress party reads the underlying frustration in Tamilnadu. Karunanidhi has threatened to recall all his ministers from the centre if Raja is sacked and offered to support from outside. Let him do that. Sack Raja and cut off DMK from the coalition.

- jayasree

Reproduced below are 2 old articles from the media. They are very relevant now.

Govt sold 2G spectrum like cinema tickets: HC

Parvaiz Sultan | New Delhi

The Centre found it difficult in the Delhi High Court on Friday to defend itself on alleged irregularities in 2G spectrum allocation to private players. Furious with the way the Government allotted the spectrum, the court observed, "We are utterly disgruntled and astounded that the spectrum was sold like cinema tickets." 

Slamming the Government, a Bench comprising Justices Mukul Mudgal and Valmiki J Mehta was stunned by the manner in which the allocation was manipulated at the cost of public money. "We find it strange that the public exchequer and valuable resources were involved and wasted this way," the Bench stated. It grilled the counsel appearing for the Department of Telecommunication (DoT), "How much spectrum has been sold off and how much remains? What is the amount of spectrum available for public?"

Senior lawyer Vikas Singh, who was representing DoT, claimed that the spectrum allocation had been "a very transparent process". 

Meanwhile, Arvind Gupta - who has approached the high court against the "shady practice" adopted by the Government in spectrum allocation - alleged that DoT had acted "arbitra rily and with undue haste" in granting telecom licences. "The spectrum was allotted to various licensees without laying any transparent guidelines and without disclosing any terms and conditions and eligibility criteria for the prospective telecom licence for public review, reaction, response and scrutiny," he added. 

Gupta also requested the Bench that his petition be heard separately and not clubbed with another petition pending before the court challenging the allotment of 3G spectrum. The Bench, however, posted the hearing for July 8 and referred the matter to the Chief Justice's Bench. "It appears to be an astounding state of affairs. We express our dissatisfaction over the manner the whole process was carried out…we are adjourning the matter till July 8," the Bench said.

In 2008, Gupta had moved the high court alleging that the procedure followed by the Government was non-transparent and intended for the benefit of some private players in the telecom industry. He also referred to a 1993 judgement of the high court in which the court had said that the first-come-first-served policy was unreasonable and unfair.

He questioned the Government's intention of not following a competitive bidding procedure. "The proximity of real estate developers to corridors of the Department of Telecom has enabled even real estate developers to overnight turn into telecom entrepreneurs. Indian real estate developers and infrastructure promoters have also become telecom players, Gupta alleged.






Raja, Telecom minister, sold 2G spectrum like cinema tickets. Shame on Manmohan and Sonia for giving him a cabinet slot


Blot on the Cabinet


The Pioneer Edit Desk


Raja not right man for Telecom


The Prime Minister and the Congress were no doubt under tremendous pressure from the DMK to accommodate in the Cabinet those of its Ministers in the previous UPA regime who had distinguished themselves by making a mockery of ministerial probity and violating all rules for reasons that do not need to be elaborated.


While Mr TR Baalu was dropped from the list of ministerial hopefuls to make space for claimants from the DMK chief's rather large family, Mr A Raja was more fortunate — not only was his inclusion made non-negotiable,20Mr Karunanidhi insisted that he should be given the Telecommunications and Information Technology portfolio.


The reason for this is not difficult to seek: Mr Raja brazenly misused his authority to manipulate 2G spectrum allocation; there is evidence to believe that he did not do so for altruistic reasons. It is unlikely he was the sole beneficiary of the scam with which his name has come to be associated.


But whatever the DMK's compulsions, the Prime Minister should have stuck to his guns and insisted on keeping tainted individuals out of his Council of Ministers; the Congress, given its parliamentary strength, should have refused to cave in. Strangely, neither the Prime Minister stood firm nor did the Congress hesitate to capitulate before a belligerent DMK.


Mr Raja is now back at his old job, smugly confident that he can continue with his shenanigans unchecked and unhindered. Hence, we can expect the loot to continue over the next five years in a Government presided over by a Prime Minister who, ironically, is perceived as 'decent' and 'honest' by those who voted for the Congress. This has nothing to do with 'coalition dharma'; it is all about pandering to those who do not attach a premium to honesty and integrity.


Given this reality, only the judiciary can now ensure that Mr Raja's disdainful attitude towards rectitude does not cause enormous loss to the public exchequer. He needs to be restrained and made accountable for his sins omission and commission. After all, what he has indulged in is more than just tweaking the rules to help a friend in need; he has rewritten them to the advantage of 'corporates' with questionable credentials.


The Prime Minister may have no other option but to turn a Nelson's eye to the deeds of his Cabinet colleague, but not so the courts. As much was evident on Friday when the Delhi High Court, which is hearing a petition alleging irregularities in the allocation of 2G spectrum, scathingly commented, "We are astounded that the spectrum was sold like cinema tickets... We find it strange that the public exchequer and valuable resources were involved and wasted this way." What prompted this castigation was the Government's inability to explain in court the non-transparent allocation of spectrum, which also shows that Mr Raja's actions are indefensible. Or else the Government would not have faltered in so pathetic a manner.


The Prime Minister deserves to be commended for his choice of Ministers from the Congress and the distribution of portfolios. In fact, he has done well to drop certain individuals, including Mr Arjun Singh, from his team. And, there is nothing to quibble about those who have been inducted from the Congress's allies, barring, of course, worthies like Mr Raja who are a disgrace and will in no manner fetch accolades for the UPA Government. Hopefully, adverse judicial pronouncement on the spectrum scandal will force the Prime Minister to act decisively — and rid his Cabinet of its malcontent.

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