Monday, April 11, 2011

If there is power-cut at night, call up the Election Commission! .

As per EC's order, there should be no power cut for the last 5 days before the polls in Tamilnadu. This came into operation from Friday onwards and is valid till Tuesday tomorrow. It is a known secret that cash-for-votes are effectively distributed under the cover of darkness. The people must be vigilant and report to the EC if power goes off in their locality today or tomorrow night.

For the benefit of readers, I am giving here the toll free numbers of the EC complaint cell; 

1800 4256669.

1800 4252010

Also store EB complaint numbers of your locality in your phone book.

If power goes off, call up the EB and remind them of the EC's order. A vigilant public asking the EB officials why they cut power would go a long way in making them behave properly. Call up the EC to inform them of the power cut in your locality. This is not going to cost you anything great. But you would have contributed towards this country, in saving democracy at least to a small extent.

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Suresh Kumar said...

EC has been very strict this elections..previously i have seen such things only in tamil movies, a very strict EC officer :) but kudos to the EC so far and i seriously wish Election and Counting also happens honestly and DMK is sent back home..
Why DMK should be ousted this time!
There is no other alternative. Or is there one?

jayasree said...

Yes, EC is doing a fantastic job. Let us hope it is able to curb the money flow in the last minute. I have an apprehension about EVM counting. Wish they keep some jammers near the counting center to boost our confidence.

kppradeep said...

Power cut or no power cut, DMK-CONgress combine may sweep elections as Italian mafia trying to rig EVM's. All this Kalla vote are all kid stuff now. Info based on Dr Swamy's tweet
"If EVM fraud does not take place then crash for DMK -Cong. Italian mafia at work to rig"
Pray to GOD EVM's should not be rigged

kppradeep said...

Check the two links below

jayasree said...

//Power cut or no power cut, DMK-CONgress combine may sweep elections as Italian mafia trying to rig EVM's.//

No Mr Pradeep. Let us be optimistic. Dharma will win someday.That some day is nearing.

I also have worries about the EVMs. But until now the EC has worked excellently. It has been a step ahead of DMK goons in blunting their strategies. Would not the EC think about the safety of the EVMs? The reports say that windows of the rooms where EVMs are stored are going to be closed with brick and cement and there is going to be a full time camera inside the rooms. The EC says that he would countermand the poll even after the elections if it comes to be known that malpractices had happened. This leaves with only the last route that of tampering the EVMs from a remote control. It was alleged in the last lok sabha elections.

But there is a question here. Whom does the Congress want to protect by resorting to that in this election? Is PC or VIPs like him are contesting this election? No. But there is another possibility in the current situation. The Congress does not seem to be keen on saving the DMK now.

The Congress was ready to discard DMK at the seat sharing. They kept quiet when DMK threatened to pull out.This shows that they are mentally ready to do away with the DMK. But they are not able to do it outwardly due to Sonia's complicity in the Spectrum scam. If the Congress shows any outward hatred for the DMK, Raja will open his mouth and the Rani will be targeted. So the Congress will wait and weather out DMK. That might explain why and how the EC seems to be having a free hand in curbing malpractices.

I would however wish to add that upright officers are still there in many places. The CAC officers who reported the 2G scam are an example. Similarly there are upright officers in the EC. The former CEC Mr Lyngdoh had filed a case in the SC against cash for vote scam in the Parliament. So I don't want to cast aspersions of the officers of the EC and wish them good luck in their job. They are the real super stars. Praveen Kumar is the Super super star - not Rajini:)

By saying like this, I think ரஜினி விசிறியான உங்களை நான் ரொம்ப irritate செய்யறேன்னு நினைக்கிறேன். Don't worry. I am also a Rajini fan. I liked his movies that came before Shivaji. So I have every right to question him:)

kppradeep said...

No no i am not pro DMK or ADMK. I am pro people and anti corruption like all of you. I will go for JP/BJP this time because i believe both DMK and ADMK are business partners. BJP had just 5 seats in Gujarat 15 yrs ago & see where they are now. Our DMK and ADMK fight in public and even arrest each other but they will never file a corruption case and let it come to a logical end that is conviction. The case will be dragged for long time or prosecution will willingly mess it up so that the person is acquitted
But for Dr Swamy Raja would not have been arrested given our judicial system
Have been Rajini fanatic since my childhood(I am 44 now & a professional). Will defend him to the last breath because i believe he will think and do good only. The movie BABA changed me completely and my spiritual journey started. Able to understand many things after BABA because i got to read the books of Paramahansa Yoganandaji like Autobiography of a Yogi/Divine Romance/Mans Eternal quest etc
Every one is entitled to their opinion and i am comfy with that.
Whatever i see and face every day sorts of affects me esp poverty.
Dr Swamy seems to be the only solace in this corrupt world