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Will Karunanidhi come back? (astrological analysis)

{Update on Karunanidhi's electoral prospects in elections May 2016 is added at the end of the article}

The life of Mr M. Karunanidhi presents a rare case study for the astrological enthusiast. He has been the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu for 5 times and is preparing himself to face the electorate in April, 2011, for a record 6th term. 

Mr Karunanidhi’s horoscope evinces interest for many reasons. He rose to power from humble beginnings. He entered public life at his 14th year and is continuing for 7 decades. He has survived for long in a democratic set-up. But he is more popular for wrong reasons. He is perhaps the first and the only politician who has been indicted for corruption done on scientific ways, way back in the 1970s. He also came under critical scrutiny in the death of the former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. The recently revealed mega-corruption in the allotment of 2G licenses also has him in the back drop. It will be interesting to know what kind of planetary combination made him powerful and whether the planets would help him this time also.

Karunanidhi birth time details are June 3, 1924, 10-40 am, Thiruvarur.

Planets that gave him power.

Three planets are exalted in his horoscope. It is a general perception that this feature has made him the chief Minister for many terms. 

Exalted planets do not confer royalty of an exemplary nature. I wish to point out what Varahamihira says with regard to exalted planets. In the chapter on Rajayoga in Brihat Jataka, he quotes Yavanas as saying that exalted cruel planets make one a cruel king. He also quotes Jeevasarma who does not think that such planets give kingly powers at all.

This becomes applicable in Karunanidhi’s horoscope in which cruel planets such as Mars and Saturn have exalted. The Yavanas’ perception is worth considering here. Saturn in retrogression has greatly reduced the people’s support and an exalted Mars has made him capable of silencing his adversaries.

The combinations that gave him power can be traced to a number of yogas he enjoys.  Sasa, Ruchak, Gajakesari, Duradhara, Ubhayachara and Trilochana have helped him in getting power and wealth. Mercury has played a crucial role as lord of 3rd in the 10th. He attracted the masses with his writing skills.

His political success follows the pattern of the planets and their periods. 

(A cursory look at this table shows that he has lost power whenever Moon antar dasa was running. At present he is running Moon antardasa!!)

First tenure

At first he got the Chief Minister’s chair by default on Annadurai's death.
He became CM on 10-02 1969.
The period was Saturn dasa- Mercury bhukthi.

Here Sasa yoga did not work. Vipareeta Raja yoga worked as he got the post by default. . 8th lord Saturn and 12th lord mercury aspecting each other from kendras (4th and 10th) made this happen.

From then onwards until 31-01-1976 he was the CM. The favorable Saturn made this happen.

However he lost in Saturn – Moon in 1976.
Once the moon antardasa started, he started getting worries due to MGR.

For the behavior of dasa- antardasa lords, we have to first see the angle between the lords. It must be favorable.  Saturn and Mercury are in mutual aspect.

In contrast Saturn- Moon they are in 8-6 axis. Such an axis strains the relationship between the planets in their periods.

Moreover, though Moon is the lagna lord, it is weak in shad bala strength. One of the important determinants for a person to rise to power is to have three or four planets in dig bala (‘300 important Combinations’– 247th yoga). Shadbala strength can not be ignored in assessing how much a planet can do. Moon is the weakest in Dig bala and very less in sthana bala and kala bala.

The weak kaala bala and sthana bala of moon will work adversely in adverse dasa lords. He lost to MGR in Saturn dasa and Moon antardasa. Saturn is 8th lord from Cancer and is in 6th from moon.

The lesson is that whatever be the planet that causes Raja yoga, if the antardasa lord is adverse to it and is weak on its own, there will be a dent in the Raja yoga.

Major comeback 

Karunanidhi  got back to power  in 27-01- 1989 after 14 years, when Mercury - Venus was set in.  These 2 planets are on both sides of Sun and moon thereby causing Ubhaya chara and Duradhara yogas.

He lost in 30-01-1991 when Mercury - Moon was on. Throughout moon antardasa he was having trouble. This time the weak dig bala of Moon brought bad relationship with the North (Central Government) He lost power due to the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

His next rise was in 13-05-1996 in Mer - Jup period.  Mercury has been too kind to him. As lord of the 3rd and positioned in 10th in rasi and navamsa in association with Saturn, it has helped him a lot in amassing wealth and power.

Though the angle between Mercury and Jupiter is not good, the asterisms in which they are placed are Venus and Mercury - a repeat of the best of solar and lunar yogas as mentioned above. (Duradhara and Ubhaya chara)

He lost in 13-05-2001.
The period was Ketu- Venus. This was the time most astrologers thought that he would take political sanyas. The strong reason is that Ketu, Venus and Saturn share the Tapaswi yoga in his horoscope.

Though Ketu and Venus as dasa and antardasa lords shared a good angle in rasi, they are in 6-8 angle in bhava. Ketu is in the asterism of Mars and Venus is in Jovian asterism.. Jupiter as 6th lord has 1 bindu in martian ashtaka varga. The fall was inevitable. If we see the previous periods he had been to the jail for most times in Jupiter maha dasa. This combination almost seemed to seal his return to power.

But that was not to be so because the exalted planets also must give their contribution. He came back to power in Ketu - Saturn on 13-05- 2006 . Both these planets are in the star of Mars, the yogakaraka and the 10th lord who enjoys Ruchak yoga.

His entire family grew in wealth more than ever before during this period.  His courage found no bounds as he even questioned who Lord Rama was. Without any inhibition he went about his ways only during this tenure.

The current trend.

This can be arrested only when moon sets in.
The antardasa of  moon in the current Venus mahadasa begins on April 7th this year and will last until 09-12-2012.

Venus – moon angle is such that moon is 2nd lord in the 12th to Venus.
The weak dig bala of Moon has caused him to lose support from the North. Though he has firmed up an electoral deal with his Northern partner, he is still in fear of indictment from the Supreme Court on the Spectrum scam.

His most unfortunate anatar dasa of Moon will be there at the time of Assembly elections. Moreover Venus is the bhaadak lord for his horoscope. The presence of bhaadak lord in the 12th indicates harm done to a deity and also misuse of property of the deity in a previous birth (Prasna Marga). The lagna lord Moon placed in the 12th to such a bhaadak lord intensifies the wrath of Moon. The Moon antardasa has never been kind to him. There is no reason to believe why it will not be so this time also. The planets in gochara also are not helpful on the day of election and announcement of results. His fall is inevitable.

Updated on 13-04-2016:-

Since 2007, Karunanidhi has been running Venus Maha dasa which will last for 20 years. Venus being a Baadhaka for his horoscope, this dasa will not be a fortunate one.

That the horoscope produced in the above article is an authentic one can be proved from the fact that Karnanishi has a trouble in his left eye for more than 60 years. Venus in the 12th house signifies trouble to the left eye.

Recently he wrote in a letter that his trouble with his left eye started in the year 1953 due to an accident. At that time transit Saturn was in retrogression in Virgo and Venus in retrogression in Pisces. Saturn, the 8th lord on his natal chart was aspecting Venus in transit in the Pisces and the 12th house (Gemini) which signifies left eye. The period was Jupiter dasa - Mercury Bhukthi. Jupiter is the 6th lord and Mercury, the 12th lord. Thus this left eye problem is a confirmation of this birth chart and the events that had happened.

Now he is running the dasa of Venus which is a Baadhaka and also an occupant of the 12th house.
So it is not possible to expect positive results in this dasa. This was earlier confirmed in the loss in 2011 assembly elections and 2014 Lok sabha elections. The same will be repeated in May 2016 elections too.

Presently (at the time of elections in May 2016) he is running Venus Maha dasa - Rahu Bhukthi. Venus is a Baadhaka and is in the star of 6th lord Jupiter. So its malevolence with reference to loss of health & money and gain of enemies besides misfortunes is a forgone conclusion.

The Bhukthi lord Rahu is in the 2nd house which is a Maraka (marana) sthana. It is in the star of Ketu which occupies the 8th house. Both signify attrition and maraka like happenings. At present, transit Saturn is in Scorpio joined with Mars which is a malefic combination. At the time of writing this, Saturn is regressing in the natal degree of Jupiter, the 6th lord in his natal horoscope. At this time his candidature has been announced. From Scorpio Saturn is aspecting transit Rahu by 10th aspect and Moon, the lagna lord and Sun, the sign dispositor of Rahu by 7th aspect.

This greatly affects his success and also increases attrition in health. At the time of elections he will be running Venus dasa - Rahu Bhukthi and Venus Antharam. This is a baadhaka combination.

From November 1st 2016 to January 19th 2017 Mars and Saturn are going to aspect Rahu and his 2nd house. That would be a very bad time for him. More misfortunes await him in the 2nd half of this year.


Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

only after he wearing yellow shawl, his government is not dismissed. otherwise he is the only chief minister to have been dismissed twice. after this practice he has been getting prominence with central govt also. does this have any significance astrologically? Sheela

jayasree said...

Yes, his Jupiter is not in good place. But look at his ring. The coral one. That is (Mars) actually helping him in politics and making money.

Yogesh said...

can you please give astrological predictations for Dr. Subramaniam Swamy? will he and his part will become strong and get power anytime in future? Will any hindu party come in power at centre?

jayasree said...

@ Yogesh

I have some doubts on Swamy's intentions. I will search for his horoscope and see.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...



jayasree said...


JJ is already a staunch Hindu and a spiritual person. People mistake her on Jayendra Saraswathy swamigaL issue. I have written about that in the comment section of 'Don't underestimate Jayalithaa' - the link is given in the above article itself.

When I interpret a chart, I see from different angles (such as bhava chart, bhavath bhavam, dasa, Annual Tajaka, sahamas related to the issue under analysis, Muntha rasi, transit wrt to natal moon sign and annual muntha sign etc) and also the palm lines. Her jupiter is 10th lord in 7th in rasi and in 6th in Bhava (9th from 10th) The relationship between the 10th and 6th is analysed and its outcome will be manifest in the 10th lord's dasa. Her Rahu dasa had been a time of working out her past karma, whereas her Jupiter dasa is going to be time of creating new karma /mission with which she is born. I will do a blog on that. As baadak 7th lord Jupiter's effect on her matrimony is a thing of past.

Seen from her 10th house, Jupiter (lord of 10th) is in 10th in rasi and 9th in bhava which is 6th from lagna. Jupiter is in Ketu's star and Ketu is in Jovian star, thus giving her a blend of spirituality -cum- counseling - which is likely to make her somewhat like a raja-rishi - a karma yogi with no strings attached. Whether she joins BJP or not, her demeanor will be spiritual and sublime.

As an aside, BJP is still a unkempt house that gains only at others' expense. Its birth day chart is such that. I think the BJP must re-invent itself in a new avatar on an auspicious day.

On MK, going by past happenings, the bhukthis starting from moon do not favour him until sani or mercury bhukthi sets in. So I dont see an active role by him in politics.

Yogesh said...

on reply of my comments on astrological predictions for Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, you said that you have some doubts on Swamy's intentions. Can you please openly inform us if you know something and we are missing that. Actually I can see that only Mr. Swamy is fighting against Sonia Gandhi and prevent her to become PM. And many other such things made me to think about Mr. Swamy. I am in favor of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Governance. And saw Mr. Swamy as a hope for people like. But if we are missing something then please let us know what it is. I am not fan of anyone.

jayasree said...

@ Yogesh,

Dr Swamy is doing a good job. No doubt. But at times he mixes personal goals with goals he is pursuing for public good. To understand this better, let me tell what Cho Ramasamy told about Ram Jethmalani taking up Kanimozi's bail case.

It is his right as a lawyer to appear for anyone he likes. But he has exhibited himself as a public figure who is fighting corruption. His efforts to bring back black money are currently in the public attention. With that background, his appearance for Kani will dent his posturing on crusade against the corrupt. So he must have given precedence to his posturing against corruption over his right as a lawyer.

The same yardstick applies to Dr Swamy also. He has taken a public posturing against the 2G scam and also the DMK particularly Karunanidhi. His area of operation is at the Courts. But he had given an impression of making use of the publicity of the court case on 2G, by contesting the elections. Though he didn't contest by himself, he fielded his candidates. It is his right. But it must be remembered that his party has absolutely no presence in the State and no party aligned with him. In that back ground, his action only smacked of drawing political capita out of his 2G fame.

In the process, his singular attack against the DMK got diluted because he attacked Jayalalithaa for her Sasi contacts of the 1990s and cases he put against her. His talks on these were gleefully exploited by the Sun TV which went on telecasting his attacks on JJ, giving an impression that DR Swamywas actually fighting against JJ and not on 2G. It diluted his image as an opponent of DMK and 2G.

Another image I find in him is that, he makes the people to think in the way he wants. His clean chit to MMS is something I see as not acceptable. He can not decide whom the people must pardon or whom they should censure. He has given an excuse that if he targets MMS, Rahul will be planted as PM. Let that happen. Who knows such a move may prove to be a death blow for the Congress.

Yogesh said...

Thanks for your comments on Dr. Swamy. I am from Mumbai and not aware much about political situation of tamilnadu. I was also surprised when Dr. swamy gave clean chit to MMS. My worry is that how to remove Congress rule as media is also biased and not providing right information, protecting congress. Internet is not widespread in India and only medium to reach to public quickly and effectively is Press and electronics media. Mainstream media is slave of Congress. In such scenario it seems difficult (not impossible) to remove congress and Sonia gandhi ruled government from national front. We are trying our best to spread true information but it is very limited efforts. What is your predictions about India's future (Specially about hindus).

jayasree said...

@ Yogesh.

You are right. But the internet has become equal to print media and TV in attracting readers / viewers. A report in a Tamil newspaper says that the readership for online magazines, blogs etc are almost equal to that of newspaper readers in Tamilnadu. This will increase in due course.

On Sonia's family, Rahul Gandhi will become unpopular from June onwards. I am not sure about the authenticity of Sonia's birth time. But going by Rahul's future in the immediate years, she will not make much headway, I think. Moreover, I am expecting something bad to happen on Karunaidhi's side. It is my strong opinion that his lagna is Leo and not Cancer what many people think. The current happenings and the dates of the happenings suit Leo lagna. If so, some bad fate is awaiting his family and him. In that case, he will not hesitate to to spill the beans on Sonia's complicity in the Specrrum scam. If that happens, Sonia will get badly hurt.

From May next year onwards, BJP's stock will rise. I expect the elections an year and a half before the end of current term of the UPA. The nation as such will have some good time until 2015. But BJP as such has to re-anoint itself for, with the current horoscopic indications, it will gain only when its enemy falters. It lacks intrinsic strength.

After 2005 there will be lot of internal bickering and strains which will last quite long - say until 2025. As far as Hindus are concerned, there will be some semblance of revival until 2015. After that a tough phase only.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

now karunanidhi has changed color from yellow to black!! does this have any significance!!


jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

I was away from current affairs for the past 2 weeks due to some works. So didn't follow the news on MK's colour change. I can only pass on some info on this change if it is motivated by astrology.

As you may be aware black is identified with Saturn. It is in the 6th house from his moon sign (Taurus)and 4th from his natal lagna (Cancer). Generally people think that 6th house transit of Saturn is good. But in very very elderly people and terminally ill people, the aspect of saturn on marak and karma sthanas (from lagna) have caused troubles.

In MK's case, saturn is at present transiting his anu-janma star (Chithra) which is equal in potency as janma- sani.

From there it is aspecting the 6th and 10th houses form lagna and also apsects the lagna.

Sun and saturn are his maraks and they are going to unite at the sign of Venus which is a bhaadhak. Another marak Mars is in unfavouarble movement at present and will be aspecting ill and the marak related houses (12th, lagna, 2nd house ) for the next few months. In Kanimozhi's horoscope, the transit of saturn and Rahu (form moon sign) are not good for her father. It is probable MK's astrologer had advised him to appease Saturn.

Unknown said...

மதிப்பிற்குரிய ஜெயாஸ்ரீ சாரநாதன் அவர்களிடம் ஒரு சிறிய கேள்வி, இந்த ராகு மற்றும் கேது பெயர்சிக்கிபிணர் தமிழக அரசியல் நிலவரம் எப்படி இருக்கும்? Mr M. Karunanidhi[ஸ்டாலின் அவர்களின் ஜாதகத்தையும் சேர்த்து] ஆட்சிக்கு வருவாரா அல்லது நான் எனும் அகந்தை கொண்ட அம்மையார் [ பெண்மையை மதிக்கின்றேன் அதேநேரத்தில் நான் சொன்னது உண்மை என்று உங்களுக்கும் தெரியம் என்று நினைக்கின்றேன்? ] வருவாரா? வரும் 2016 ஆம் ஆண்டு அரசியல் நாடகங்களை இருவரின் [ ஸ்டாலிணையும் சேர்த்து மூவர் ] ஜாதகபடி சொல்லவும்? எனக்கு தெரிந்தவரை கலைஞர் அவர்கள் ஆட்சியில் இருக்கும் போதுதான் அவர் உயிர் போகும் என்பது அவர் ஜாதகம் என்று கேள்வி பட்டு இருக்கிறேன் அது உண்மையா? என் கேள்வியில் ஏதேனும் தவறு இருந்தால் தாங்கள் என்னை மன்னிக்கவும்!!! மேலும் தங்களிடம் என்னுடைய ஜாதகத்தை பற்றியும் கேள்வி கேட்க வேண்டும், உங்கள் email முகவரியில் இருந்து என்னுடைய email rmuthuvel82[@]gmail[dot]com முகவரிக்கு பதில் அனுப்பவும்!!! இப்படிக்கு தங்கள் அன்பு சகோதரன் ரவிச்சந்திரன் முத்துவேல், கரூர், இந்தியா

jupiter said...

dear Mr Muthuvel aka ravichandiran
I have one suggestion to you. Please do not mix your dirty politics with astrology and compel or threaten astrologers in his forum to sing the praise of Mr Karuna. The analysis of when Mr karuna was in favorable position to come to power is very well given . Please do not allow your mind to be clouded with bias analysis just because you favor Mr karuna. It is because of attitude of people like you and Mkaruna that people hate these type of people.Such and attitude is very ugly
You cannot compel astrologers to write favorably on Mr Karuna's horoscope. The way you plead and force will make any real astrologer laugh. whatever anyone says , no one can change the misfortunes of Mr Karuna. If you find his horoscope otherwise , please go ahead and give your analysis. Hope you understand .

Sridhar said...

Dear Madam,

The opinion polls predict DMK victory. Are you sure Amma will win based on your astrology prediction of MK? Keeping fingers crossed

Sridhar said...

From another source I realise that Mercury (Bhudan) is also in 12 the place and not in 10th as you have mentioned in MK's horoscope

Which one is correct - I don't know

Will the palangal change if Mercury (Bhudan) is in 12th place and not in 10th?

Please give your views madam



jayasree said...

@ Mr Sridhar,

Even in 2011 and 2014 polls, opinion polls predicted DMK win. Why opinion polls? even exit polls showed DMK win. But what was the actual outcome?

I addressed this anomaly in my article before 2014 polls in the article in this link - http://jayasreesaranathan.blogspot.in/2014/04/tamilnadu-must-vote-for-jayalalithaa.html

Excerpts from that article:- The common man in the streets cannot and would not sit quiet at the projection that DMK is rising. Talk to any common man anywhere in TN. Once he starts trusting you he would tell why this news is bad for him / them and why they all have to vote for JJ to keep off DMK.

JJ in power means 2 main things to them which we are not at all bothered about.
They are

(1) police that does not harass but is easy to approach and quick to respond to their problems and
(2) End to rowdyism.

If JJ is weakened, these two would go averse which would affect their life from all sides. In the last term of DMK these two adversely affected even the middle class people. Even earlier too the lower and middle class were aware of the dangers of DMK and efficacy of JJ in checking DMK.

(end quote from that article).

I for one am still facing the "araajagam" of the DMK Councillor in my home town. I want to sell my house but I can't without that person's interference. I have to shell out a commission to him for selling my house. All land / house dealings are routed through only these local Dadas aka Councillors of the DMK party. We don't face this problem from ADMK Councillors. Those with whom I am trying to negotiate directly for selling my property are threatened or turned back before they come to meet me. You see I am a well known person in my home town and our family commands respect from one and all. I was even tipped by the people in my locality to contest Councillor elections, but I backed out for I can not deal with these rowdies who would be coming there as elected ones. If the situation is tough for me with these DMK rowdies around, imagine the problems faced by ordinary people who are poor socially and economically. For them and for anyone who wants security, Jayalalithaa is the best bet. Only if she is in power, the growth of these rowdies would be under check.

So don't get hyped by opinion poll projections. Every time an opinion poll predicts more seats for the DMK, the resolve of the majority people grows stronger that they must go to the polling station promptly and vote out DMK.

Astrologically, Jayalalithaa would win and form the next govt. DMK would lose.

jayasree said...

@ Sridhar,

Let Budhan (Mercury) be at any place in Karunanidhi's horoscope. His current dasa lord Venus is in the 12th and is a Baadhka. That matters. The Dasa - Bhukthi is bad, so also the transit saturn and Mars are. They are in the 7th house from Moon and Sun in transit.

One may say that JJ also has these malefic planets in 4th from her Moon sign. Though both of them have malefic transit of these two planets, their aspect on natal bhavas and the currently running dasa- bhukthi only decide the nature of results. By that MK runs a malefic dasa - bhukthi and transit saturn aspects his natal Maraka houses.

For JJ she is presently running Dharma - karmadhipathi dasa - bhukthi and the transiting malefics are in natal 6th house (upachaya). One must know that a few days after this period started she got bail. She will come out of the DA case successfully.

I have written in detail in my recent article (May, 2016) in The astrological magazine how and in what way transit of these two malefics affect and how the dasa - bhukthi also matters. I have even compared the horoscopes of MK and JJ in the context of poll victory. Click http://www.astrologicalmagazine.com/ to get access to my article.

jayasree said...

@ Sridhar,

The opinion polls conducted by whom? By Dinamalar! Dinamalar is DMK mouth piece and therefore lacks credibility. It is as ridiculous as Nakkeeran's surveys and Loyola surveys. Just 1000 persons were given the questionnaire 70% of whom were males. It predicts Anbumani to be in the 3rd in Pennagaram! That itself is proof of the credibility of samples taken for questioning.

These polls are DMK's tricks to boost up the morale of its cadre. Remember the hype created around winning DMDK (VK = Vijaykanth) to its side. When VK opted to side with PWF, DMK cadres lost hope of winning. It is partly to pep up the morale and partly to take revenge on VK, Chandra kumar was lured to come out and was given seats.

Inspite of all this, what is the vote share of DMK? Only committed DMK cadres would vote for it. Since every party is in the fray, no voter is going to cross vote to any other party. This is the ground reality. By this simple arithmetic, ADMK leads with more vote share and DMK always lags behind it. In such a scenario, how could one expect DMK to score more than ADMK? From across which party, people are going to vote for DMK?

Even if you think the one crore new voters are there, is there any logic to think that these youth are going to vote for DMK to make 93 year old to be CM? On the other hand, these young voters were precisely the ones who suffered a lot by DMK's power cuts when they were in school final or taking up college studies. Could they be expected to vote for DMK?

Sridhar said...

Thank you madam for your detailed response

For your post on 24th June, 2009 on cure through astrology, I have sent a request. Looking forward to your response



Kudanthaiamudhan said...

M K horoscope shows that venus is in 12th sign at the constellation of jupiter who is in axis of 6/8 in sashtanga with venus. venus is the lord of 4th and 11th while jupiter is the lord of 6th and 9th. M k came to power in may 2006 and stayed till may 2011 during the period of venus-dasa own bhukti- venus-venus and venus-sun. He lost power in venus-moon , venus-mars and now running dasa bhukti is venus-rahu-venus antra. Rahu is in 2nd sign owned by Sun and Rahu is the constellation of ketu -magam star which is in 8th sign at the constellation of mars-avittam star. This period is the end of his political life. mars is the yoga garaha as lord of 5th and 10th sign (later is the carrier of politics ) mars aspects from 7th place from its constellation of avittam- mars. mars aspects the RAHU by its powerful 8th aspects and likely to give raja yoga. it appears that based on this facts, he could win the elections but stay in power up to rahu bhukti till feb 2017. Due to venus in 12th sign, he might get a royal treatment at his end- hope you understand what i mean.Rahu would lift a person to higher level and drop him suddenly and made him fall not to enjoy the fruit. That is the one M k horoscope indicates. Nitish kumar Rahu dasa started in nov 2011 and had to resign in jupiter bhukti in july 2014 and got back to power in the second half of jupiter bhukti. So Rahu is unpredictable as it depends upon the place of sign occupied and aspects received.In the case of M K rahu is in its 2nd sign sun -ruler which is aspected by powerful exalted mars yoga graha and hence it might lift him to higher level only to fall down with an end. The gochara, jupiter is coming to his favourable 5th sign and also saturn is in
7th sign from moon. Hence both are not adverse to him.
Any Astrologer should tell openly the truth and not have tendency to lean towards any political party or leader.This is in response to your outburst in your reply on
a writer Muthuvel vide 29th april 2016 12.02 am.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Further to my posting on may 7th 3.11 pm, i would like to remind you that mars the yoga garaha is exalted in saturn sign makara. It is generally found that ketu gives results like mars and Rahu gives results like saturn. In the case of M K, the rahu is in the constellation of ketu while ketu is in saturn sign kumba at avittam star the lord of which is mars. Hence i feel that Rahu bukthi would act similar to the results of Mars as well as saturn. since mars activate the rahu with its 8th aspect Mars being the yoga garaha and saturn the lord of 7th and 8th, the powerful maraka, this rahuki bukthi under venus would act as yoga garaha as well as maraka by lifting him to top and dropping down to reach earth.
i would welcome your comments.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

JJ horoscope has Guru dasa- saturn bhukti running currently. Guru lord of 7th and 10th kendradipathyia dosha in the constellation of Ketu is in its own sign danushu exactly in 7th place from the mituna lagna. Bhukti lord saturn is in 8th place from jupiter in sashtangam placed at 2nd sign of maraka- kataga . saturn is in the constellation of lagna lord mercury. Saturn owns 8th and 9th signs with two faces of being a maraka and also as giver of luck and fortune. She has now guru-saturn bukthi -second half which is up to april 2017. Now in gochara jupiter is coming to 2nd ( not so good but not bad) saturn is in 4th sign in gochara. She suffered imprisonment during the first half of saturn besides having health problems. Now the second half of saturn will give the results of 9th the giver of luck. But both dasa-bukthi are in 6/8 angle is adverse to her now.Both lords are not beneficiaries.
In the natal horoscope of jj, she has four planets in rahu and ketu constellation- sun in rahu,mars,jupiter and moon are all in ketu stars. This indicates no family for her and her inclination towards the spiritualism. The powerful saturn in lagna star mercury in 2nd sign indicates her devotion to the people and poorer section and not for her herself and family . However winning this election for both JJ and MK is going to be a rude shock and surprise for everyone. Astrologically whoever wins and comes to power either JJ or MK, they can not stick to power beyond mid 2017 and big changes await later. it could be anything from hung assembly or related to the longevity of government or to its leader whoever or whatever it could be. Early/mid 2017 or even before this year end, many changes in political sphere of tamil nadu will take place.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Further to my last posting, i have seen many horoscopes where if min 4 planets are in rahu or ketu stars, either they are not able to get married or their family life are broken even if they get married. That is why jj do not have family due to four plants in her horoscope are in moon nodes stars - one is rahu star and three planets in ketu stars. The powerful 8th house saturn in family sign 2nd indicates her family is only the people mainly poorer section due to saturn which she time to time claims in public meetings.

Raghuraman said...

Sri Kudanthaiamuthan, your observation on planets in rahu / ketu stars seems a general observation and does not have any validation with the ancient text. B V Raman also does not talk about this in any of his books. Moreover i know a woman who is married for 45+ years and having 4 planets in ketu star.

Maha Subramanian said...

Mk should not come back. Rouwdism will be in full swing and raping will be order of the day. We can not forget Stalin in 70s. His goal was not to spare any brahmin girl in Gopalapuram

jayasree said...

Even now it continues? Stalin has gone to Bangkok now. What for?

Maha Subramanian said...

I saw all ur comments.
I want to ask some more. How to contact u can u give me ur e mail I'd and cell phone no

Maha Subramanian said...

Madam thanks for ur predictions about Jj.
What u have predicted is correct.
Thanks. Can u write to me ur e mail I'd and cell no
Thanks and regards

Hillranger said...

Mr Raghuraman

The observation of Mr kudanthaiamudhan regarding placement of 4 or more planets in constellation of rahu or ketu is absolutely correct. One need not look for such principles in BV Raman's books. This combinations, i have observed in at least 28 horoscopes is but logical. To improvise further on the point..... especially if the 4 planets are associated with family affairs such as second, fourth, seventh and ninth houses, one will observe such tendencies in the individual. Rahu and Ketu being karmic control and distribution planets, such a tendency is absolutely logical and hence true. For example in JJs case, Jupiter the 7th lord is in the asterism of Ketu. While Rahu indicates over expansion, ketu indicates burning of past karma...and when such planets get associated with family matters, such results are bound to be the outcome.

Phoenix said...

Amazing post Madam. I am waiting for your post on Jaya s sudden death. Those i saw some videos where some so called renowned astrologers of TN claim she will get well and come back , it happened otherwise as well all know. I would like to read your analysis about her chart.

jayasree said...

@ Phoenix,
Posted my views on Jayalalithaa's demise in my latest article here http://jayasreesaranathan.blogspot.in/2016/12/travails-of-jayalalithaa-in-life-and-in.html


Hello ma'am,
Kindly throw some light on karunanidhi health and his longevity now that he's politically irrelevant and comment on stalin horoscope vis a vis his CM dreams...

jayasree said...

Uploaded my recent article on Karunanidhi - his death and Karmic analysis of his life and his past / Prarabdha karma. Read here http://jayasreesaranathan.blogspot.com/2018/08/karunanidhi-why-he-was-way-he-was.html?showComment=1533978609623#c3747128142993812058