Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sikkim earthquake.

It is not happy news when you hear the predictions for bad times happen. However such news is keenly awaited to make sure that our understanding and analysis of astrology is correct. It happened with what I wrote a few days ago in the article titled  

Solar flares again!

In connection with that, I want to give some more information.
On the astrological factors for identifying terror attacks, I have given the basics in this article.

Astrological views on Mumbai blasts (July 13, 2011)

In the immediate future, Kazab - type worst kind of terror attack is not likely to happen. By this I mean that terror time combinations do exist at present by some minimal way. 

The days to be careful are Sep 30th, Oct 1st and Oct 2nd. (West of India is vulnerable. Mumbai, Pune and Gujarat must remain vigilant) 

Again on 6th, 7th and 8th of October, skirmishes in South India – not exactly terror strikes - are likely.
On the earthquake side, the occurrence of the average 6.8 magnitude had caused heavy casualties because of the terrain where it occurred. Geologists have expected many after- shocks but that did not materialize. It would not, when the earthquake happens on shashti thithi. 

Read my old article on parameters for predicting earthquakes in

Based on the inputs from that research I would say that no immediate danger to the same place  (Sikkim) is seen in the near future. However starting from 30th September to 2nd October, when Moon will be passing through Scorpio, some other section of North India in the west of the present site of earthquake is likely. 

But the worst kind of earthquakes – something like a season of earthquakes is possible in the 2nd half of 2012. At that time the western part of the Pacific Ring of Fire will be under focus.  The current transit of the nodes and Saturn’s aspect to Aries and Cancer after it moves to Libra would not leave the earth rattle -free. When Rahu and Ketu are transiting or aspecting the Martian signs of Aries and Scorpio, the earth cannot remain quiet.


Sikkim earthquake unusual, say geologists

BANGALORE: The earthquake that rocked Sikkim Sunday is unusual in terms of its magnitude and nature of origin, say leading geologists.

"There is nothing surprising in this earthquake as the region north of Sikkim, which forms the outliers of Tibetan tectonics, is known for moderate earthquakes in the past," C.P. Rajendran at the Indian Institute of Science here told IANS.

But what makes it different is its "unusually greater magnitude".

These earthquakes are different in the sense they are along the somewhat north-south structures trending transverse to the east-west Himalayan axis, Rajendran said. They are different from the usual Himalayan thrust earthquakes that are caused by the collision of the Indian plate with the Eurasian plate.

Vineet Gahaulat at the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) in Hyderabad said: "The (Sikkim) earthquake highlights the presence of the role of transverse features in the Himalayas."

"This 6.9 magnitude earthquake possibly occurred on a northwest-southeast trending almost vertical fault through strike slip motion."

"This is what we generally do not expect in the Himalayas," Gahaulat said. "We expect large magnitude earthquakes on the detachment having thrust motion on gently dipping planes - like the 1999 Chamoli and 1991 Uttarkashi earthquakes."

Gahaulat said the role of transverse features in segmenting the Himalayan arc and accommodating some of the convergence of the India-Eurasia plates have been talked about earlier.

"But this one (Sikkim quake) makes it clearer as this is possibly the largest magnitude earthquake of this type in the Himalayas."

Gahaulat is also surprised at the fewer number of aftershocks - only two to three aftershocks of magnitude greater than 4.5. "So where are all the aftershocks gone? Are they yet to occur in the following days," he asked.

According to Gahaulat, "we need to be careful" if, in the coming days, the aftershocks occur southeast of the main shock epicentre - the way two aftershocks have occurred.

"The region where the main shock occurred has very low population density, but further southeast, population density is higher," he cautioned.

"The occurrence of this earthquake does not lower down the threat from the great earthquake which we expect in the Himalayas," the NGRI scientist warned.

The one (or more) which is expected will be a thrust type earthquake on the detachment which will be much more devastating than this one, he said.

"We need to treat each and every earthquake in a special way, you just need to turn it around and it will tell a somewhat different story."

Rajendran, however, does not think this particular event in Sikkim can be treated as a precursory signal to any major earthquake that may occur in future along the Himalayan arc.

"Having said that, the fact remains that some historically earthquake-deficient parts of the Himalayas has the potential to generate large earthquakes any time, irrespective of the present earthquake," he cautioned


Bala said...

Ms.Jayasree Madam,

A puzzling situation. Consider this :

Today's Times of India reported that 'A group of Italian scientists went on trial on tuesday for failing to 'predict' (emphasis mine) an earthquake that killed more than 300 people in central Italy in 2009 despite signs of increased seismic activity in the area'.

As per Indian scientist Jayant Narlikar astrology is a pseudo science and all predictions given by astrologists should be considered as unscientific.

So according to him people should not resort to astrologists' predictions but should develop a scientific temper in their lives.

But in that case scientists must be able to offer safety measures to people at large whenever & wherever there is a possibility of earthquake or volcanic activity.

So as per this thinking the Italian scientists must be held responsible for their 'inaction' about the earthquake. But in their defense one of them has said that 'You cannot put science on trial'.

But can you put astrology on trial? I am raising this question because some years ago in Gujarat there was an earthquake and one astrologer predicted more earthquakes and asked people to move out of the area, but he was arrested by the govt. for creating a scare among people, as per this news item :

Fri 02 Feb 2001
Indian astrologer arrested over quake predictions

An astrologer who predicted an even more deadly earthquake than the one which struck western India last week has been arrested and accused of creating panic, a state government minister said on today.

"We have arrested the astrologer who had predicted a second earthquake (on allegations of) causing panic," said Home Minister Mr Haren Pandya.

What is your opinion on the matter? This is definitely a tricky issue. You cannot take a stand either way.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Bala,

This is the level of understanding by Indian scientists. They are commenting without knowing what is astrology and how it works. Look at USGS,(United States Geological Survey) they are ready to look into any methodology that helps them understand earthquake and its occurrence. If you think that my post will create scare, I will not post them hereafter. However I am keeping a record of all major earthquakes for research purpose and have sent to people who are working on this.

Even US Researchers have come to a conclusion that causes for earthquakes go beyond the earth.
To site a few details that I received from one who is working with a scientist of the US on predicting earthquakes,



3. Galatic centre-bow and arrow formation----->String is Rahu Ketu in Gemini Sagittarius axis esp 3d Sag-->And major planets in Opposition like Jup in Pisces Saturn In Virgo. (Is this one of the reasons why number of earthquakes is high in Dec?)

4.Very close to Eclipses

5.Opposition of planets -->with Sun or Moon in line.


All these are from a scientist! In astrology we do have a much detailed map of how and when earthquakes happen. Astrology does not say as it likes. It works on all the factors that have gone to make man, the earth, the solar system and the universe. There are sound and logical rules for each and every factor discussed by astrology. The correct prediction requires the skills of highest order of interpretation and understanding a set of rules and planetary combination. It needs a lot of time to explain all that.

Bala said...

/// If you think that my post will create scare, I will not post them hereafter.///

Not at all. I did not mean that. I was only wondering what will be the position of an astrologer if s/he is able to accurately judge the possibility of a possible earthquake but is afraid to make it public due to fear of arrest? Then the knowledge is not made use of for the safety of the public.

My own opinion is that in spite of my engineering background I do not dismiss astrology or palmistry etc and I am quite eager to learn to use them for proper guidance.


Aishu said...

Dear Ma'am,
The first thing that came across my mind when i heard about sikkim earthquake is your article on solar flares and how correct you were. It is not about creating panic. Atleast people can be cautious during such times.

surya said...


Astrologers tell predictions. Those predictions were not "prepared" by them, but were "prepared by Nature." So, astrologers help looking into the future to know one's prarabda karma or one region's or nation's karma. One should make use of their services to realize what prarabda karma awaits and try to do remedial measures sincerely. Astrology is not error prone, but maybe some astrolegers are as they are too human beings only. Of course, we heard and see some astrologers reporting events as if they are second to God only. It is due to having their "ego" as least as possible to allow God/Truth to speak through them. It is their personal success over Maya.

"Science" or "scientific," the words which we use are limited in their scope because they are "limited" to the capacity of sense organs. We must realize that there was atom, nucleus, proton, neutron even before "we" found them. So, Nature is a step ahead. Who knows we may find so many other things inside the atom once technology improves further. The Question is WHO created these. It is said Chaturmukha Brahma has to spend 100 divya samvatsaras doing tapas to realize God. What are we.

The questions which cannot find answers in the Earth plane can be obtained from other planes. For that We need to use other instruments, not the sense organs, which are limited and on which science is purely based. If we try to find the answers to the questions using sense organs, we will end up in confusion only or only partial success can be obtained. We should use "Manas," making it relieved of attachment to sense organs in order to find answers. Can we do it now a days? I do not know.

Anyway, how lucky to born in Sanatana Dharma, to understand it, to know it. One should have huge amount of punya to understand Sanatana dharma principles and rules. I wish we sincerely pray God to get "pure manas" at least to understand what is left in this kaliyuga as knowledge from previous yugas, forgetting about "improving" it.


surya said...


Just saw...


How come we take "science" as standard to understand the nature!!

There must be an instrument something else that works beyond our senses to understand Nature.