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Astrological views on Mumbai blasts (July 13, 2011)

Any act does not come into existence just like that. There are factors behind that making it happen. These factors are thought, word and action which we see from 5th (thought), 2nd (word ) and 10th (action) houses in the natal horoscope. A similar principle works in mundane astrology also. The thought is manifest in the skies and the word and action are manifest in the people on the ground. As such terror attacks follow some specific combination of planetary rules, the analysis of which is becoming relevant nowadays. I call this as investigative astrology and am keeping track of events from 1993 Mumbai blasts onwards. There are certain repeated astrological combinations which I have classified from different angles. Based on that I thought I can give some clues on the cause of the attack and the intentions of the attackers.

There is a view that 13th and 26th seem to be the preferred dates of the attackers. The attack on the Indian parliament happened on 13-12-2001. In 2003 an attack happened in Mumbai on March 13th. In 2008, Jaipur bore the brunt of  a terror attack on May 13th and Delhi on September 13th. But if we look at the dates, nearly half the terror attacks in India had happened in the second half of the month. If you check the wiki article on list of terror attacks, 18 out of 43 had happened in the second half of the month. 26th has a particular presence in natural calamities such as earth quakes and tsumanis also. It is because they most often come on specific thithis (lunar days) in specific months. Actually the basis lies in lunar or solar days rather than the dates of the Gregorian calendar.

Similarly if we check the day of terror attack, yesterday's attack is rare as most terror attacks have happened on week ends or week- beginnings – presumably targeting more people. As far as India is concerned most terror attacks had happened on Thursdays! Saturday and Tuesday also are in the list. Similarly the ruling planet of the star of the day when the terror has stricken has been Jupiter on most occasions, followed by Saturn and the nodes. Yesterdays's terror struck on the star of Ketu!.

In India's Vimshoththari dasa system, Venus and Ketu connection had been there on most occasions of terror. Venus dasa saw the most terror attacks. The Ketu antar dasa in Venus Maha dasa had more number of terror attacks. The current Sun dasa must be a peaceful one as Sun  is in the 4th house in the bhava chart, which also happens to be its own house. Sun in the star of 2nd and 5th lord Mercury will not wreck havoc for large part of its dasa. The current bhukthi lord Rahu is in the star of Sun, making it a mixed bag of events. Rahu being the sub cuspal lord of 2nd, 6th and 10th houses and positioned in the house of Venus, has helped in keeping the rulers under check and can even help in recovery of black money from abroad.
The Home minister  made a statement that India was relatively calm in the first half of this year. It is because of this and the general planetary combinations.

For Indian conditions, the foremost requisite for a terror-free atmosphere is Jupiter which must be free of affliction and also positioned in benefic signs. Yet another requisite is the absence of affliction to a sensitive point called antiscion of the Sun. This point keeps moving with the movement of the Sun. Fortunately for the last six months, the antiscion of the sun was free of affliction. That is why even though a few instances of blasts were reported in the first half of this year, the casualties and the intensity of blasts have been very less. But the time is changing for a brief period now. From 26th July onwards, the antisicon of the Sun is going to be afflicted by the malefics which will be there for the next 3 months.

Yesterday's blast was a little different from the terror attacks of the past, because the most important Jupiter was relatively safe and unafflicted. Let me give my check list before I proceed.

For a terror attack to happen (in Indian conditions – I say this based on the Indian natal chart of Independence) the following must be present:-
  • ·         Moon must be afflicted (for human sufferings to happen.) In the absence of this one clause even if other clauses were to be present, the terror attack will fail or causalties will be nil or very low. 
  • ·         Jupiter must be afflicted.
  • ·         Antiscion of the Sun must be afflicted.
  • ·         Terror time lagna lord and 8th lord must  be afflicted.
  • ·         The lagna lord and 8th lord and or the 8th house must fall in ayudha, sarpa or fiery drekkanas.
  • ·         The 22nd drekkana and 64th navamsa lords must be afflicted.
  • ·         Brighu bindu must be afflicted or the planetary lord of the Brighu bindu degree must be afflicted.
  • ·         Affliction to shunya rasi for the thithi in which the terror occurs
  • ·         Malefics in Mrithyu bhaga and /or malefics transiting Rohini. (additional feature and not always possible)
  • ·         The malefics such as Saturn, Mars and the nodes causing the above afflictions besides being connected among themselves. In worst terror attacks, they will be in 6-8 axis or 2-12 axis with each other.

In all the terror attacks in the past, one can see all the above being present. (There are justifications for the above factors to be related to a terror attack. I am not going into those details as it will take many articles to explain.)  Based on these factors it is possible to interpret the cause of terror which in most occasions was to pose a challenge to the Government, as terror attacks are modern day versions of war on government. The modes operandi is to the attack and terrorize  the innocent people with an aim to make them lose confidence in the government. There are other reasons also which I have classified in the Indian scenario, but the most common cause is this.

But on only one occasion in the past the cause of attack was to wreck personal vengeance. On 23rd November 2007, about 6  blasts occurred in the court premises of  Lucknow, Varanasi and Faziabad. The attacks were a retaliation for the arrest of terrorists and for the reason that no lawyers came forward to defend them. Indian Muhajideen claimed responsibility for that attack. In fact use of ammonium nitrate and IED were seen in the past in the attacks by Indian Mujahideen and a Bangladeshi outfit, Harkat-ul-jehad al islam.

But the terror time chart then and yesterday did not have an afflicted Jupiter.
Infact yesterday Jupiter's 9th aspect was there on the terror time lagna and the moon. From this I deduce that the real cause of the attack is somewhere local or personal – a retaliatory act of vengeance or may be linked to the underworld elements who were involved in J.Dey's murder. This can also be interpreted that someone is testing the preparedness of the people and the police and also the efficacy of themselves in perpetrating the crime. Because this particular position of Jupiter occurred as an exception on only occasion when settling scores was the cause (as stated above). So I think the local factors must also be thoroughly investigated.


Skandan said...

Dear Madam,

People who die in these blasts and those who escape at the last few seconds, is it because of their individual karma or fate or they get affected due to mass effect?


jayasree said...

@ Skandan
It is individual karma. Violent death and mass death will be indicated in their horoscope.

In this context I wish to add some more information. What you call 'gandam' (death like contingency)may come quite a few times in one's life. But there are chances to escape those gandams. Such escapes happen due to some factors one of which is the prayers that could have acted like a parihara for a gandam. Since we do not know what gandam is in store and what parihara we must have done, let me give some tips.

# Recite everyday the Mrithyunjana sloka minimum 3 times, maximum any multiples of 9, particularly before you leave out of the house.

# Recite everyday the Sudharshana gayathri. Approach a Narasimhar temple archakar and get initiated into that manthra. Recite it in multiples of 9.

# Daily recital of Vishnu sahasranama followed by the Panchayudha sthothra would reduce the threat factors on life.

# Start protection for your kid right from the time of conception. Let pregnant ladies listen to or recite Vishnu sahasranama or Panchayudha sthothra, or Sudharshana ashtakam everyday. Let them go to temples as many times as possible.

# Teach kids right from young age the slokas and develop in them faith in God. Teach them Mruthyunjana slokam and let that become one of the slokas they say everyday.

A life started like this would be saved at the right moment from gandam. There may be serious devotees who die in such mishaps. However there are chances that if that gandam is manipulatable, it will be done so by these slokas and sthothras.

I have seen people who have survived. That is why I say this. The best way to detect this is through palmistry. Where cuts in the life line were not there before, they have appeared few months before the moment of death. Where cuts have been noticed long before, they have joined / repaired right before the time of gandam. So 'something' works. To escape sudden unnatural deaths, Mruthyunjana sloka is the ideal parihara.

Adhitya said...

Good analysis and writeup. Thanks for the indepth work.


Bala said...

////The best way to detect this is through palmistry.////

I totally agree with this view.

Right from the time I read Cheiro's books on palmistry, numerology etc in the early 1960's, I have been monitoring my palm on a daily basis and acting on the symbols shown by it. I have benefitted by such usage.

But here I wish to make a suggestion as an addition to the tips you have given in this article:

“Become a devotee of a genuine Swamiji and consult him from time to time for your problems and the well being of your family”.

I am saying this from my personal experience of receiving the grace of Sri-La-Sri Panrimalai Swamigal's blessings in my life.I have been saved on different occasions due to his blessings -- particularly on 14/8/1977 and 25/12/1979 if my memory serves me right.

[I am saying genuine Swamiji since there are 100's of fake swamijis ready to take us for a ride. We have to stay miles away from such fake swamijis.]

My father got introduced to the Swamiji during the late1950s and from that time onwards we had been visiting him to get his blessings whenever he visited Bombay for his camps. My father used to do voluntary service for the Swamiji for at least a week to 10 days during his stay in our city.

In late Dec 1979 Swamiji had a camp in Nasik and on 25/12/79 my father went to fetch milk in our Ambassador car at about 4 am in biting cold conditions. Suddenly our car caught fire and in a short time the whole rear portion of the car was a symbol of blazing fire. My father was driving the car without realising it. Since it was biting cold probably he was not aware of it. Fortunately a few persons on the road frantically signalled to him and stopped the car and helped him in putting out the raging fire.

After reaching the camp with milk my father told the Swamiji in a trembling voice what happened and thanked him for saving his life.

The Swamiji smiled and said “So, you were sick and your family members were telling you to skip the camp this time since the Swamiji will be visiting Bombay again in a year or so. So you also agreed to it and decided to stay back.

[My father did not mention his sickness or about the discussions in our house about skipping the camp this time etc to the Swamiji, but we were not surprised when he told my father about how we had discussed the situation in our house. In the case of every devotee he would tell them since you had thought like this or you had discussed this way in your house etc. So we knew that he knew what was happening in each devotee's case.]

If you had stayed back what would have happened? I knew that there was a gandam for your car to get caught in fire but you did not have any gandam, so you were safe.

[He had fixed a photo of Swamiji in the car for its protection and would put a small garland every day before starting out for the day's work.]

But if you had skipped this camp and stayed back, your son (that is myself) would have taken the car for his use. But since he had a gandam he would have been burnt alive. So I compelled you to come to Nasik by disabling the big car in Chembur”.

Big car?

My father was to be joined by 9 other volunteers for rendering service at Nasik. There was a Studebaker car (big car), our Ambassador and a Fiat car for the purpose.

There were lots of materials also to be taken to Nasik such as rice, wheat, pulses, ghee, bed sheets, towels, mats etc for their use.

The Big car was serviced also one day prior to their departure so that there should be no problem on the way to Nasik etc. But still the big car failed to get started and they could not do anything about it in spite of their efforts. So they had to leave the car and call my father to accompany them compulsorily.

That is what the Swamiji meant when he said that he disabled the big car.

From my palm one could read the symbols of my escaping death.


jayasree said...

Thanks for sharing your experience Mr Bala.

I wish to say the follwoing.
Normally I do not tell people to follow any swamiji. Actually all people of our country have a Guru in their family tradition. It is so in Tamilnadu also. Those who have forgotten them are either from families that were carried away by DK influence or by modernity. If they search, they would definitely come to know that their family had allegiance to a Family guru. I tell them to find out that tradition and stick to it.

Getting attracted to a particular swamiji is also there which I don't discourage. But I tell people not to forget their family gurus.

Aishu said...

Were'nt these planetary positions happening when there were no bomb blasts happening in the country, long time back? Did the mass murders happen in some other way with the same kind of planetary placements in the sky?


Anandam said...


Pardon my ignorance.

Could you pl. explain why should we recite in multiples of 9 only ?

Thanks & Best regards

jayasree said...

@ Aishu

The planetary positions were there at other times too. But look at the check list I have given. Most of the points are related to a particular moment of time in a day. All of them do not occur simultaneously.

jayasree said...

@ Anandham

There are many explanations which you will find by browsing the net.

On my part I will say only this which you may not find in other websites.

There are nine openings (nava dwras) in our body through which we survive. 12 times 9 is 108 which is the division of the cosmos around us (12 signs) with 27 stars (2=7 = 9) becoming causative factors for creation, sustenance and destruction of life.

108 is the actual number for japa. By japa, we transcend mind and reach the Supreme. In astrology moon stands for mind and Sun for the Supreme God. It is an astonishing coincidence that the distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. The distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. By 108 times of the nama japa of a God, perhaps we reach that God Himself!!

For an article on relevance of 9 in Hinduism refer the follwoing link. It is from the link "Hindu past of the world" which you can find in the side bar of this blog.

Vishal Sathyan said...

The effects of horoscope occur only based on our karma in the previous and current births.