Monday, October 22, 2012

Save the cow - stop Cattle Trafficking to Kerala.

Please read this message from Temple worshipers Society and help in saving the Cow.


We, a team of committed individuals, formed Temple Worshippers Society with the twin objective of Temple Protection and Cattle Protection. In the last two years since its inception, Temple Worshippers Society has been focusing on the HR & CE Department's management of Temples and their properties, interference in worshipping patterns, total disregard to Gau Samrakshana, etc.


While the Right to Information Act is being utilized to further our cause with regards to Temple Protection on one hand, on the other hand, we have also been focusing on the depleting Cattle Wealth which deeply affects our agricultural progress. In course of our study and research, we found that, the regression of agriculture is directly proportional to the progression of meat industry, and that the successive governments have failed this nation on the issue of banning cattle slaughter. Shocking facts revealed by our research forced us to make this documentary.


We request you all to kindly spread this message far and wide in the interest of saving our cattle wealth. 


Temple Worshippers Society

Their Last Journey - Cattle Trafficking to Kerala

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