Monday, October 29, 2012

Kali Yantra in crop circles of Europe!

In continuation of select articles from my Tamil series, here is the 3rd one translated by Ms Shantha. The original in Tamil can be read here:-

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(We ended the 2nd article with a note on the crop circle found in Wiltshire that resembled Syama Kali yantra.)

Certain formations or patterns have been appearing suddenly, usually overnight, in crop fields in certain places during the last few decades. These are known as CROP CIRCLES or Crop formations. These patterns are formed with grain stalks that are bent-over in the fields. The crops are not cut down or uprooted to form these patterns. Rather they seem to be formed by fully bending the crops to form regular shapes.


These crop formations strangely appear overnight. In some instances these formations were witnessed to occur even during day times and the crops were seen to be bent rapidly to form a pattern. These crop formations are often elaborate designs of geometric forms that involve several circles, squares, triangles, rectangles and lines and often represent profound mathematical theorems. It is possible to come up with such patterns with a computer. But it has been generally accepted by researchers that to form these complex patterns in crop fields of several acres without damaging the crops or their neighborhood, and that too overnight, is not possible with currently available technology.


The crop formations do not appear as same patterns all over the places. There have been several distinct patterns. Some of them remind of us of our Indian Rangoli patterns. Yet others bear resemblance to Yogic and Tantric patterns. One such Yantra pattern appeared suddenly on September 3rd 1993 in a field in Bythorn, Cambridgeshire in England. Here is an aerial photograph of that formation.



The pentagram is the principal geometric shape of this pattern. (This same pentagram was seen on top of Cernnunos' head). The white portions in this picture are where the crops had been tamped down in careful and precise curves. The stalks of none of the crops had been broken. Normally, the stalks would have broken if they had been bent to that extent by hands or other instruments. Instead they appear as if they are held tightly by an unseen elastic band and are bent over completely.


Despite all the technological advances of recent decades, as of date we do not have the technology to force these crops down to such an extent without breaking them. There are several opinions and conclusions regarding these crop formations some of which seem to indicate that these are out of the reaches of current human capabilities. Some crop circle researchers (known as Cereologists) believe that these shapes are formed by forces about which we are yet to understand. Several such foreign researchers who are against blind beliefs and faiths do seem to believe that crop formations are the work of aliens! These researchers try to find associations of stars that are representative of Jewish and Christian faiths in these crop circles!


The reality is that such formations are created in Nature in other planes too. For example it is possible to create such geometric patterns by passing sound waves through water or other liquids. This type of scientific research is known as CYMATICS.  When sound waves of a particular frequency were passed through a liquid, following shapes emerged in the liquid.