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Comet ISON predicted by an astrologer before astronomers.

Just two months ago, reports started appearing about the visibility of Comet ISON in the month of November 2013. Though it was discovered in September 2012 by Russian astronomers, the report on its appearance within visible range appeared only a few months ago. As per this, the comet would come within sight in November this year.

When I read this report, I was astounded as I recalled a prediction given in the Panchanga that a comet would appear in the month of Aippasi (solar month of Libra). This prediction was made last year itself (as this Panchang came to the shops in December 2012). This is Srinivasan ThirukkaNitha Panchangam  prepared and published by Mr M.V. Naranarayanan, who comes in the lineage of Panchnagam writers.

I have known predictions related to the comets but nowhere have I read how to predict the appearance of a comet! I called up this astrologer immediately and informed him that a comet is going to be seen in Aippasi as he had predicted. From him I came to know the basics to predict appearance of comets which I am sharing here.

We must take Aries as Jag lagna or the lagna of the world. The Maarak and Bhadhak houses to this lagna indicate bad things to come. The Maarak houses are Taurus (2nd house) and Libra (7th house) and Bhaadhak house is Aquarius (11th house for Aries which is a chara lagna) A comet is always seen as a bad omen and as such the affliction of these houses occurring at the time of solar ingress into that sign is taken to indicate the coming of a comet in that month.

It must be checked what events happen in the months of other signs having malefic combination at the time of solar ingress into those signs. In all probability, malefic events could happen in those months, accompanied with or without comets. We must also check as many comet appearances as possible and relate them to events to arrive at a conclusion.

But what I gathered from the traditional thinking on astrology of comets is that these houses do indicate the arrival or appearance of comet when they are afflicted.

Presently Saturn and Rahu are transiting Swathi in Libra. The comet crosses this point on 23rd November 2013.

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On predictive side, parrot coloured comet appearing in south east direction create fears to mankind (Brihad Samhita Chapter 11 – verse 11). This comet had acquired a greenish tinge at present. It is seen in southeast direction, as I understand from the photos. The planetary combinations show scope for natural calamities, particularly earthquakes and danger from water. (Read my article on how to predict earthquakes)

Checking the past events, one thing that we can be sure of is the affliction to these 3 houses (signs). From the known history, we can see that worst carnages have happened when Taurus, Libra and Aquarius had been afflicted by malefics either by association or aspect. One of the earliest events was the Mahabharata war (Read here) when Taurus was badly afflicted by planetary aspects. In recent history, the world wars, the dropping of atom bombs, WTC attack, Godhara train disaster and Mumbai blasts happened on dates when all or one of these 3 houses were badly afflicted. The comet fact-file accompanied with bad events also must be analysed to know / establish the link. 

Information on ISON:-

Path of the Comet ISON.

-October 16th: ISON passes just 2 degrees NNE of the bright star Regulus, making a great “guidepost” to pin it down with binoculars.

-October 18th: The Full Moon occurs, after which the Moon enters the morning sky.

-October 26th: A great photo-op for astro-imagers occurs, as ISON passes within three degrees the Leo galaxy trio of M95, M96, & M105.

-October 30th: The 17% illuminated Moon passes 6 degrees south of ISON.
-Early November: Comet ISON may make its naked eye debut for observers based at dark sky sites.

-November 3rd: A hybrid (annular-total) solar eclipse occurs, spanning the Atlantic and Central Africa. It may just be possible for well placed observers to catch sight of ISON in the daytime during totality, depending on how quickly it brightens up. The Moon reaching New phase also means that the next two weeks will be prime view time for ISON at dawn.

-November 5th: ISON crosses the border from the astronomical constellation of Leo into Virgo.

-November 7th: ISON passes less than a degree from the +3.6 magnitude star Zavijava (Beta Virginis).

-November 8th: ISON passes through the equinoctial point in Virgo around 16:00 EDT/20:00 UT, passing into the southern celestial hemisphere and south of the ecliptic.

-November 14th: ISON passes less than a degree from the 10th magnitude galaxy NGC 4697.

-November 17th: The Moon reaches Full, passing into the morning sky.

-November 18th: ISON passes just 0.38 degrees north of the bright star Spica.

-November 22nd: ISON crosses into the astronomical constellation of Libra.

-November 23rd: ISON sits 4.7 degrees SSW of the planet Mercury and 4.9 SSW of Saturn, respectively.

-November 25th: ISON pays a visit to another famous comet, passing just 1.2 degrees south of short period comet 2P/Encke which may shine at +8th magnitude.

-November 27th: ISON enters the field of view of SOHO’s LASCO C3 coronagraph.

-November 28th: ISON reaches perihelion at ~18:00 PM EST/ 23:00 UT.

After that, all bets are off. The days leading up to perihelion will be tense ones, as ISON then rounds the Sun on a date with astronomical destiny. Will it join the ranks of the great comets of the past? Will it stay intact, or shatter in a spectacular fashion? Watch this space for ISON updates… we’ll be back in late November with our post-perihelion guide! 


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chandru said...

வணக்கம் உங்களது எழுத்துக்காக நீங்கள் எடுத்துக் கொண்ட சிரமம் தெரிகிறது. இதற்கு மிகுந்த அறிவும், நேரமும் தேவை. நீங்கள் தொடர்ந்து எழுதுவதற்கு தெய்வம் அருள் புரியட்டும் என்னுடைய பங்கிற்கு நானும் ஒரு துளியாக எழுதியுள்ளேன்

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ISON Comet Astrology Viewer - this is a recommended freeware displaying the tropical positions, the visual magnitudes etc.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Peterson Harry,
Thank you.

jayasree said...

Fears for mankind is the effect of green coloured comet, as per Brihad smahita which I have quoted in the article. I had also written that the current planetary combinations indicate earthquakes and danger from water.

News at the moment- tremors shake Delhi

The worst typhoon of the century unleashed Philippines where a million were affected and more than 10,000 died.