Friday, February 15, 2008

Dravida is a misnomer, caste a mis-conception - Dr. Raj Pandit Sharma of HCUK speaks.

" Western scholars further theorized that
the dark skinned Southerners(Dravidians) were
the indigenous Indian populace and primitive in nature,
thus proliferating disunity
between Indians in the North and the South.....

This contradicts Hindu scriptures,
which depict Hindu icons
Lord Rama and Lord Krishna
as having dark complexions (shyama varna).

The celebrated Vedic scholar, Vyas was of dark hue.
The Brahmin sage Kanva, who contributed richly to Rig Veda
is described as a dark-skinned person vide RV (X.31.11)...."

Full text of the report on Caste by

Dr. Raj Pandit Sharma of Hindu Council UK, is at

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Unknown said...

Dr Raj Pandit Sharma has removed much of the misinformation surrounding the caste system and as a Hindu I can confidently say that the report is a must read for all!

S Patel