Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Year for Tamils – A suggestion to Mr. Karunanidhi.

However much I am trying to find a convincing justification

for starting the New year on the 1st of Thai,

to that extent I am finding discouraging reasons for not having it on that day.

For a grand occasion like starting one full year of 365 days,

I am worried to know that Sun’s entry into Capricorn

is not for an auspicious start.

Whether one believes it or not,

astrological operations will come into play at the moment they have to happen.

The Kalapurusha, lying on a full circle of the zodiac

can never be expected to make mistakes,

and he would never deviate for a second

from his job of time-keeping.

As such, when the sun enters Capricorn,

the Kalapurusha will see to it

that the Sun will be experiencing a phase of death – pangs.

Yes, all the 12 constellations of the zodiac undergo

a life-cycle of 5 stages called ‘avasthas’

Each zodiac sign is divided into 5 parts of 6 degrees each

and make the planet traveling in a particular part,

experience the avastha of that part.

The avasthas are bala (child-hood),

kumara (boy-hood),

yauvana (youth),

Vriddhaabhya (old age)

and maraNa (death).

These avasthas happen in this order of 6 degrees each,

in the odd numbered constellations starting from Aries.

The reverse of this takes place in the even numbered constellations.

Since Capricorn is an even numbered raasi,

the avasthas happen in the reverse order.

0 to 6 degrees – maraNa (death)

7 to 12 degrees - Vriddhaabhya (old age)

13 to 18 degrees - yauvana (youth),

19 to 24 degrees - kumara (boy-hood)

25 to 30 degress - bala (child-hood)

This means in the first 6 days of Thai,

the sun will be in pangs of death!

It is not wise to start the New year like this.

On the contrary,

since Aries begins with Bala avasthas,

the entry of sun in Aries will be good.

Moreover the sun reaches its greatest brilliance in Kumara avastha there.

Again Capricorn is a sign of enmity for the Sun.

Saturn, the Lord of Capricorn is a natural enemy (naisargika shathru) to the Sun.

When we go on analyzing like this,

we are not able to accept whole heartedly the New Year in Thai.

Instead I have a suggestion to make,

which I am sure will be agreeable to Mr. Karunanidhi.

Since Mr. Karunanidhi is harping on the theme

that ‘Tamils’ must have New Year of their own,

it will be more suitable to identify a day

that will be the dawn of a New Year for all Tamils,

irrespective of whether they are Hindus or Muslims or Christians.

Such a day will be the day when this Tamilnadu was born!

Yes, the day Tamilnadu was created can be aptly called

as the first day for all Tamils.

That day can be made the New Year day

and the year can be calculated from that day onwards.

The birth day for India was on mid night of 25th of August, 1947.

Every year we celebrate the anniversary of this day.

This is common day for all Indians irrespective of differences of sorts.

Similarly, if Mr. Karunanidhi wants to special day as the New-year day for Tamils,

that must be the day when Tamilnadu came into existence.

The original Tamil land was something else in Sangam period

which included Kerala (chEra naadu) too.

Mr. Karunanidhi, our revolutionary ruler may even ask for it

and come to an understanding with Kerala like how he has,

in Mullai-periyaar issue.

But for the time being,

he has to be content with what is now available as Tamilnadu

and unite all Tamils, irrespective of their religion,

to celebrate a single day as New Year’s day.

Full fledged celebrations can take place on that day.

All textile shops will rise to the occasion and offer massive discounts.

People – Hindus, Muslims and Christians can celebrate together

in whatever way he wishes.

Lighting deepams, drawing kolams, wearing new dresses

(another occasion to distribute free sarees and dhotis),

bursting crackers, eating sweets, and what not.

No one is going to find fault with Mr. Karunanidhi

that he is trying change the existing customs.

He is free to design a new set of customs

for this New Year

and implement it too.

Will he try this out?

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