Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Location of pithruloka - in the sky!!

It is a tricky job to deal with an issue like pithrus and oblations to them.

But no concept of Sanatana Dharma is without a rationale.

It is not right to say that oblation to pithrus is superstitious,

and if such oblations were to really 'help' pithrus, how can we rationalize for billions of

non-Hindus who would not be doing it.

Oblations to Pithrus is not a practice only among Hindus.

All the people of the world remember their departed ones in some way or the other.

But the Hindu way is precise and target-oriented

and indeed designed to transfer results but in intangible ways.

Also the mantras are so designed

that oblations are done to all those departed ones

who have not received oblations from their dear and near.

Concern for all is thus the core nature of Sanatana dharma.

And science is nonetheless doing its bit

in substantiating the concepts of Sanatana Dharma!

The understanding among cosmologists that our system is part of Virgo super cluster

is vindicative of our theory

that pithru loka is in the direction of or towards Virgo.

From the previous posts on this topic,

it is known that every level of existence is in the grip of succeeding level.

Earth in the grip of sun,

sun in the grip of centre of our galaxy,

our galaxy, in the grip of its next level and so on.

Cosmologists have come up with the same theory

and have seen up to Virgo Super cluster,

of which our system is a part.

Here are some pictures and links to see how this network looks like.

Our location in the milky way.

Panning out to see more local galaxies that define the Virgo Supercluster:
The Milky-Way recedes to a speck at the center of the blue circular outline,
and we see the larger part of our Virgo Cluster at the right.

There is perfect geometry and alignment within these clusters
that revolve around Virgo,
which in our reckoning of Sanathana Dharma is the location of Pithruloka.

The pictorial and other details of this can be viewed in the link below.

What we see from our position, as part of this Virgo cluster can be seen in this link.

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