Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jayalalitha a non-Tamil, says Mr Karunanidhi.

Mr Karunnanidhi is at his favorite past-time again!

While the very question 'who a Tamil' is a complex one to find a rational answer,

here is Mr Karunanidhi coming up with his own version of a 'Tamil'.

Like all other such versions by him, this also is a questionable one.

His criticism is that Ms Jayalalitha has not joined others in criticizing

the Sri Lankan army chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka,

who called the Tamilnadu leaders who are meddling with Srilankan affairs

with reference to war on LTTE, as jokers.

This invited the anger of many leaders of Tamilnadu,

But Ms Jayalalitha has kept silent in criticizing the Army chief for his remarks.

This shows that she is not a Tamil, nor having Tamil instincts.

If this is the rationale to be called as a Tamil,

then it gives rise to a very piquant situation

of entire Tamilnadu

not having Tamils!

(this excludes film fraternity and

Govt officials who enjoy the patronization for the DMK govt

and the persons in influential posts who donated for the Srilankan aid.)

For, the general publicat large are not at all for the scenes

that the politicians are creating on Srilankan issue.

Karunanidhi & co must be happy that Fonseka has not called them as 'fools'.

How else one will be called if one goes out of the way

to put pressure on another country

interfering in its internal affairs.

If a human rights issue is involved,

by now every other country would have raised is objection o Srilanka.

What is happening there is what we have failed to do in our country

-in curbing terrorism.

Every organization other than LTTE not opposing the Srilankan move

shows that the ground realities are different

and we are making a fool of ourselves by raising our fist against the air.

We can not set our house in order.

We can not raise a finger against the terrorists.

We can not even execute the sentence on Afsal Guru even after the Mumbai attacks

(as a show of toughness against terrorism)

But we will raise a hue and cry against a nation that is getting tough with its terrorists.

It is a national shame, nay, a Tamil's shame

that we can not call a halt to terrorism in our soil

even after the Mumbai attacks,

yet ask another country to stop war on its terrorists.

We have let our nation slip into immunity with terrorism.

If we expect another nation to be so is nothing but an act in foolishness.

It is un-patriotic too, to go soft on LTTE,

instead of asking the Lankan govt to capture the offenders in

Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and hand them over to us.

When will our present crop of politician understand

that issue-based politics only will carry weight as to invite some support?


they will have to face such remarks from others.

This is the mood of the public-

But we know why Mr Karunanidhi is doing these polemics.

These were the people who brought Ronen Sen to his kneels.

Politicians are certainly a class which does not fall in tune with national ethics.

Coming to who a Tamil issue,

well, Jayalalitha did not criticize the foreign official

who spoke ill of Tamilnadu politicians.

Can anyone who criticizes that official become a Tamil?

Does one get a Tamil tag if he criticizes anyone who criticizes a Tamil?

No one from rest of India

or from the Central government criticized the official.

Is it because they are non-Tamils?

Going back in memory lane,

Poetess Ouvaiyaar criticized Tamil kings for their enmity among themselves.

Is she a non-Tamil?

No one challenged her for that.

That means other Tamils of her time were non-Tamils?

Poet Kapilar did not like the way Tamil kings behaved with Paari vaLLAl

and criticized them.

No other poet questioned Kapilar for that.

Were they non-Tamils?

Mr Karunanidhi quoted Cheran Sen kuttuvan to support his claim that

Tamils must unite in criticizing the Srilankan official.

He says that the Cheran king, on behalf of the other two kings

(Cholan and Pandyan) avenged the North Indian kings

while bringing back the stone from the Himalayas

for making the statue for Kannagi.

But what happened was that the Cheran already had a grouse

with the North kings when he was challenged on his trip

to the Ganges on a pilgrimage with his mother.

The thought of building a temple for Kannagi

gave a fillip to his desire to stamp his foot on the North

by making the entire land a Tamil land

(Silappadhikaaram -Kaatchi-k-kaadai 160- to 183).

In this context he wanted to make the march to North as Tamil venture

and procured the support from the other two kings

by getting their seal in his message to the Northern kings.

A better corollary of this is for Mr Karunanidhi

to take up all politicians with him and go on a war with Srilanka.

He would say this is not possible in today's condition.

That is it.

It is not possible in today's world

to shout from your house-top at the country's neighbor and give trouble to him.

Only jokers do that.
A wise Tamil, that Ms Jayalalitha is,

she has not joined the groups of jokers!


Views on who is a Tamil.

'Amma' is non-Tamil! Says Karunanidhi

A fresh controversy has erupted in vituperative Dravidian politics with chief minister M. Karunanidhi branding rival AIADMK supremo Ms Jayalalithaa as a non-Tamil. That was why she kept mum while all the other political leaders reacted in anger and indignation at the insulting remarks of Sri Lankan army chief Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka, concluded the chief minister while speaking at the wedding of revenue minister I. Periyasami's son here on Wednesday. "The army commander of Sri Lanka has ridiculed Tamil Nadu leaders as a bunch of jokers. Most leaders from our state have condemned Fonseka's remarks," Mr Karunanidhi said.

Reeling out the names of PMK chief Dr S Ramadoss, MDMK general secretary Vaiko, VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan, Communist leaders D. Pandiyan and N. Varadarajan, and then said the name of a leader of an important party does not figure in that list.

"She has remained silent (at Fonseka's insult) and that's because she is not a Tamil," said the DMK chief minister.

"He (Karunanidhi) picks up these issues of caste and being a Tamil whenever he is down and out. These rusted weapons have never won him any political battle as proved first by our late leader MGR and repeatedly now by our Amma. Years ago, he had branded MGR as a Malayalee in the hope of alienating him from the Tamil people but they in turn, voted our revolutionary leader as chief minister repeatedly. Same is the case with Amma now," fumed South Chennai AIADMK secretary V. P. Kalairajan.


Slogger said...

Why people vote for him, I dont know. Yeah, thats right what else we have?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Even that right to vote is not with us.. It is big question mark if we will be able to vote in the coming elections.
The present trend is to scare off voters from the booth by the weapon wielding party workers. We saw it in the last corporation elections.

Our house is the second one behind a school which is the polling booth. We could not go near the booth in the last corporation elections as party workers were seen chasing others with sickles, sticks and swords. Big stones were thrown around and we had to be concerned about protecting our property and ourselves. Calls to police did not help. We don't know who voted in the booth. But the ruling party candidate was declared won. We don't expect to see a different scenario in the coming election too.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

No one else has spoken about Tamil-jathi and Tamil-perumai as Maha kavi Bharathiyaar has done. His is intensely nationalistic and patriotic concept of Tamil's interest integrated well in the national psyche.

In his poem titled, 'Tamil-jaathi', he had expressed that he was not worried about reports of hardships experienced by Tamils settled in other countries. He was sure that they would overcome all problems with their faith in god and 'sei-nandri maravaamai'.

"ஆப்பிரிக் கத்துக் காப்பிரி நாட்டிலும்
தென்முனை யடுத்த தீவுகள் பலவினும்
பூமிப் பந்தின் கீழ்ப்புறத் துள்ள
பற்பல தீவினும் பரவி யிவ்வெளிய
தமிழச் சாதி தடியுதை யுண்டும்

காலுதை யுண்டும் கயிற்றடி யுண்டும்
வருந்திடுஞ் செய்தியும் மாய்ந்திடுஞ் செய்தியும்
பெண்டிரை மிலேச்சர் பிரித்திடல் பொறாது
செத்திடுஞ் செய்தியும் பசியாற் சாதலும்
பிணிகளாற் சாதலும் பெருந்தொலை யுள்ளதம்

நாட்டினைப் பிரிந்த நலிவினார் சாதலும்
இ·தெலாம் கேட்டும் எனதுளம் அழிந்திலேன்,
தெய்வம் மறவார, செயுங்கடன் பிழையார்,
ஏதுதான் செயினும் ஏதுதான் வருந்தினும்,
இறுதியில் பெருமையும் இன்பமும் பெறுவார்
என்பதென் னுலத்து வேரகழ்ந் திருத்தலால்.."

Srilankan Tamils are indeed following this wisdom of Bharathiyaar. But they have developed their Achilles heel in LTTE which is receiving succinct support from Tamilnadu politicians. These politicians are not doing good to the larger and long-term interests of Srilankan Tamils.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Just a few days ago, Mr Karunanidhi penned his poem in Murasoli, on the Mumbai attacks comparing it to the breathing / air-sac of Bharath matha under attack. It was truly surprising (and happy too) to see this man who once preached secession of Tamilnadu, to now speak of unity of the whole country and not losing any part of it. But should not the same logic be applied to all nations of the world?

Here is the verse written by Mr Karunanidhi on Mumbai attacks:-

"தாயகம் காத்து நிற்போம்"

இந்திய தேச படம்;
இதய வடிவம் - அதில்
மும்பை ஒரு மூச்சுப் பை
அறுபது மணி நேரத்துக்கு மேலாக;
அதைத் தாக்கித் திக்குமுக்காட வைத்தது,
அராஜகத் தீவிரவாதம்!
அதன் பசிக்கு உணவாகிப்
பாதுகாப்புக்கு உரமாகிவிட்ட
கமாண்டோக்களை, காவல் துறையினரை;
கைதூக்கி வாழ்த்துகிறாள் கண் கலங்க
இந்தியத் தாய்!
"கார்க்கரே" அணியினர் தியாகத்தைப் போற்றி
கைகூப்பித் தொழுகிறது காந்தி தேசம்!
இந்தியத் தாயின் இன்னுமொரு மூச்சுப் பைக்கோ
ரத்த நாள, நாடி, நரம்புகளுக்கோ
இப்படியொரு தீமை
எப்போதும் வராமல் தடுத்து நிற்கத் தயங்காமல்;
இப்போதே அணிவகுப்போம்; - கணமும்
தப்பாது விழித்திருப்போம் நம்தாயகம் காத்து நிற்போம்!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Karunanidhi has a number of 'cards' like this 'non-Tamil card'. The 'brahmin-card' and the 'dalit-card' are time tested ones and can be used anywhere at any time at his will, to conceal their mis-deeds.

The following is just 'oru parukkai' of the ways of Mr Karunanidhi's politics.


When the spectrum controversy began to spin out of control and Telecom Minister A Raja was recently attacked by political leaders from within the UPA and outside for his questionable decisions, his mentor and DMK leader M Karunanidhi condemned the critics as people who could "not tolerate the rise of a humble Dalit". As it turns out, the 'humble Dalit' allowed his ministerial clout and official address to be used for businesses which later connected with the spectrum deal, now under the scanner of the high court and the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).


The entire article can be read at