Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai – Maran connection & Karunanidhi’s calculations!



When the whole of India was aghast at the Mumbai carnage,

Tamilnadu was engrossed in its own issues.

The rains were of course causing troubles.

But the establishment as such seemed not to worry

much about the happenings in Mumbai.


When the rest of India was fuming about how terrorists can be allowed a free run,

Tamilnadu continued to accuse a neighboring Government

for its war on terrorists in its soil.


When the rest of India wants to put an end to terrorism,

Tamilnadu is praying for the LTTE chief's birthday.



When the rest of India  wants the Government  to be strict  with the terrorists,

Tamilnadu wants the Government to plead with Srilanka to

spare a terrorist organization.



When the focus of the entire India is on stopping terrorism,

Tamilnadu is sending a delegation to the PM,

to plead for LTTE,

(the terrorist organization that killed our former PM)

besides of course asking for flood relief.



The amazing event in this back-drop

is the sudden patch-up

that happened with the Marans!



While the dust and din over Karunnaidhi's last ultimatum to the Marans

in a fiercely loaded write-up in Murasoli

has not yet died down in the media and the Public,

here is our CM embracing the persons

whom he fiercely detested until the previous day.



The timing makes me wonder whether the Mumbai carnage

and the attendant public reaction,

obviously against the Government at the Centre

has done a ChaaNakya of Karunanidhi!



There is no gainsaying the fact that Mumbai happening

will fore-shadow the chances of UPA in Tamilnadu too,

in the coming elections.

Congress obviously can not pull out any magic in the elections.

With Communists hob-nobbing with the ADMK,

it is not a good idea to have too many enemies in the fray.

PMK can be pulled back at any time at will,

to add to numbers.

So as far as the numbers matter,

it is an even chance for Karunanidhi.



But what about the havoc that can be caused by the media?

It is not good to have too many channels –

that too an important channel like the Sun TV

to be working in opposition to him.

A large chunk of the media must come under his control.



Earlier, Mr Karunandihi would not have worried about the Sun-effect on him.

But with UPA in unstable wicket,

he can not take chances.

Freebies, waivers and

particularly embraces with minorities can not be depended upon.

Even if Congress fails, he must win

to have adequate numbers

so that in the next government , he can again have a say.



The Mumbai attacks seem to have rung the caution bell in him

and he lost no time in preaching his sons

the wisdom of cuddling together in the days ahead,

so that they can stay on – with strength.



Whether he supports LTTE or not, who will worry,

if he has the numbers with him?

Whether he mis-governs or not, who will ask,

if he wins more seats?



How else can we explain the

'broad-mindedness' in embracing the Marans

and adding  Radhika Sarat kumar in the delegation to Delhi?

He has cleverly bought every dissenting voice in Tamilnadu.

The rest can be taken care of by Vijaykanth.



As usual, we the people of Tamilnadu

are going to be mute spectators to

a Government that does not function,

the officialdom that serves its masters,

and to OUR money that is gifted as color TVs and gas stoves

as though given from Karunannidhi's own pocket!

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Jayasree Saranathan said...


Karunanidhi and marans patch up
Posted on December 1, 2008 by nsemarket

A huge political development in Tamil Nadu has taken everyone by surprise. The estranged Maran brothers have finally patched up with the family of their granduncle DMK chief M Karunanidhi. DMK president and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, accompanied by his family members, on Monday met his estranged grand nephews Kalanidhi Maran and his brother Dayanidhi in Chennai.

The Marans had fallen out with Karunanidhi’s elder son Azhagiri after they had published a controversial survey on the DMK chief’s successor. Soon after, Dayamidhi Maran had to resign as the Union Telecom Minister in May last year. On Monday, they finally made peace. But the DMK chief says he has not though about Dayanidhi Maran’s re-induction into the Union Cabinet.

The family members of Karunanidhi, including his second son M K Azhagiri, who was reportedly opposed to any patch-up efforts with Maran brothers, were present in the meeting at which the Marans had explained their position. Karunanidhi later told reporters that the initiative for the meeting came from Azhagiri, the Madurai-based elder son and his brother and Local Administration Minister M K Stalin.

During the past one year, both the families were locked in a bitter fight after the death of Murasoli Maran. The differences came to the surface when Maran Brothers owned Dinakaran, a Tamil newspaper, published a survey, projecting Stalin as a political successor to Azhagiri.

With karuna’s family venturing into film productions , they need sun networks publicity and with DMK facing heat from the public for worst ever current cuts , they need sun network to face the elections. Sun tv had been telecasting all the wrong doings of the DMK party.

Karunanidhi should be ashamed of himself , for dancing to the tunes of his elder son Azhagiri .