Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kasab to be in the elite company of Afzal and Murugan?



The Prime Minister has repeatedly declared that we will stand up against terrorism.

How to show it in action?

Here is the beginning of the next chapter in how the Government 'acts' with reference to  terrorism.


The minimum the citizens expected  as a show of toughness against terrorism was to carry out the punishment for Afzal Guru implicated in the dastardly terrorist attack on the Parliament. He can not be executed, because the Minister of state for Home affairs says that he is only at 28th in the list of criminals facing the gallows, seeking Presidential pardon. Murugan, the criminal implicated in the much earlier terrorist attack on Rajiv Gandhi, is still in the 5th in list. While  Murugan's fate is not yet decided, how can we decide about Afzal Guru, asks the Minister.


If this is the way the Manmohan government is handling the issue, it wont be a surprise if Kasab, the terrorist captured in Mumbai attacks who has been allowed to appeal to Pakistani movement to get legal aid, joins one day this list of terrorists seeking Presidential Pardon. Murugan may have been pardoned by then owing to the magnanimity of the widow of the slain leader and Afzal also may have been pardoned due to consideration of Islamic compassion. So Kasab need not worry about his life. He is safe in India and with our crop of politician at the helm!

Long live Kasab and the future terrorists!







Congress links Afzal, Murugan




The Congress has said it can't ask government to hang Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru till the case of Murugan, Rajiv Gandhi's assassin, is decided.

"We have no sympathy with Afzal Guru who has been sentenced by the three courts of the country but will follow the rule on the question of hanging him as the case of Murugan is still pending," Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed told this newspaper.

According to Congress sources, the mercy petition of Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru is pending with the President of India at no 28 in the list of persons who have sought pardon from the Supreme Court's death sentence.

The petition of Murugan, convicted for killing former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, too is pending at no 5 in the same list, they said.

"What would be the justification of hanging Afzal Guru out of turn," said Shakeel Ahmed, who is also minister of state for home affairs.




Kasab asks for Pak help


Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman, the sole surviving terrorist captured during the 26/11 terror attack, has written to the Pakistani mission seeking legal help even as the Islamabad remained in a denial mode.

"We have dispatched the letter to the ministries of external affairs and home affairs," said the joint commissioner of police (crime), Mr Rakesh Maria.

Mr Maria said Ajmal, in his letter, had said that "he and his associates are Pakistanis and all participated in the terror strikes." The letter in Urdu was written two days ago.

Mr Maria said Ajmal had asked the mission to take custody of the body of fellow terrorist Ismail Khan who was killed in an encounter in south Mumbai on November 26, the day Ajmal was held in Mumbai.



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