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Dreams in astrology.

Dream interpretation is part of astrology. The Hindu astrology is broadly classified into 5, of which samhita is one and sakuna is another.

Dreams come under both these.

Swapna sastra (science of dream) as it is called, is a samhita dealing with meaning of dreams.

It is also part of sakuna (that depends on instant recognition of an ensuing event based on common sense knowledge of happenings in Nature) because it is possible for even a layman to understand what a dream conveys.

Charaka, Susruta, Varahamihira, Bruhaspathi, Parashara, Markandeya etc have written on dreams. ( I will do a separate post on their theories.)

Some reference to dreams is found in puranas also.

Generally all these texts deal with dream interpretation.

A link to an article on dream interpretation can be read here:-

However, according to Sanatana dharma, dreams too are part and parcel of Karma theory. What we do by thought, word and action do have a resultant, coming back to us some time later. Some of those results (phala) are experienced in dreams!

The mental impressions happening at waking state are known as thoughts.

The mental impressions happening at sleep state are known as dreams.

As such they are also something which we experience.

The emotions that dreams evoke are intended to be experienced by us due to some previous karma.

It is therefore deduced that not all dreams are predictive. That means, not all dreams have some scope for interpretation. They are dreamt because the experience had to be felt through them.

Acharya Ramanuja
held this opinion based on sruti texts.

An article on this was already posted in this blog :-

In the current post, I am writing on Varahamihira's opinion on how dream experience is part of undergoing a karmic result.

In verse 22 of chapter 8 of Brihad Jathaka, Varahamihira says,

"During the time of an auspicious planet, the mind of the person will be good. It enables the man to get wealth and secure happiness or misery, the man is subjected to. The results produced by powerless planets will be enjoyed in dreams and thoughts".

Moon is the planet that controls one's thoughts. It signifies mind. Varahamihira does not pin point moon or any particular planet for vivid dreams. He only says about powerful planets and powerless planets.

In the period of powerless planets, one gets to enjoy the weaker yogas (rendered weak due to association of powerless planets) in his thoughts and dreams.

This has been interpreted by Bhattothpala, the commentator of Brihad Jataka and Sri B.Surya Narain Rao (grandfather of Dr BV Raman) who has translated Brihad Jataka in the following way:-

In a natal chart a yoga may exist in some degree of powerfulness. For instance, the vaahana yoga ( for enjoyment of conveyance) may exist in some degree of powerfulness. Not all those having this yoga do have a vaahana in reality.

Some may own a chauffeur driven vehicle.

Some may not own a vehicle but will be regularly accompanying their boss in their vehicle.

Some may enjoy a vehicle as drivers.

Yet another person may temporarily enjoy a vehicle by getting a lift while going on some chore.

If we examine the horoscopes of these persons, all of them may be having the vaahana yoga to some extent. But fructification of it happens differently in accordance with the power of the yoga, the planets involved and the running dasa- antra dasa.

Again some may have the vaahana yoga to an extent that they will enjoy the riding pleasure only in thoughts!!

There may be some who will have dreams of riding or owning a vehicle.

Astrology tells that it is possible to enjoy in different ways and different degrees, the causes of which can be traced to the power of the planet!

The power of the planet is linked to the karmic result that a person is destined to enjoy. In this way dreams themselves are a 'vehicle' for experiencing some karma-phalan.

Identifying a specific planet as a causative (kaarak) for dreams is not there in Vedic astrology. The houses, signs, aspects and moon's power must be inter related to arrive at a judgment.

However western astrology does assign an important role to Neptune in giving vivid dreams to the native. The power of Neptune, the aspects it receives and its own aspects on moon, on Leo and on the 5th house do matter.

In Palmistry, those with psychic hands often get dreams that seem to convey something to them.

But not all dreams can not be interpreted, nor can be said to be indicative of some impending event. For a person to be able to get such dream that conveys a message in advance, he / she must have a semi- circular curve on the side of the palm starting from the mount of moon and ending in the mount of Mercury.

This is known as 'aruL rEgai' in Tamil or the line of intuition.

This is very rare to come across.

Even where it is seen, it does not go in full sweep. It exists as a line from moon to mercury mount – looking short, or medium or curved, lying on the outer side of Line of Health. Such persons have clairvoyance and foretelling abilities.

In practice, we see those persons with the line of Intuition, doing well as effective astrologers. This line is seen in the hands of astrologers, yogis and spiritually inclined ones. Dream interpretation and getting dreams as a fore-warning can happen to these persons.

Tail piece:-

What is Vaahana yoga?

A powerful planet must be between the lord of the ascendant and the sun and /or the moon. The 9th house from that planet must be occupied by an auspicious planet.

This confers vaahana yoga.

Other versions of vaahana yoga are that the lord of the lagna must join the 4th or 9th or 11th lord.

Or else the 4th lord must be exalted and the lord of the exaltation sign must occupy a Kendra or trokona.

All these confer enjoyment of vehicles.


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