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The rationale of Pooja practices.



The many questions on the simple practices of Hinduism are well explained in


Given here are some links on daily prayers and worship.



On flowers offered to deity:-


1. Importance of flowers in puja ritual

2. Why is a specific flower offered to a deity?

3. Why should one only offer fresh flowers to the deity?

4. Why it is not advisable to pluck buds after the sunset?

5. Which flowers should be offered to a particular deity?


Beginning of worship:-

 1. Importance of conch (shankh) as per scriptures

2. Blowing of shankh in puja ritual

2.1 Effect of energy emitted from blowing of shankh

2.2 Correct method of blowing shankh

3. Shankhini

4. Ritualistic worship of shankh

5. Important points to be noted while using a shankh

6. The bell

6.1 Effect of energy emitted from the bell

7. Difference in sound vibrations of bell and shankh


On Tulsi and sacred leaves:-

1. Importance of patri in puja ritual

2. Tulsi

2.1 Why are women prohibited from gathering tulsi leaves?

2.2 Why are tulsi leaves used while offering naivedya to a deity?

3. Durva

3.1 What is the difference between durva and common grass?

4. Bilva patra (leaf of aegle marmelos)


On puja rules:-

1. Arrangement of puja articles

2. First layer of arrangement of puja articles

2.1 Plate for offering sacrament

2.2 Plate for puja

2.3 Why are unbroken rice grains used as akshatas?

3. Second layer of arrangement of puja articles

4. Third layer of arrangement of puja articles

4.1 Why is arti plate of camphor kept to the right of deity?

4.2 Why is coconut is called as the most holy fruit?

5. Fourth layer of arrangement of puja articles

6. Fifth layer of arrangement of puja articles

7. Benefits of arranging puja articles according to layers of five cosmic elements


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