Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Satyam is saved, but-

It was good news to hear that Satyam has been bought.
But it somewhat disturbs me to note that the day the bidding happened was not all that good.
It was Chathurthi till the evening on 13th April, 2009.

Perhaps it bodes well for Ramalinga Raju to lose any connection with his Company on a Chathurthi day.
But it is not good to make a commercial deal on Chathurthi.
If made, there are chances of that slipping out of hand.
I wish the Mahindras did not sign yesterday any formal paper of take-over.

I browsed the net for the probable time of any signing of take-over.
But I could not get any specific time of signing.
I hope the Mahindra-chief is taking some astrological advice on Time (muhurtha)
for making important deals.
I also wish that the deal took place at a favorable hora yesterday.
If so, there is no need to worry.

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Vikis Kitchen said...

I too thought the same yesterday about the deal and Chathurthi.
Any way lets believe that the Lord Ganesha will help Mahindra and the hard working employees.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Lets hope that the deal was finalized at a benefic hora.
Hora is crucial as also pancha pakshi of the Mahindra Chief.
If they are good, Chathurthi can not harm.
Ganesha homa & worship will help.

If the final process is done after 17th April (when Venus would have ended retrogression), I think it would be better.