Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now Vedic Math is American invention!





Vedic Maths which has gone West.

In the last mentioned case, an American is actually claiming an ancient Vedic maths formula is his own discovery.

Causing all the commotion is a retired American pharmacist, Albert Clay, who claims that he has recently come up with a formula to multiply any number by any other number mentally.

Clay has even gone so far as to copyright the method.

But when the attention of the Vedic Maths Forum of India (VMFI), was drawn to Clay's claim and copyright, they reacted with indignation.


Affirms Gaurav Tekriwal, a Vedic mathematician and the founder-president of the VMFI,

"This formula -- the Crosswire method of multiplication - belongs to India and has been used by Vedic mathematicians for innumerable years now.

We have records to prove that it is Indian."


Gaurav declares, "We are taking up the case of challenging his copyright."

He has started an online petition for this cause and has got a huge response from scores of other like-minded people.


Sivananda Rani Abhiraman, a mathematics teacher in the city says,

"Vedic maths makes calculations simpler, and it is very much an Indian concept.

There are many people who're passionate about this, and we shouldn't allow it to be copyrighted in the US."


Observers note that the recurrence of this problem has its roots in a lack of awareness.

KP Satish Kumar, partner, Ojas Law firm, states, "Indians have to be proactive about copyrights and patents."


When it comes to the controversy over the Vedic Math formula,

Satish expresses an opinion which many will echo:

"I personally believe that the case would be much stronger if the government of India challenges the copyright and supports the cause of the Vedic Maths forum."



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Unknown said...

Thankyou Jayashree for writing about the cause.

Really Appreciate.

Gaurav Tekriwal.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Mr Gaurav for dropping in and placing your comment. We will do our best to stop this and create awareness. The news report tells about some online petition which I could not locate. If there are some efforts like that, kindly inform me.

Jehan said...

There are lots of Indians who would support Jayashree. I am positive.
But if we have to leave it to the Govt. of India to do anything which will need to display a backbone, we can wait for a jelly-fish to get a backbone, but the govt..... well that is a totally different story. Personally, I am sick of the Indian government not being able to do anything about anything.
Chinese invasions are ok because the number of incursions this year are about the same as last year.

Unknown said...

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