Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Save the Flower- garden of Swamy Ranganatha of Srirangam.



Madhurakavi Nandavanam of Srirangam takes care of the flower-needs of the Srirangam Ranganathar temple. The garlands which adorn Lord Namperumal are prepared by the devout ekankis (celibate bachelor Sri Vaishnavas , who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of performing kainkarya for Lord Namperumal) without any monetary gain for themselves .The Nandavanam was donated by one Madhurakavi in 1840 for the above kainkaryam. Now this Nandavanam is about to be taken over by the Tamilnadu Govt. citing some legal formalities in the Will of Sri Madhurakavi swamy.



Request from the Forum for protection of Divya desam:-





Note from Mr GP Srinivasan:-


"I am writing this to you from Srirangam, TN, a Foremost Vaishnavite Temple town, where the HR & CE has threatened to take over a 150 year old flower garden, dedicated to the lord's daily archanas. I am a correspondent of Hindu Voice, Mumbai. Flowers are brought from this garden for the past 150 years from Madurakavi Nandhavanam (under a private trust harvested under stringent scriptural injunctions, where the gardeners refrain from taking even tea or coffee .In modern language total quality control or TQM). One knows what will happen to the aacharas of the flower garden, which has to be maintained in strict quality norms, if it falls under a Govt department? It faces gloomy future in view of the hostile threat by the TN HR and CE backed by the CM. A petition online has been started by Devotees. Kindly read it and sign it"



We urge all the readers to protest this unscrupulous takeover bid and sign the On-line Petition given here:-




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Anonymous said...

The Garden must not be taken over by Govt.
Will the govt dare to touch the Muslim Mosque (Wakf) or Christian church properties
God will one day punish the perpetrator and their progeny if we are not heared of the wiser counselling
sethumadhavan rsmadhavan@yahoo.com