Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A rare Guru-dakshina to the Tamil teacher, Mr Venkataraman.

I was touched by this event..

A rare kind of Guru-daskhina by the students of Mr Venkataraman, a retired Tamil teacher of Namakkal is reported recently.

The students who studied under him decades ago came to know of the state of penury in which he was living. They lost no time in pooling money and getting him a good house to live.

It is rare to see such gesture to teachers.

People usually think that the school fee they pay is enough.

The Vidya the teacher had given can not be matched by any fees

The teachers deserve some extra gesture from the students.

Particularly when they suffer, they must be helped.

The respect to teacher and the timely help to him will wipe out many a bad karma.

An offense to the teacher invites the worst sin whereas the happiness of the teacher for a gesture from the students, results in prosperity for the student.

Whenever Jupiter is in good place in a horoscope, it is indicative of having treated the teacher well in a previous birth.

One can see this Mr Karunanidhi's horoscope.

A retrograde Jupiter is in Kendra to the athma and mano-karakas, namely Sun and the moon happening in 4th and 10 houses show that he has served his teacher with his body and mind in a past birth to that extent that the teacher's blessings had made him get what he is now.

The Gaja kesari yoga happening in these houses show that he has made some great sacrifice for the sake of his teacher.

However, there has been a defect in the service which was rectified by him in that birth itself.

This is indicated by the debility of Jupiter in Navamsa – to rectify which he is wearing the yellow shawl always.

His help to teachers or writers or authors is the best way to overcome whatever decline the debilitated Jupiter brings.

The worst kind of manifestation of such debility is having to declare someone as his teacher in this birth, who was against the Dharma of Hinduism.

Mr Karunanidhi himself does not believe the atheism he propagates – that is also the result of the debilitated Jupiter – it is the 'வக்கிர - மனப்பான்மை ' which he is cursed to have due to the defect or displeasure he caused to the teacher in the past birth.

Keeping the teacher in good spirits is therefore a foremost duty of the students.

- jayasree




Students gift teacher a house


In a unique gesture of gratitude and love for their guru, over 4,000 students who had learnt Tamil from octogenarian S.C. Venkatraman over the last 30 years at a school in Namakkal and are now living in different parts of the country, have come together to collect a million rupees to build him a house.

The teacher will shift from his rented thatched hut into this new home that his students have aptly named as Guru Nivas on Teachers' Day on September 5. Eighty-five-year-old Venkatraman retired in 1985 after teaching Tamil for three decades at the Senguntha Mahajana higher secondary school at Gurusamipalayam in Namakkal district.

He used to be an iconic figure for the students due to the concern he showed not only towards their studies but also their general well being.

Two years ago, a group of students of the 1957 batch held a `reunion' at the school and amid all the joy and back-slapping, discovered to their shock that their favourite guru, Venkatraman was living in a little hut sans electricity.

A `student committee' was instantly formed and a project announced to build a house for the vaathiyaar.
"He was reluctant, even embarrassed when we told him about the planned gift."

"When we announced the house project, contributions from his students poured in from all over. We even received cheques from former classmates now settled abroad," he told this newspaper.

"This house does not merely reflect our gratitude; it shall remain as a reminder for the future generations about our beautiful tradition of guru-sishya paaramparyam," she said.

Due to his advanced age, Venkatraman has confined himself to his house but continues to see students dropping by to clear doubts and share happy stories.

"I am proud of my students. Though many have settled abroad in countries like England, America and France, they call me up every year on the Teacher's day. I can't explain to you my feelings seeing this luxurious two-storied house,"
said the guru, his voice cracking with emotion at his students' gesture.

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