Sunday, February 20, 2011

Demand more dowry, tells DMK minister!

There is a saying that if you want to know the true nature of a man, watch him how he behaves when he loses money. The converse of this is true in the case of DMK men. The whole of India now knows how they make money and what they do to make money. If you want to know what they do with the money they get, listen to the DMK Minister KN Nehru.

According to him, a minimum monthly salary of Rs 9,000 makes a man eligible to demand a dowry of 100 sovereigns of gold and 10 lakh rupees! Just imagine how much these ministers would have demanded for their sons! Perhaps a town or a city is needed to satisfy their status. Perhaps that explains why these DMK men keep grabbing every piece of land they lay their sights on.

The despicable talk was given by the minister to the new appointees in the Transport department. The minister thinks that this is big money than what was given during Jayalalithaa's term. But that does not warrant an advice like this – however light veined he might have meant. He could have told them that this money would increase their life style. He could have painted a rosy picture of their life that this money could bring. But true to be a DMK breed, he can think of what more this money can get for free!!

By his advice on how much dowry this salary can make them eligible for, he has shown his scant concern for one of the biggest evils faced by the ordinary people of Tamilnadu. Dowry menace is rampant across all sections of the society. The dowry menace is on the increase in the State.

Among the educated people, education itself has become the cause for asking dowry. The high cost of education is being compensated by demanding high dowry.
I am fairly in the know of the 'rates' for medical seats in the state.
I used to wonder how the students are going to earn back the money they have paid as donation for their education that runs into tens of lakhs of rupees.
To my shock I have heard some one of them say openly that they would recover it as dowry at the time of marriage!
Education, instead of reforming a person has now become the cause to perpetuate this evil.

From the stand point of Hindu dharma, the girl is given as daana in marriage (kanyadaan). She herself is the greatest wealth that a man gets. The man gives something back to the parents of the girl for having given her to him. In no form of Hindu marriage, dowry is given by the girl's side.

If a man demands dowry and gives hardship to the girl and her parents, he will be born with a malefic yoga called 'ashuba maala' yoga. This is identified by a combination in which all the planets will be positioned on 6th, 8th and 12th houses in his horoscope. The one born in this yoga can never get happiness of family nor get any material success. The ashuba parivarthana between 6,8 and 12 lords with other lords also indicate a harm done to the wife in a previous birth.

The dowry deaths also attract severe karma.
Of the 4 sins that are unpardonable and can not be propitiated, murdering a woman is one.
Harm done to a woman in any form will haunt the person who has done the harm. Instigation of the harm also attracts condemnation.
The minister is not fit enough to be respected as a human being for making this deplorable talk!

- jayasree


Take more dowry, says TN transport minister

Feb. 18: In a truly bizarre incident, state transport minister K.N. Nehru encouraged unmarried new appointees in the state transport corporation to collect more dowry.
Speaking during a government function organised at a private school ground at Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district on Friday, the minister said that during the last five years of DMK rule, around 45,000 new appointments had been made through the transport ministry and most of the new appointees were unmarried men.

Mr Nehru said these men, who draw a starting salary of around `9,000, as against the `4,500 fixed during the  AIADMK regime, had an advantage as they could now demand more dowry.

"Unmarried new appointees from Kanyakumari district can get at least 100 sovereigns of gold and `10 lakh as dowry only because of the appointments given to them by the DMK government," Mr Nehru said.
His cabinet colleague, Suresh Rajan, Kanyakumari MP Helen Davidson, the local MLA and Kanyakumari district collector Rajendra Ratnoo were present on stage.

They applauded the transport minister's speech on dowry, which is a punishable offence according to section 4(A) of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 that bans advertisement or propaganda of dowry in any form.

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