Sunday, February 20, 2011

Advaniji, you have to make many more apologies..

Advaniji, I am touched by your magnanimity and kind heartedness in readily accepting the denial by Soniaji on the charge of holding secret money in the Swiss bank. But your instant apology is a matter of worry to me Advaniji. Don’t you see that a long queue of people is waiting for your apology? 

How many times A.Raja had denied any wrong doing in 2G issue?
Is it right to cause him distress and say that he has misused his position?
Don’t you think that you have to urgently send him your next letter of apology?
Then what about Kalmadi, Karunanidhi and even Quatorochi who have denied any role in any misdemeanor that you have accused them with?  

Leave alone all these people.
Think of your bete noire who is best known as the lame duck.
How many times you have called him weak?
Did he ever accept it?
He has denied it in his recent interview to the TV editors.
Don’t you think that you must immediately send him your letter of apology?
Hurry up Advaniji, better late than never.
You have to make scores of apology letters.
Don’t worry about the work-load in making so many apologies.
Kapil Sibalji will pay you back by a repeat - gesture by including your name in the nursery syllabus as 
A for Adavniji – Advaniji for Apology…………


News report:-

Advani apologizes to Sonia.

Dear Smt Soniaji,

On my return from Kolkata last night, I found your letter dated 15th  February awaiting me.

I am happy that you have denied the reports relating to you and your family alluded to in the Task Force's Report on Black Money.

If these had been denied earlier, the Task Force would have taken your  denial into account. Even so, I deeply regret the distress caused to you.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

L K Advani


Dr Rama Krishnan said...

I really enjoyed your letter to Advani ( note,no JI here). He is as much of traitor to the nation as the UPA. We have an Italian poodle for Pm. We now have another Italian mongrel in the opposition.

BK Chowla, said...

The day this mystery gets solved, I will be a happier person but today LKA is a disappointment and it is time for him to retire

Karthiga said...

Shri.Advaniji must not hav regretted nd written an letter to sonia..this has questioned the authencity of the task force..instead he must hav challenged her to prove her innocence..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

The timing of the letter also is not correct. Coming to a meeting point on JPC, MMS's accusation of blackmail for the sake of Guj minister and CBI serving summons to Advani on Babri issue - all these happened at the same time when he wrote this letter. It raises a doubt whether it is part of some compromise formula.

RKV- said...

I feel there is always some gap between Advaniji's thought force and what he speaks( or writes). He does nt express his ideas well, and in the case of this letter, its a bit impulsive reaction as was mentioned by the author in previous post.Its Mrs.Sonia's talent in framing that letter by someone and making it reach at some particular time of political significance. Any other leader would have used that Sonia kind of letter to question her innocence,as said in a comment. Comprise formula angle seems interesting. But in that case, it might be a personal compromise on Advaniji's side and has nothing to do with the party or its ideology or its determined functioning in the past 2 years particularly.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Personal compromise or publicity posturing - Advani seems to suffer from a conflict of ideas. After all the hard posturings against the political rival, he suddenly projects an image - at an unwanted and unwarranted area - as though he has another side that respects the rivals. He did that for Jinnah and now for Sonia. The fact is that in both the cases, the rivals did not deserve such a courtesy from him or any Indian on the issues on which he has gone soft. This makes me think if he is trying to cultivate an image of one who respects the rival - which he may think will be praised / remembered by posterity. But unfortunately the issues in the case of Jinnah and Sonia as well are serious ones that can not be ignored lightly.

RKV- said...

Yes exactly. He seems to be confused and impulsive sometimes. Right from the days of ratha yatra, if one sees the video,avaliable in web even now,he says "yeh hindu fundamentalism nahi hua,nahi ho saktha" on building Ram temple. He was saying about the cultural and national signifance. But he was misunderstood to be communal which persists till now. He really has great values,courage and thoughts but his impulsive comments like that of on Jinnah or this present thing masks his every good aspect. Sonia has nicely manipulated the situation. And 1 more thing, Cong., uses media for each and every matter, goes and leaks a news in media, whatever the matter may be, which no party does.