Thursday, February 17, 2011

One interview and many avatars of MMS

The New Economist – 2G losses? Subsidies can not be termed as losses.

Superman – I will face the JPC

Absent minded Professor – Did I say Raja was DMK’s choice? Err.. I actually meant Radia’s choice.

Detective – They are blackmailing me because I have taken a decision against a Gujarat minister. 

Astrologer 1-Or else we have to face elections every 6 months

The parihara  is to close the eyes as always

Punch dialogue – I always said that like Caesar’s wife, my conduct must be above suspicion.

Brave talk– All wrong doers will be brought to book

Practical talk – We will cross the bridge when it comes in Telengana.

Slip-of the tongue talk – In a coalition, there is corruption dharma, sorry, didn’t I say Coalition dharma??

The original avatar - A lame duck. Yes I take it seriously…

“Whatever some people may say, that we are a lame duck government, that I am a lame duck prime minister, we take our job very seriously.”

 Cartoon by Sudhir Tailang


BK Chowla, said...

I feel so sorry for MMS.

Bala said...

When Indira Gandhi was the PM people used to comment that she was the only the man in the Indian cabinet, meaning she was the most powerful person in India.

Her authority was absolutely total and the ministers were puppets. She was accused of being an autocrat, unwilling to listen to people with opposite points of view etc.

My point is when the PM of India is very powerful journalists make strong objections.

Now the situation is just the reverse. We have a weak PM and it has become a fodder again for the press and TV media.

What does the horoscope of MMS say?

Are there any astrological pointers to his position? What are his future prospects vis-a-vis exerting his authority, commanding the respect his office demands etc?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

MMS is not only weak, but he got his ideas wrong. His comparison of 2G losses with subsidies is something unbecoming of one who carries a tag as an economist. His remark that the media is giving a bad image of India as being corrupt is a shocker. What was he doing when Slumdog Millionaire was tarnishing the image of India in every way? Only MMS and his ilk in politics are writing new chapters in tarnishing India's image.

On his horoscope, I don't have his horoscope. Let me get it and comment.