Monday, May 7, 2012

The power of the Social media and the Mayan prediction.

We are perhaps transforming from the 4-pillar democracy to the 5-pillar democracy where the citizens themselves have become the 5th pillar. Just some spelling change – substitute Citizens with Netizens and we have a fastest growing population of informed citizens driven by an intense feeling for the nation, making their presence felt in such a way, that the highly influential Abhishek Manu Singhvi could not stop them from speaking and the global trotting Pratibha Patil had to back out of her post retirement palace. Highlighting these instances, Professor R.Vaidyanathan had written a timely article with a prediction that we may hear the breaking out of the next scam from the social media and not from the mainstream media.

His article can be read here:-

Reading this article in the midst of my current work on Mayan astrology and the doomsday prediction, I was surprised to see a fine connection to the Mayan prediction for the period ending on 21st December 2012. The Mayan had made Long Count and Short Count of Time of which the Long Count and the penultimate round of the current Short Count are going to come to an end on 21st December this year. The Short count cycle has 20 year duration called as Katun and predictions have been given for each of these Katuns. As per the present Katun ending in 2012, the prediction includes a strange observation that "it is the Katun of remembering and recording knowledge". Some Mayan researchers have deduced that this can be linked to the power of the Web that helps in recording and disseminating knowledge.

This Katun period of 20 years between 1993 and 2012 saw the phenomenal growth of recording and spreading of knowledge and information in the internet. Adding strength to this, Pluto's current transit in Sagittarius in opposition to Gemini, the sign for communication gadgets, is creating a revolution of sorts in which social media is gaining the centre stage. Social media is not only spreading the information but also creating public opinion which can sustain only if there is substance in that. This is a good development for any democracy and cannot be considered as a nuisance.

Thinking on these lines, I am wondering why no public opinion is yet created on the candidature of the next President of India. While most people do seem to concede that Dr Kalam must be given a second term, the political elite does not seem to think so because they simply do not want a non-political, neutral and a no non-sense person like Kalam for the post of the President. If only a strong public opinion is created by the social media and succeeds in that attempt, that would be the beginning of true democracy where the politicians just cannot have their way as they wish, but have to be continuously tuned to public opinion and bow to it.





BK Chowla, said...

It is a fact that social media has and is becoming stronger and more credible.This hasnt happened by anaccident.People are losing faith in the paid media.
Had it not been for social media,Ms Pratibha Patil would not have given up Pune land

Sri Rama said...


You predicted Prnabda might have promotion in one of your blogs. Does it still hold good. Thanks.

Jai Shree Ram.

jayasree said...

@ SriRama,

Pranabda's exact time of birth is not known. If some one could get me the reliable time of birth, I can be more sure.

For the present I am relying on his moon sign for the DOB given in wikipedia - December 11th, 1935.

From the moon, his life events more less tally well. He is currently running his Venus Mahadasa which is placed well in the 5th house from moon, in its own house. His 6th lord Mars is exalted in 8th - a kind of vipareetha Raja yoga - the 8th house getting related to Finance is seen by me as an elevation as Finance minister by default.

Anytime his next sub period namely Rahu dasa in Venus bhukthi is likely to start. With that a shift out of finance is indicated. This upcoming period is also good and I do expect him to get some elevation.

Since the exact time of birth is not known thereby handicapping me to judge the yogas of fortune and the behavior of the planetary periods, I am resorting to question time prasna for your question.

It has chara lagna (makara) with lagna lord in the 10th now in retrogression showing that the proposal to make him President is indeed strong, but he is unwilling to accept it. This lord of the lagna (saturn) is going to enter the 9th house of bhagya and come to forward motion on 25th June. So until 25th June, he may not be giving his nod as a nominee. After 25th June, the saturn is going to move from 9th to 10th showing that some supreme governmental post is there for sure.

We have to see this within the dynamics of other important players too. In the same period, Dr kalam also will start running the best dasa of his life, namely Jupiter dasa which is exalted in his horoscope. For Kalam also, I don't know the exact birth time. But, from his moon sign Jupiter is truly a great time and he also also a strong Dharma karmadhipathi yoga happening in his horoscope. Certainly these are far high than what Pranabda has. If Kalam contends for the Prez post, pitted against Pranabda, Kalam only will win. The comparative horoscopic fortunes are like that.

Now thinking on the politics behind and the retro saturn in question time prasna, I think, Prananb will be seen as a competition for Rahul when Sonia decides to anoint Rahul as the PM in waiting. Pranab also is not a easy puppet like MMS. So Sonia would not like to have Pranab around for long. The best way to shelve him is to make him the President.

From the point of view of Pranab, president-ship means retiring from active politics. He is currently tasting his best times in a successful stint in the ministry, and therefore would not like to retire. Moreover he must be eying for PM's post. So he must be lobbying against the Prez post. But after 25th June, things will become more clear.

Tough period for MMS continues until March 2014. I expect some emergency for MMS to quit. If that happens, Pranab will replace him in the short run.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Sri Rama said...

Thank you Mam.

Jai Shree Ram.

mayan prediction said...

of course this issue of mayan calendar has spread very fast among the people.

jayasree said...

My article on Mayan prediction and the Vedic astrology as the basis for Mayan astrology, published in an astrological magazine is uploaded in my documents section of

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