Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dr Abdul Kalam, the right choice for the Presidentship.


Dr Abdul Kalam is undoubtedly the people's choice for the post of President. He wanted us to dream, we dream to see him again as the President of India.






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The political class must bring him back now as a propitiation for not having given him an extension last time. For the people, Dr Kalam is a picture of solace and satisfaction in the midst of a depressing political India.


While we can heave a sigh of relief that the Congress has not mooted Diggy as its nominee for president ship and even reserved the post for Rahul for a later date when Sonia would have completely run out of tricks to make him the Prime minister, we cannot remain a mute spectator to the machinations of bringing dumb-heads as the Nation's head. The President must be non-partisan, not a politician in the past and must be one capable of inspiring confidence in the people and brining dignity to the nation and the post he holds. Unfortunately none of the candidates mooted now fit into these. The VP Ansari also brings back the memories of the poor show and cowardice he put up on the mid night when Lok Pal bill was discussed in the Rajya Sabha. Definitely he is not the candidate for President ship if we have Nation's welfare as the prime goal for any appointment.  


Astrologically speaking Dr Kalam's best time comes now.  Even though Paranab Mukerjee is running a good period, if he competes with Dr Kalam, only Dr Kalam will win, as his horoscopic features are far stronger than Paranab's. But it is also not right to make Dr Kalam face a competition. The apt course will be to choose him as the unanimous candidate by all political parties – which would hold well as a People's choice also.


-          Jayasree






Kalam for President clicks on social networks


CHENNAI: In the race to Raisina Hill, Pranab Mukherjee may be getting the support of many politicians, but A P J Abdul Kalam remains the popular choice of netizens.

Social networking and microblogging sites are replete with messages in support of the missile-man who completed a term as President before Pratibha Patil took over. "A P J Abdul Kalam is the only person who fulfills the minimum qualification for the post of President," tweeted Sumit Nagpal.

"Highly educated", "humble" and "people's President", are some of the popular expressions that go with Kalam's name on the net. And rooting for him are people of all ages. A group has started a Facebook fan page in the name 'We want Shri A P J Abdul Kalam as President again.' Another group called 'Abdul Kalam for President' says this is the first time the people of India are having a voice in a Presidential election.

'The President is not one to ask anything for himself,' screams an online poster showing Kalam giving a salute. Below that: Click share if you support Kalam. "He's an apolitical leader and, as the rocket man of India, put the country in a great league", says Nargarjun Shetty who uses social networking sites to muster support for Kalam.

Then there are those who comment with their tongue firmly in cheek. "Seems APJ Abdul Kalam can't be the President of India because he has no family to take on foreign tours and he does not grab land," tweeted Jiten Gajaria. Social media expert Anivar Aravind said the social media is accessed only by 6% of India's population, but their voices are heard by the powers that be. "Opinions of these people since they are seen as representatives of the educated middle and upper classes.

Aravind added that the posts and threads created for Kalam had interesting characteristics. "When some of the posters made for Kalam are widely being spread by his supporters, people who are not for Kalam are also using them to post their disagreement," he said.







Does India need another 'puppet' president?

Sreekumar Narayan


Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 13:59 [IST]


The run up to the presidential election has been interesting but it makes one wonder, don't Indians as a whole deserve better? Over the last few weeks, all sorts of names have been floated by different outfits and pressure groups. While most were just hopeful wishes of the respective organizations, others highlighted distinguished individuals who had made a mark in their respective fields. Though none of them have publicly professed any interest in the top job, there is no denying that they would not mind becoming the nation's first citizen if the opportunity arises.