Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cho wants Modi as PM, AIADMK to win LS polls



Cho wants Modi as PM, AIADMK to win LS polls


Cho Ramaswamy addresses Thuglak readers at Music Academy. —DC

Chennai: The Music Academy was packed and even the foyers and the car park outside were filled with audience on Monday evening. No, it was not an extended Margazhi Carnatic performance. There was Cho addressing his readers, arrived from all over Ta­mil Nadu and other states too, for his Thu­glak's 43rd anniversary.

On the political scene Cho gave top marks to Jayalalithaa for doing her best to tide over a bad situation on the power front. "The people of the state should vote for the AIADMK front in the Lok Sabha elections so she will be a powerful constituent in the next government at Delhi. Voting for DMK will only help one family wh­ich should be avoided at all cost," Cho remarked.

In his inimitable style mixing satire with serious political counsel, Cho ask­ed L.K. Advani to declare Modi as the BJP's PM candidate "to stop further confusion among party cadres and voters". He had a tip for Indian cricket captain Dhoni—to take a leaf out of finance minister P. Chidambaram's book wh­en India lost a match next time.

Referring to the minister's observation that the Congress had won in Gujarat since Narendra Modi had got two seats less than the previous election, Cho said Dhoni too could offer a similar excuse. "Ne­xt time India loses, Dhoni can actually claim it to be victory since Paki­stan scored fewer runs compared to their previous match," Cho remarked.

Cho blamed Chidam­bar­am's recent "pearls of wisdom" to his "sahvasa dhos­ham" (the bad company) with DMK president Karu­nanidhi who Cho observed was the master of weird explanations. "Karuna­nid­hi recently explained that whenever he sighed dee­ply (perumoochu) it came out as TESO. So every time Kalaignar gasps, TESO will die instantly," Cho quipped.

When he appeared on stage with a funny looking fur cap and tight fitting jacket, Cho had his readers slightly flummoxed by his new attire. But it turned out to be typical Cho prank on the audience. "This is meant to get the sympathy votes as most of my readers and well-wishers believed that I was so ill that I may not be able to address this meeting today. Now that I have got the sympathy votes from all of you I can get back to my original style," Cho quipped as he removed the cap and the jacket amidst cheers and laughter.

Cho, who was in hospital for a fortnight last year due to lung infection, narrated how his colleagues recommended a support system to overcome the after effects of the illness. One journalist said he had got him a walking stick from Gujarat. "Another reporter suggested that I address this meeting sitting down. Even Karu­n­anidhi does it, the reporter had said helpfully. Am I as old as Kalaignar?" Cho asked the audience, shaking with laughter.


Anonymous said...

How do Karunanidhi's stars look like today? What about Kanimozhi? Do the stars indicate any imminent return of the two to political power? I hope not.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Health deterioration is seen in the current period for Karunanidhi. He will not come back to power.He is presently running Venus - Mars till Feb 2014 followed by Venus - rahu. I take his lagna as Cancer and for that these periods are serious.

Kanimozhi's time of birth is not known. But she will be shortly entering Ketu Mahadasa. It will be bad for herself and for her father.

In the present juncture, JJ must continue for another term. I have hopes on the youth of TN, they see her as a good CEO.

Som said...

Hi Madam,

What are the predications for next Govt at Central?
Is Congres/Sonia/Rahul any chance of coming back to power again?
What are the possibilties of BJP? and Naredra Modi? Is NDA are going to accept N Modi as there candiadate for elections?
Is there any respite from Congress near future for India?
How many years this dynasty politics in India?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Som,

My astrological analysis of this was published in Jan issue of the astrological magazine. I will upload it shortly in scribd and leave the message on the link here.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Check out my article on the PM probables of 2014 elections in