Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shinde has weakened India’s security.


Shinde had said it and Kurshid had seconded it, but the original script was mouthed by Rahul Gandhi which was revealed by wiki leaks. The underlying cause was the worry that Modi is getting supporters from across different sections of the society. For the Congress party the only strategy to take on him is to divide the nation on Hindu – Muslim lines. For a decade it had been doing that by exploiting the aftermath of Godhra, but that didn't cut the ice. Now with Rahul as the chief strategist, they are speaking about 'Hindu terror', which is primarily aimed at alienating Muslim voters from the BJP. But even as a small pebble thrown at a calm pond makes ripples that travel far and wide, this comment by Shinde has gone to Pakistan and welcomed by the jihadi Pakistani elements.

It seems that the Congress party would not stop until the whole nation is torn into pieces. I have been frequently cautioning on how the upcoming Moon Maha dasa is going to be a period of turmoil with all round bickering internally and external troubles from Pakistan. The Telangana issue and the kids-glove treatment to Naxal problems are already showing every sign of becoming a long drawn turmoil which WE, THE PEOPLE certainly do not deserve to face. These are all the fall out of inept handling of the Congress Government over many years. The Congress never seems to mind how their 'strategies' are harming the country. If the Congress is not going to be shown the door and if a government of patriots with nationalistic spirit is not going to be there for the next decade, I would say, 'Indians, be doomed'. With Moon Maha dasa going to be there until 2025, the only recourse I can think of is to pray to God to save my nation from these traitors.

Given below is an article by Mr Venky Vembu that shows the kind of damage that Shinde has done.







Shinde has weakened India's security. He should be sacked


Venky Vembu Jan 22, 2013

There is a picture from the recent Congress chintan shivir strategy session that succinctly encapulates the tragedy of India in just one telling frame.

Rahul Gandhi, the yuvraj who is being primed for coronation for the top job, is seated centre-stage;  his regal gaze is directed at the assemblage of  courtiers seated on the dais, and his hand is raised in acknowledgement of their ritual show of propitiation. The attention of virtually everyone on stage is focussed on Rahul Gandhi, given that it was his 'coming-out' party worthy of a Lion King moment, and each of them in turn is performing bodily contortions and craning their necks to ensure that their show of wholesale deference doesn't miss the yuvraj's  eye.

But the one whose head is bowed the lowest, the one whose callisthenic contortions have him virtually scraping the floor of the dais, is the man who is notionally India's Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde. As in the comical scene from The King and I, where the King of Siam's subject bows low to abide by courtly protocol that dictates that no head be held higher than the king's, Shinde can be seen performing the nearest thing to a flat-out genuflection to someone who is about half his age, but who will preside over his political destiny.