Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shinde has weakened India’s security.


Shinde had said it and Kurshid had seconded it, but the original script was mouthed by Rahul Gandhi which was revealed by wiki leaks. The underlying cause was the worry that Modi is getting supporters from across different sections of the society. For the Congress party the only strategy to take on him is to divide the nation on Hindu – Muslim lines. For a decade it had been doing that by exploiting the aftermath of Godhra, but that didn't cut the ice. Now with Rahul as the chief strategist, they are speaking about 'Hindu terror', which is primarily aimed at alienating Muslim voters from the BJP. But even as a small pebble thrown at a calm pond makes ripples that travel far and wide, this comment by Shinde has gone to Pakistan and welcomed by the jihadi Pakistani elements.

It seems that the Congress party would not stop until the whole nation is torn into pieces. I have been frequently cautioning on how the upcoming Moon Maha dasa is going to be a period of turmoil with all round bickering internally and external troubles from Pakistan. The Telangana issue and the kids-glove treatment to Naxal problems are already showing every sign of becoming a long drawn turmoil which WE, THE PEOPLE certainly do not deserve to face. These are all the fall out of inept handling of the Congress Government over many years. The Congress never seems to mind how their 'strategies' are harming the country. If the Congress is not going to be shown the door and if a government of patriots with nationalistic spirit is not going to be there for the next decade, I would say, 'Indians, be doomed'. With Moon Maha dasa going to be there until 2025, the only recourse I can think of is to pray to God to save my nation from these traitors.

Given below is an article by Mr Venky Vembu that shows the kind of damage that Shinde has done.







Shinde has weakened India's security. He should be sacked


Venky Vembu Jan 22, 2013

There is a picture from the recent Congress chintan shivir strategy session that succinctly encapulates the tragedy of India in just one telling frame.

Rahul Gandhi, the yuvraj who is being primed for coronation for the top job, is seated centre-stage;  his regal gaze is directed at the assemblage of  courtiers seated on the dais, and his hand is raised in acknowledgement of their ritual show of propitiation. The attention of virtually everyone on stage is focussed on Rahul Gandhi, given that it was his 'coming-out' party worthy of a Lion King moment, and each of them in turn is performing bodily contortions and craning their necks to ensure that their show of wholesale deference doesn't miss the yuvraj's  eye.

But the one whose head is bowed the lowest, the one whose callisthenic contortions have him virtually scraping the floor of the dais, is the man who is notionally India's Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde. As in the comical scene from The King and I, where the King of Siam's subject bows low to abide by courtly protocol that dictates that no head be held higher than the king's, Shinde can be seen performing the nearest thing to a flat-out genuflection to someone who is about half his age, but who will preside over his political destiny.

Sushil Kumar Shinde deserves to be sacked. Agencies.

If Shinde, as a loyal party worker, wishes to make a public spectacle of his servitude to the de facto royalty that lords over the Congress, at what is after all a party event, who can stop him? After all, the man has in the past disgraced himself with comments suggesting that as party president Sonia Gandhi's "soldier", he would "shoot to kill" if she directed him to.

But what Shinde said at the party platform – that the BJP and RSS were running terrorist training camps and sponsoring "Hindu terror" – is not just an affront to the BJP and the RSS, but a dangerous gambit in the politicisation of terrorism that has already profoundly embarrassed the country and made a mockery of our diligently built-up case in the court of public opinion that India is the victim of terrorism sponsored by Pakistani.

At one fell stroke, Shinde has scored a spectacular self-goal against India, creating the space for jihadi low-life terrorists such as Hafiz Saeed – and his sponsors within the Pakistani Army and ISI – to go on the offensive against India and clamour for India  to be declared a "terrorist state".

Far more seriously, Shinde has provided jihadi terror groups such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba and its front organisation, the Jamaat-ud-Dawa,  the propaganda platform from which they can use his comments as a hook to enlist and indoctrinate foolish minds in visceral anti-India hatred, in the way that they already do.

As the excerpts, published in The Hindu, of the book Headley and I (written by Hussain S Zaidi and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt's son Rahul Bhatt) establish starkly,  there is a thriving hate industry in Pakistan that is directed at India and  flourishes with the active direction of the Pakistani Army and the ISI. As David Coleman Headley, the man who "recce-ed" Mumbai ahead of the November 2008 terror attack, narrates,  the ISI harnessed the indoctrinated jihadis, who had been trained in terrorism techniques by the LeT and primed to lay down their lives in the cause of Islam,  and channelled them in the cause of the ISI's own agenda: the destabilisation of India.

All this was, of course, always known and has been sufficiently well-documented. Yet,  the Home Minister of India has never conveyed any sense of perturbation over the very serious threat to India posed by the jihadi hate industry across the border. For him now to pick on random acts of low-intensity terror allegedly perpetrated by breakaway renegades (whose trials have not even fully established their culpability)  from right-wing groups in India and project the BJP, a mainstream political party, and the RSS, the above-board mothership organisation, as the real existential threat to India, is perverse – and dangerous – in the extreme.

There is, of course, much that fringe far-right fundamentalist organisations even within India have to answer for their role in creating an enabling atmosphere for random acts of terrorism to be perpetrated. But if Shinde had compelling information on any such terrorism activity, his first responsibility should have been to initiate action against them – rather than sound off on a party platform and inflame communal passions.

In any case, such 'hate laboratories' exist across all religious denominations, as the Owaisi brothers' manifest attempt to feed Muslim victimhood – and radicalisation – establishes.

For the Home Minister of India to wilfully ignore these far more egregious examples of hate-mongering and jihadi indoctrination and instead pick on the anecdotally fewer instances of renegade acts of terror (that haven't had their day in court) and blatantly politicise and communalise the debate on terrorism is lethal.

It isn't often that it can be said that the Union Home Minister represents a clear and present danger to national security. But with his motormouth indiscretions and his blinkered and partisan worldview on terrorism, Shinde has established the validity of that statement.

It isn't just enough for Shinde to apologise to the BJP or the RSS. For the grave damage he has inflicted on India's case in the court of international opinion (vis-a-vis Pakistan-sponsored terrorism) and for the additional security threat that he has exposed Indians to (by providing the LeT and other terror groups the oxygen of propaganda to recruit more jihadists for their anti-India campaign), Shinde should resign as Home Minister  - and devote himself to a lifetime of  performing ritual genuflections before party royalty.

And the Congress owes the nation an apology for having inflicted such a demonstrably incompetent sycophant in so important a portfolio as the Home Ministry and for putting India's security on the line and the lives of ordinary Indians in grave danger.



pratap ar said...

Dear Jayasree Mam,

Can we expect the BJP to form the next govt or atleast the defeat of this anti national traiotrs in UPA as per astrological indications?

jayasree said...

BJP's horoscope shows signs of forming Government, but that would be a big uphill task. BJP needs to re-constitute its party or NDA on an auspicious day. I say this because the party's horoscope has a bleak future after a few years from now. Such a bleak nature runs for years. Unless the BJP reconstitutes itself or atleast inaugurates NDA -2 on an auspicious day/time that has long term prospects, the party would become insignificant after the upcoming elections.

As per ground realities, if the BJP loses this election badly, its future will be sealed. So I wish they reconstitute on a strong day. They have to do it in the nation's interest as the nation needs a strong alternative party at the national level. The Moon Maha dasa also makes me worried that we must have a patriotic party in governance to tide over that period.

As far as Indian elections are concerned, there is no reliable methodology to astrologically interpret to give the election outcome. The multi party system and the scope for any leader from a lesser party coming to power makes it difficult to predict. Perhaps at the time elections, when battle lines are somewhat drawn, we can predict on the basis of horoscopes of prominent and active leaders from major parties.

But then this methodology is also not reliable as we have seen post poll alliances in Government formation.

Another drawback is the absence of authentic birth details of the leaders.

Keeping all this in mind I devised a methodology based on date of birth alone (assuming that the birth details furnished by the leaders are true) and wrote an article in the Jan issue of The astrological emagazine.
It can be read here:-

I have derived 4 PM probables, namely Salman Kurshid, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and Mamatha Banerjee. Analysis of individual horoscopes of these leaders will show if they are running the favorable period at the time of elections.

Rahul would not become the PM as per this analysis. If he does, it would be for a short while. Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia do not possess yogas for governmental power.

pratap ar said...

Dear Jayasree Mam,

Thanks for the analysis.Is there any indication that this worst anti national cong can come to power again?If so the country will be ruined beyond redemption.Any chances of Modi playing an imp role?

jayasree said...

We will discuss the prospects of Congress as things unfold because the horoscope of Congress is very old and unreliable.

One school of thought is that the Congress birth chart must be drawn from the time of split that Indira did. If that is taken as the birth chart, Congress has a better time than BJP as of now. Interestingly this period of Congress (Jupiter Maha dasa) ends in March 2015 - almost at the time Indian Moon Maha dasa ends. I dont foresee good things in this period for India from this Moon Maha dasa. This worries me making me write time and again that BJP must rise up and make their fortunes better - astrologically too.

Looking at individual horoscopes, the 4 persons I mentioned in the previous comment have better times to have an active role in govt. I have birth details of Sushma and Modi from authentic sources. Of them Sushma has a very good period now that continues for a long time. She has better acceptability among allies and may even help in bringing new allies. Her all India visibility and female identity would help in penetrating throughout India. I would suggest that she be made the PM candidate.

Modi has a decade of political life left, but would not be in the central govt. He would face some hurdles in the 2nd half of this year (2013) with which he would be pre-occupied. I guess the Congress would go all out to throw lot of challenges to him, that they would keep him more occupied with himself than getting a consensus from his colleagues in the BJP.

Looking at the ground reality, the nation is not mature enough to accept Modi. If Modi is projected as PM candidate, certainly the Congress would go to any extreme to drive a wedge between Muslims and Hindus. The Muslims at large have not yet become independent in thinking and making decisions on their own. I would rather wish that such battle lines within the people are not allowed now.

I do believe that education and access to internet and world views would make Muslims come out of the grip of Mullas and selfish Congress designs. The upcoming generations hold the key for free thinking among Muslims. When that happens. congress would lose its relevance.

One course of action to enable the Muslims to think for themselves is to make the muslim ancestry available for every one to read. Muslims of India were none other than Hindus who were forced to adopt Islam under duress. Until a century ago, they were following Hindu culture only. The colonial census records show that. All those must be picked out by bloggers and posted and circulated.

Today even in the tough terrain of Pakistan, the new generation Pakis engaged in Archeology are gradually exposing the archeological finds in their region which is nothing but a Hindu past. There are small groups of Pakis who are proud about this Hindu ancestry. The innate desire of man is to know his ancestry and take pride in that. Let the Muslims be shown that they were highly evolved Hindus once and that their ancestors never wanted to embrace Islam.

I may seem to be going off the topic, but this is a serious issue and without addressing this we can not think of a peaceful and prosperous India and an end to Congress rule.

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil said...


Half the negative politics in India is due to the HOUSE OF LORDS -- which holds slimy and vested sycophants like mani shankar aiyer.

Why do we forget that it was WTE ( waitress turned empress ) who had told congress men to AGGRESSIVELY defend Robert vadra—and started all this acrimony.

And now shinde has blown AKD’s ( akkal ka dushman) chances by saying insane things like “saffron terror”.


Does AKD have the mental capability to handle a hostile press conference? So it is about own survival?

Capt ajit vadakayil

jayasree said...

The terror talk has come a full circle too soon. Even as the Congress is talking of "Hindu terror", Kamal hassan has succinctly put on show the "Muslim terror" in his film Vishwaroopam. The just concluded News Hour debate by Arnab on the ban on this film found daring comments coming from actor Prakash raj (one of the panelists)on threats coming from TN muslims. It gave an impression that the buzz word in film industry is on too much space given to one section of the society. Weeks ago Arnab was questioning the soft approach to Akbaruddin Owaisi. Seems the tolerance limit to Muslim appeasement is nearing the breaking point - among the general Public.

krishna P said...

Dear Jayasree ma'am,

Do you see a Hindu renaissance that Shri Subramanian Swamy so often talks about in near future?

Moreover does India's horoscope reveal peaceful and prosperous times ahead?

P krishna

jayasree said...

Welcome Mr Krishna. I think you are a new comer to this blog. In many places in the comment section, I have written on India's future. Kindly search through them.

To tell in a nutshell to your specific question, there is no possibility for a Hindu renaissance in the near future. However Hindu ethos would be sustained by its own strength and by its followers. The Indian Independence chart shows stress and distress to Hindu Dharma for nearly a century after Independence.

In the short term the Indian democracy would undergo lots of pressure and stress until 2025. The democratic sense of the public is so skewed now that a matured way of looking at issues from a national and righteous perspective would begin only from 2025 onwards after the Moon Maha dasa ends. The next 10 years would see inter-state, inter- community and inter-caste skirmishes besides terror / Maoist threat and threat from across the border. Perhaps the public would get exhausted after all this, and would vote in a mature way to select right persons to the top.

It is my personal opinion that unless some changes in the Constitution is made wrt minority and religious rights things would not improve.

krishna P said...

Dear Jayshree Ma'am,

In your astrological analysis of all PMs of India, even Narasimha Rao is devoid any combinations that the others have. Given that he played a huge role in shaping India's economic policies, is there still a chance that Narendra Modi might end up as India's PM?

P Krishna

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Krishna,

//In your astrological analysis of all PMs of India, even Narasimha Rao is devoid any combinations that the others have. Given that he played a huge role in shaping India's economic policies, is there still a chance that Narendra Modi might end up as India's PM?//

No. I have Modi's horoscope and it shows though he would be in active politics for ten more year, he wont be able to play a role in national politics until 2016.

jayasree said...

PVN can not be said to have played a major role in Indian destiny though he introduced the liberalization. His name and contribution had never been acknowledged.

As far as Modi is concerned, the country is not yet ready to acknowledge Modi and his caliber. Already Nitish Kumar has showed teh way for others to follow suit. The 'secular' poison has penetrated deep that it would take some time for it to withdraw.

krishna P said...

Dear Jayshree ma'am,

Modi not becoming PM is a great misfortune for the country.

It is said that the '91 reforms were the brainchild of Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Do you see him play a major role in the next government at the centre?

Moreover is there a remote possibility that Sonia Gandhi be arrested and all her black money be brought back to India?

P Krishna

jayasree said...

Modi at the current juncture may not be able to repeat the success of Gujarat model at Bharat level. We need to have some basic changes in the fabric of our constitution. Multi party system must go and Presidential form of democracy with only two parties as in the US is needed in our country. In such a model Modi would be successful.

Dr Swamy is not likely to have larger role in nation's governance. I say this based on his horoscope. He would do well as a soldier than as a leader.

Sonia is likely to be arrested.

Jai said...

Dear Madam,

Maybe not the right thread to ask this question... what do you think are the chances of BJP coming back to power in Karnataka?


krishna P said...

Dear Jayshree Ma'am,

I had a very fundamental question related to astrology. Is there no way to change the outcomes as predicted by a thorough analysis of horoscopes?
If that be the case, then aren't we just living pre-planned lives?

It is often said that people make their own fortune. Is that a lie?

P Krishna

jayasree said...

@ Krishna

Changing the outcome is possible with God's aid, but at what level a person comes qualified to be aided by God is a question. That threshold level may come for few and may not come at all for many. It all depends on at what level of break-away from our karmic plan we are in. But one thing is sure, the one who realizes that God has taken hold of him/ her and is directing him / her would not be asking this question, because he / she would be aware of God's aid by then and be even aware of what is to happen next. Such people are one in millions.

Another thing, if you are a total believer in horoscopes, you are doomed. Horoscope shows a series of probabilities and not every probability would manifest as real. Let me remind you that every issue of The Astrological Magazine of BV Raman carries a verse that says,

"Those who know astrology can only indicate in a way what will take place in future. Who else, except the Creator Brahma can say with certainty what will definitely happen?"

I have this realization through my experience in astrology and knows where to stop, but unfortunately the people (astrologers and astrologer - novices and common man) do not realize this.

The last issue you have raised, people make their own fortune, by their prarabhda karma and also by the karma that they are currently doing or doing in the current birth. it is a mix up.