Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is Vedic astrology derived from Greek astrology -part 3


Continued from the previous post - part 2:-

The well established system of the astrology discussed in Part -2  continues even today – after 1800 years without any change in the way we use. This system could not have come into being all of a sudden. It must have been there at least some centuries before that. That takes us to the Sangam Age. In the Sangam Age songs, the name of Aries is mentioned in its local Tamil name – Aadu!  


Before going into the details of these – totally five evidences in all – supported by cross references, let me tell the outside world that Yavanas were indeed visiting India, including Tamilnadu which can be shown from the old Sangam Tamil references and the latter texts that were written after 5th century AD – but their contribution to the Indian society was something else and not astrology.


If someone still believes that Greek influence brought rashi or astrology concept to India, let me show this picture of a wine cup unearthed in France and dated at 500 BC and supposedly to be belonging to the Celtic culture. The protruding tongue and the tilak on the forehead and the facial expression itself is that of KaLi – the deity one can find in India only.