Thursday, December 12, 2013

Long ear culture from India to Mesoamerica – a Vedic and Tamil influence! (Part 2)

Part 1 here


Now let me get back to the design of the ear ornament, the Paambadam or Nagali in serpent design. Does this convey any meaning? Yes it does. The naga or serpent design is associated with none other than Lord Shiva.


The rules of iconography as given in "Mayamatham" written by Maya, make a specific mention of the design of the ear ornament only for Shiva. This is not the case with other deities or semi-deities. For other deities, it is simply said that some decorative ornaments must be worn on the ears. For "Ardhanaressvara" form of Shiva, specific ear ornaments are mentioned. This form shows Shiva and his consort Uma as two halves of the same body. The image of Shiva is depicted on the right half and that of Uma on the left half of the body. Mayan makes specific mention of the kind of ornaments to be sculpted for the Shiva-half and for Uma- half so that the separate identities of these two deities can be recognised.